July 3, 2011

are you home....

it's very quiet around our neighborhood and i tend to feel the silence here in blog land, too. maybe everyone did go away for the long weekend, my hubby said. 
are we the only ones who stayed home. the only ones who didn't go to a water park or camping or to a long lost aunts's house for a big red, white and blue celebration. or are you home, too.
we've kind of just been hanging. but in a good way. 
in a "nothing has to be done this weekend" and "what do you want to do now" way
we just finished watching wimbledon. that was exciting
i think "larry crowne" is calling our name for our afternoon excitement, 
unless someone has already seen it and tells me we should save our money and stay home.
so if you're home this weekend, doing a little bit of something or absolutely nothing, 
happy "bring out the fireworks and light up the sky" 4th of july to you


  1. we're home......but not doing much....

    just being lazy, i guess

    happy 4th of july, my friend

    kary and teddy

  2. I think Frank and I are the only one's home in the apartment complex. It is a good thing...enjoy your fourth.:)

  3. We never do anything special for our July 1st holiday -- we just "stay home" but I know what you mean about the quiet...it seems like many do go away and that's just fine with me. I enjoy the quiet and the solitude!!! AND I don't have to face long weekend traffic as I make my way back to the daily grind!! ;) There is always an "up side"! :)

  4. We don't celebrate the fourth but have a lovely one.

    Blogland is quiet at the moment...I tell myself it is because of anything other than the quality of my posts.

  5. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    We don't have a holiday here in the UK so it's business as usual. However it is the summer holidays now so lots of people are busy with kids or going on holiday. We, however, are very much present but sooooo busy. I haven't had any time to myself in the last two weeks and think I need to put my pregnant foot down.

  6. it's very quiet out there in blogland. imagine the explosion when everyone gets back! i'm home, but the lake is down the road and i am coming & going. about to be going again. have a wonderful holiday!!!


  7. I'm in the yard:D
    Will be there the night of the Fourth also, trying to keep the idiots in the neighborhood from burning down my house. Every year the same thing..


  8. Hey there, we're home, wandering around town which is crazy jam packed but we just have to climb one little hill to get to the peace and quiet again.
    We will drive up to the other side of Pikes Peak tomorrow to celebrate the b'day of a boy that we've had the joy of knowing since he was a wee one, he's home from college right now.
    And we will see some firworks from our porch, how perfect!
    Continue to enjoy your quiet time ... happy 4th!

  9. Just hanging out at home, enjoying the A/C. Cookout at the in laws' tomorrow, concert by the Embers in town followed by the fireworks. Happy 4th!

  10. i'm here...the dog is napping beside me and the husband is napping in the living room! let me know what you think of "Larry Crowne."

    (we saw "Midnight in Paris" last night, and it was very sweet and funny - i think you'd like it!)

  11. it has been a bit more quiet in blogland yesterday and today (and i'm sure tomorrow too). but i'm home. no bbq, pool party, carnival stuff for me. just me and the pups and A/C!

  12. We didn't leave town either but it felt quiet at the store yesterday. Tomorrow we do our traditional 4th of July BBQ after we go watch our little town's 4th of July parade. This is my Love's favorite holiday!

    It's hot and I feel drained but I will grab some energy somehow to get ready for tomorrow!

    Have a Happy 4th to you too!!

  13. we're home too
    son is taking a nap
    I'm catching up on reading blogs.
    we are having a cook-out tomorrow, thanks to son.
    enjoy your freedom today, tomorrow, every day thanks be...to God and our veteran

  14. We're home, too. Just made friend chicken in Holland for Enno's son's family. They have never had fried chicken before and loved it. It is not cooked here!!! Tomorrow I sleep in since they just left, it's ten and we're on our second load of dishes in the dishwasher. Have a good one, yourselves. xo Jenny

  15. The same to you, beth! We're home, with some family coming by later for a modest celebration. And that's it. Enjoy your peace and quiet.

  16. Hi Beth! I'm home-alone even, for a while. Just got back from grocery shopping (yuk) and now will sit down with a great novel!

  17. We're home and wallowing in that!
    Not even outside today,
    which feels like a guilty pleasure
    to this tree-hugging heart!
    Saw "The Tree of Life" and still
    gasping over the Wow-factor.
    The words "beautiful" and "exquisite"
    don't begin to do it justice.
    Happy fireflies and fireworks
    to you!

  18. I thought I was the only one home ~ glad to know I'm not all alone.
    Hanging out, about to saute some crab cakes. Wish we had some ice cream.
    Let me know how the movie is.

  19. Staying home while most of the town goes somewhere else is exactly what we meant to do. We are having such a nice weekend together. Oh wait, we always do that. Ha.

  20. Home this holiday weekend, but our son came to visit so I'm in seventh heaven cuz I have a real reason to cook!!!!

  21. i'm home too, beth... feeling kind of happy to just be enjoying some summer laziness and beach time. enjoy your 4th! -xok.

  22. yea.... I'm home.... doing much of nothing.... we'll see the city fireworks tomorrow night; it's cool here in Birmingham b/c of the "mountain" you can see the fireworks from all over town so you don't have to drive to one central area and get stuck in all that traffic.... hanging at the pool, some... thanks for sharing the turtle picture.... very peaceful!

  23. In the city for a few days because everyone else seems to have gone to my mountain town to get out of the heat. My F-i-L is visiting from FL, so I'm cooking meals he likes and being a good listener. Enjoy your 4th celebration!

  24. Don't worry, we're home too. We may go for ice cream tomorrow. The fireworks show was last weekend, so it will quite.

    I'd love to get my Guy to take me to Home Depot for more soil...

    hmmmm..... have to work on that.


    Happy Birthday America!

  25. My first time here and will be back. Love your sense of humor and your photos. I read all the way down to the bottom! That was a great horse race too! We are one of those couples that stayed home for the entire weekend too. Not much going. Too hot. Not even a movie at the show like you. It's hard to stay out of the fridge though on weekends like this.

  26. Happy 4th to you too! We stayed home and have one of our granddaughters staying with us as well. We are having a joyous and quiet time. Seeing fireworks on the 4th will be our big outing. Ha!

  27. I'm not only home but I'm going to work today!
    An ER in a pediatric hospital on the 4th can be a sad place - except for the folks who work there who are terrific! - so I packed in some antiquing and yard work yesterday and Saturday!
    Enjoy the day...and be safe!

  28. i'm here! just have no time for myself lately! boy, could i use a "nothing to be done" kind of day! :o)

    enjoy what's left of the holiday weekend!

  29. One more time, I am wishing we were neighbors !!! then we could do a little nothing together...I think the hubbies would like one another too.
    Oh well.
    We are not doing enough nothing, but instead still painting, cleaning, detailing away in the empty apartment upstairs. Hoping this is the last day so we can get our independence back ! ;)
    Enjoy your sweet Monday together !
    Love you !

  30. Hi Beth-We are home as well- kind of nice- not a whole lot going on. Maybe Larry Crowne as well. Enjoy your day- howeer you end up spending it- and at least the weather is beautiful!!!

  31. I'm home just being lazy with my cup of tea. May go for a walk in the neighborhood or may not. Probably sit in the yard with a book and more tea. Then I have a salmon waiting to be barbecued this evening. Think maybe I need some strawberries for shortcake too. Enjoy your day!

  32. We're home too, but preparing for a little cookout, all 3 kids and boyfriends, fiance's, and various hangers on coming over for a cookout. My favorite way to spend the 4th. I hope yours is a great one.

  33. Just being home, enoying the freedom to do whatever we want. remembering the reason we celebrate today.
    Reading, going for a walk, having good conversation, tasty food and being thankful to do it all.

  34. Your 4th of July at home sounds absolutely perfect. We wandered away from home on the 3rd but got home in time to relax on the 4th.

  35. I was home but had my nose buried in giant mounds of jewelry for our show that is coming up this weekend. But, now I am ready, so I guess it was worth it!
    Hope you had a great 4th!

  36. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    Don't be jealous of me - I was working most of the weekend, although I did manage a few hours in a friend's boat on the lake yesterday. Did you go see Larry Crowne? If so, how was it? And thanks for reminding me I (finally) have some turtle photos to post!


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