June 5, 2011

not just for drinking...

we went straight from winter to summer. okay fine. technically, we had spring, but not one that anyone is going to give an award to, as it was just an okay performance. wisconsin can be that way. the way i look at it though, is that if mother nature can basically jump over whatever season she wants, she better be planning on jumping over winter this year and letting us go from fall, right into spring. i think that's a pretty fair deal. does anyone have a direct line to mother nature that they want to share with me.
when summer's 90 degrees and tangible humidity {believe me, i am NOT complaining} show up, which it has, there is water and laughter and screaming to be found everywhere. i love it. but don't get my camera wet. my feet are good, even my clothes. but not the camera. well, and not my hair. you see my hair doesn't look good wet. actually, my hair looks fine wet. it's me that looks horrible.
sort of like a drowned rat.
now granted. if we're all at, let's say a lake or the beach, and everyone is soaking wet, chances are i won't look like the only drowned rat, since some of you probably also carry that recessive drowned rat gene, so bring on the water. but to be the only one. in a backyard. where it feels like a fishbowl since all the neighbors are so close. i don't think so.
but i'll take the photos anytime and use my ninja like moves, jumping here and there, to prevent the drowned rat from showing up. and my camera from getting wet.
this post and group of photos
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  1. "look, henry! see in the yard there? it's the Nikon Ninja!"

    (i got nothin if you use a Canon...)

  2. I agree, we skipped any real spring and went right into full heat and humidity. Wonderful fun photos of the kids. They make having a camera more fun.

  3. Spring was extremely short lived in the east as well. But like you, I'm not complaining one bit. Spring is just a stepping stone to summer! And my hair when it's wet? My sister says I look bald. And my ears stick out like Spock's. But it makes for some nice shadow shots.

  4. Loved these shots!
    I look less like a drowned rat than say..a drowned shrubbery! We could definitely hang out.

  5. I knew you had Ninja skilz.

  6. Ah, the dreaded drowning rat syndrome, so hard to avoid around Summer time. You sure seem all prepared though ;-)

  7. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    Oh come on... get wet, rat lady!


  8. I can almost hear the giggles ...

  9. Out here, too, right to summer. Now it's hot and crowded. Really loved gazing at these fun images, gorgeous colors and smiles, cooled me off!

  10. Great pics, looks like so much fun. I definitely inherited the 'drowned rat' gene!

  11. Oh..these are just too joyous and fun!! Love them!

  12. SUMMER ???? what???? where's mine...i am sitting by my woodstove fire in long underwear...kind of sad...cause i just set up the backyard for SUMMER....



  13. I'm with ya sister ... don't get the camera wet! And the hair ... well it'll just turn into frizz. Ugh!
    What a fun Sunday afternoon in the neighborhood!

  14. I was just thinking the SAME thing!
    It's hot and GOD bless H2O! Love
    the photos Beth. Makes me want
    to bust out the slip-n-slide! ;D

  15. Don't forget snow for Christmas!

  16. oh man! I wanna come over and play. and I don't even care that I will look like a drowned rat. that looks like too much fun.

    and as always, you have captured it brilliantly!

  17. Love it!!! Cool summer... er... spring fun!

  18. Definatly NOT just for drinking!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  19. Spring lasted about 4 hours here. We were hoping to leave the A/C off until we return from vacation at the end of the month but I've had to turn it on every afternoon for the past 2 or 3 weeks just to breathe!

  20. oh man!! i love this! i bought a kiddie pool for me, myself, and i, and thought it would be weeks before i would even think about using it, but it is hot hot hot already and there is no one to see my wet hair.

    again - LOVE this!


  21. Ah yes, the drowned rat gene--at least yours is recessive ;)
    Fabulous photos--such joy! Thanks for sharing them.

  22. I'm the same way about my hair and camera! But these photos are great - you should submit them in Jillsy's latest blog link.

  23. Ahhhhh! I remember those days of gliding, falling, giggling and wetness!! What fun!
    Great pics

  24. imagine a summer without water
    Feeling you on the hair thing;
    my family laughs at me when I
    Then they begin speaking elvish
    (pointy ear gene).
    Last year I dropped my camera
    in the river while tubing
    ...death by drowning.
    Happy dry lens to you this summer,

  25. Just as there is a trend to do away with middle class leaving upper class and lower class in our society, the seasons too are going to only two seasons.

  26. I can just see you with your ninja moves stalking the cuties for the best shots of their giddy delight. I love it.

  27. too funny! i'm pretty sure most of look like drowned rats with wet hair :)

  28. you did it...these photos of yours have instantly made me feel wonderful and ready to play, too! fabulous!...and wet hair is a good price to pay for such joy! thank you!!
    and thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes and cake!! yum!
    much love,

  29. I love this! The pics are glorious!

  30. DARLING photos. (and i'm afraid i have the drowned rat gene myself. sigh...)

  31. Sometimes feeling like a drowned rat is good on a hot, humid day. I am with you on skipping winter.

  32. I will send some vibes to MN as in Michigan we get a lot of the same as you do in Wisconsin! Northern Michigan the past few days was absolutely perfect! What a treat.

  33. "recessive drowned rat gene" - hmmm is there a ninja photographer gene too?
    I always thought the wet hair thing with women was because of what it looked like after it dried. Always learning something. My hair can get real curly after a drip in the lake.

  34. Stopping over fron Jillsy! LOVE, love, love this kind of summer fun.
    xo jj


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