June 28, 2011

my apologies...

you guys have been so great and i've been terrible
for the past week, my sister has been here visiting and instead of returning emails, responding to comments and reading your blogs, i've been playing and eating. i am so behind, it isn't even funny and i'm hoping that you'll all forgive me. 
i know there are many bloggers who take a break for a week or even a month, especially as summer rolls in, but i wasn't going to do that. at least not yet. 
now don't get wrong. 
i enjoyed life and family laughs and eating {lots} the entire time my sister was visiting, but now, i'm swimming in emails and "to-do" lists and can't seem to find my floaties anywhere. 
so with my head a bit under water, randomness surfaces.
1. the mushrooms in my last post are from the farmer's market and no i didn't buy them. yes you can eat them. i just thought they were really cool.
2. the "big c" started it's new season last night and like last year, i will be hooked.
3. the bachelorette continues to suck me in. maybe it's because secretly i want to find out where bentley lives so i can go and kick him in the shins and mess up his hair while i tell him to get rid of that smile that reeks of "i'm the biggest jerk that has ever lived"
4. ann curry is not doing it for me as matt's co-host. i miss meredith.
5. our summer is finally here. like really here. finally we have warmth.
6. i love small airports and want to thank all of you for your opinions on the photo of the lady reading her newspaper form friday's post.
7. i'm still hating the fact that nobody in madison says "excuse me"while rudely passing in front of me at any shopping establishment i go to.
8. i am loving the song "if i die young" by "the band perry"
9. it's been confirmed by every pair of sandals i have tried on this summer that i hate my toes.
10. out of the hundreds of photos i have taken this month, the one above might be my favorite.
so here's to catching up 
on everything and everyone
{and maybe a little bit tomorrow....and maybe wednesday too}
you guys are the best


  1. You're completely allowed to enjoy life! No apologies necessary!

  2. Oh boy do I understand where you're coming from...No need to apologize here.

  3. playing?! eating?!!!! i am shocked! shocked!!

    (and ditto "the big c". i am already hooked my ownself.)

  4. No apologies needed! Go have fun! I love Ann but she is no Meridith. :(

  5. I thing it is no coincidence that it is a somewhat older couple walking beyond that "No Parking" sign ... a sign that life goes on at all its various stages ... you are doing fine! and you know of course we will always be here when you show up!

  6. crap! i'm going to have to find the big c now and play catch up! got a DVR upgrade last year so had to reprogram all the taping. Big C had ended by then so i've got to catch it now!!! thanks!

  7. There is such a feeling of sinking under when we feel we're "behind", even if what we were doing that put us "behind" was fun and enjoyable. I love the comment about "the floaties"!!! lol!!!

    Great catch up post -- a little glimpse into what you are thinking and living over the past little bit.

    As for "catching up" -- I believe that is a figment of our imagination...never.gonna.happen. We just pick up and keep moving forward!!!

  8. we ALWAYS talk about number 7 in our household. it drives me NUTS....

  9. I am a firm believer in "No Pressure/No Apologies Needed" blogging...At least I try to tell myself this every day! Life is too short to spend it all online!

    Glad you are having fun!

  10. Sisters are the best. I love mine. Enjoy your time. It goes by way too fast. xo

  11. Glad you enjoyed family time! It really is the icing on the cake of life.

  12. We all need our blog breaks from time to time. Don't sweat it. Just pick up wherever you can. Glad you were doing some bonding with your sister. I wish I had one.

  13. I think it's unanimous, no need for apologies for enjoying family, especially a sister!
    I hate one particular toe. I had surgery and now, even though it solved the problem, it's twice as fat because of the way my body heals. However, it doesn't stop me from wearing sandals. So don't make so much of it; I find that few people really look at feet. have a great week!

  14. As much as I love Ashley, and I truly do, I think we may have to kick her in the shins too, how could she not spot a player like Bentley, esp., one she had been warned about! You may have stepped away but then you come back all fresh and dynamic and its like you were never gone :)

  15. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    random comment ---

    the way you share so regularly and intimately on your blog fills my heart with joy & connection

    today is my last day with my sister after two weeks of ease & simplicity, i feel so lucky to have a sister

    and btw ~ i bought a pair of the fitflops you recommended a bit ago and just love them :)

  16. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    I'm outraged! How dare you have a life! Begone forever from my news feed!

    Seriously........ Relax. It's ok. Do your thang. Otherwise you won't have anything to blog about!

  17. I think this photo might be one of my favorites as well...

    I think you should have a 'fav' button like Flickr does

  18. LOL... I'm thinking you've been spending your time WISELY, dear Beth. Blogs can wait. They always do.

  19. Beth, so glad you had a wonderful time with your sister. Don't stress about blogland, it will always be here.

    Oh . . . . . I hate my tootsies too. :0)

  20. You're supposed to make time for family, friends, love and play.

    The other things will take care of themself.

  21. Ha! Same here, I am so far behind I'm pretty sure that soon I will be able to kick myself in the butt.
    But hey, sometimes, life takes precedence, spending time with your sister is a good thing, a great thing, a you just had to do it thing. You know we love you...

  22. I liked Meredith, too. But I really liked Campbell Brown who was the weekend anchor and who left when the job was offered to Meredith . . .

    The cinematography in the official video by The Band Perry is absolutely luscious. Have you seen it?

    I love my toes.

    so glad that you're having a good ole family visit.

  23. I am so happy you have been there to celebrate the visit of your sister with eating and playing. I get sucked into the bachelorette just because I can't see it coming out the way she is hoping. I think she is afraid to commit. Strange season for sure.

  24. AnonymousJune 28, 2011

    Oh, I soooo sympathize! I'm trying to play catchup, too, and don't seem to be getting any closer to the surface. I agree with you on #4,7 and 8 and also that this is a great photo. Take a deep breath!

  25. i am easing into serious SoCal summer time mode... no worries here...even the toes (i've noticed that the sand does not care! i promise!)... it's all good...see you in the sunshine, my friend...please remember your camera. -xok.

  26. smoochies
    don't worry
    we're all lagging a little in this heat

  27. girl... you have caught us up now!! although I don't know what the big c is.... I am very un-hip. And I think I need to come up to Madison, pass rudely in front of you, then say excuse me... you deserve at least one person to do that.

  28. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

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  29. Keep on living that juicy life, Beautiful Beth. This wonderful Blogland place is a part of it but not the end all and be all. Soak up the sweet summer!
    I watched the Big C sesason 2 show. It is such a good show. I actually have David hooked now too.
    Hugs and love to you, my friend !

  30. Don't feel bad -- I've been an abysmal blog visitor and I don't have a sister. Well, one night of company, but that does not a bad visitor make alone! (It would help if we had internet at the lake!).

    And I miss Meredith, too. I like Ann -- but not the same way.

  31. It is so easy to fall behind on reading and writing...I do it more than I care to say. When I am writing I can't read...when I am reading I can't write! Oh dear.

    We do what we can and what fits into our day to day lives.

  32. Beth..give yourself a break....get out of your own way....we all love ya...and know you will always return after you enjoy your family, farmers markets, TV shows and LIFE in general...slow down. ~JUST BE~

  33. Regarding #8, I love that song too! Between that and Mumford & Sons, I'm listening to a lot more banjo and mandolin.

    Glad you had fun with your sister!

  34. Two things: I'm catching up, too - summer's like that. And, I also hate my toes! Have a great 4th, Beth! (PS I love the mirrored images of your niece.)


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth