December 8, 2010

reverb 10::beautifully different

the prompt today at reverb 10
::beautifully different::
~"think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up"~
i don't think i'm that much different from anyone else and i truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. so with that said. i type.
i cheer for the underdog and fight for what's right. i believe in god and ghosts. i floss. i have friends that are gay. i sing too loudly in the car. i swear. i love to volunteer my time especially when children are involved. i know how to belly laugh until tears fall down my face. i genuinely like people. i didn't really like high school. technically i'm a dental assistant because it says so on paper. in my heart i'm a photographer. i don't like to shop in malls. i always wear mascara. perfumes and i don't get along. i dance anytime i can. i talk too much.
i love flip flops and uggs equally. i used to be a runner. i saw a mouse yesterday running across the floor at bed bath and beyond and it made me smile. he was that cute. i love tea and have never had a cup of coffee. my butt is slowly disappearing. i don't like having my hair cut or colored. i haven't had a manicure in forever. i love books and used bookstores. i talk to complete strangers often. i love face creams. i'm getting used to the fact that those creams aren't doing anything to soften my crow's feet and laugh lines.
my husband laughs at me all the time. so do my kids.
i've been to hong kong. i haven't been to idaho or oklahoma. i think sunsets at the beach are exquisite. i will cry easily if you touch my shoulder and ask if everything is okay when i've had a bad day. i love the outdoors. i don't sleep in anymore. i love farmer's markets. i don't know what to do with a tomatillo. i think some dogs aren't as cute as their owners think they are.
i don't like holiday parties. i love watching old couples walk together hand in hand. i don't really get along with glitter. i cut out words and sayings from magazines for my journals. i think having to pay for my suitcase on a plane is ridiculous. i have never traveled by train. i get cold quickly. fingerless gloves are my favorite accessory in the winter. i have 12 pairs of boots in the closet. i think balloons should be used for any occasion. i can't say a poetic line and then tell you who wrote it. i wish i could. i don't understand algebra. i read lots of blogs but don't always have time to comment and truly believe you all inspire me. i know all my neighbors and their kids by name. i love when people who i don't see that often remember me.
i don't like to grocery shop. i love target. i have jeans that are 10 years old. i have an ugly shirt that i still wear that is 14 years old. i have rock climbed. i don't skate or ski. i think hummingbirds are little miracles. my nose was broken and never fixed. i have had acupuncture.
i can be a very impatient driver. i wish all the kids in foster care could be adopted. i wish i lived next door to ellen and portia. i want to go horseback riding next year.
on a beach.
i could go on and on. but i think i've written enough for what i believe this prompt expected out of me
i pray that i didn't bore you all to tears.
thank you adam for these photos. you caught me at my best.


  1. This was a wonderful post / outpouring / ranting/raving/extolling!!! Nice to get to know you! And I love those photos of you!!! :)

  2. Great post, loved your reponse to today's prompt.

  3. and that my dear blogging friend is why I love you!

  4. I love these photos of you! We have much in common, but I love our differences. Excellent post, Beth.

  5. I feel I know you a lot better now and you´ve made me smile:)

  6. I like the sharing of these details very much.

    Especially when the mouse in Bed, Bath, and Beyond made you smile. :)

  7. best post ever.

    and if it was possible to like you more.. I do.

  8. yep, you are every bit of this, and more... i think of you often. when i met you, it was love at first sight. yep... love.
    it's freezing, isn't it? coffee + tea in the spring, my friend? ; )
    i so want to do one of these ; )

  9. What a wonderful post. Everyone should have a friend like you. We certainly have a lot of the same thoughts on things. I've never broken my nose however

  10. Love your post today....I think you are pretty cool and a one of a kind! If only more people were like you!

  11. love love love seeing your big happy smile!
    a great list, a fabulous list, and yes, we are much the same, except, well, my butt keeps growing...

  12. beth, I agree. We could be friends. I think we shall.

    So many similarities. I can see your love of laughter in those pictures.

    One difference though. The not colouring your hair part (we in Canada spell colour with a "u", so I guess that's only one other teeny, tiny difference) Oh yeah, and the skiing part. I love skiing. Other than that, we seem very, very similar.

    Rock on. I'm going to read your posts from now on. Take that, friend.

  13. This was so wonderful Beth. Thank you for sharing your self. I have traveled by train. I get cold very easily. I want brown Uggs. I don't even know what a tomatillo is. I have a holiday party to go to this Friday, and I am scared. I want to adopt some of the students in my class that have issues bigger than any child should ever have...

  14. I LOVE inspired.
    And YOU....what a work of art!!!
    I love to swear, too.
    It takes people aback,
    and I like that, too.
    Really enjoyed this, Beth.

  15. I think you are also a writer at heart - fantastic composition, love the photos, and appreciate the time it takes for you to share all of that!

  16. You are certainly correct! I look forward to reading more of your blog and reverb 10 posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You rock!

  17. Oh how I loved this...loved getting to know you a little bit more...I could have written 80% of these...I love beautiful differences. XX

  18. I love that you laugh and act silly! What JOY you must get from that alone, not to say enjoying all the other things you are. When I worked I had many gay friends, still have a few. Would love to live next to Portia and Ellen. No manicures for me, but love pedicures. Sunset and beaches are to swoon for. Mascara, would love to have some right now, mine was old and now is in the trash. Fun list, I loved it.

  19. I love that you dance when you get the chance. Great post! Don't you think age is freeing? I never understood my mother until now. It is okay to be who you really are. That has taken me a lifetime to do and I'm still working on it. xo Jenny

  20. You look so happy in these pics :-)
    Yeah you.
    xo jj

  21. Love the post, all your talking and your happiness!

  22. Wonderful post!! Such a wonderful opportunity to get to know you better and I love it!!
    I need to get some fingerless hands are always so cold in winter...and sometimes even in summer!! Sigh!
    I too wear mascara and perfume is my friend. Sorry you don't get along with it. I wear it daily!! Love me my scents!!
    I get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks or so. I love my nails!! I always get art work on them as well!
    Love the pics!!

  23. Beautiful photos Beth of you. I loved reading and learning more about you. Your perfect exactly as you are. hugs.

  24. love these pics! catching you in your element. you look happy and beautiful. read through your list and loved it! some made me laugh, some I could have wrote myself, all gave me deeper insight to who you truly are. you are beautiful, inside and out.

  25. those photos of you truly show your wonderful spirit. i've also had my nose broken & never fixed it so we have something in common. you shared a nice list about yourself. thanks for sharing bits of you with us each day. hope all is well. have a great day.

  26. Beth, you really need to try to open up more.
    Great post, the only thing that really surprised me was, you never had coffee? How can that be?

  27. Adam really did an excellent job here because I opened this post and smiled immediately. Reading your words made me smile even more. I too love watching old couples walk together, hand in hand. And about the luggage fees, I agree, grrrrr... 12 pairs of boots? I think I need some new boots.

  28. that first photo - i imagine that is how you truly are and would be if we met in person. vibrant, joyful, wonderfully fun!!!

  29. I absolutely adore your list of what makes you you...All I can say is that it must have been wild to have you for a dental hygienist...mine is rather boring...

    I love Adams photos and his blog...thanks for the link.

  30. Now I have just fallen deeper into love with you! My flat ass is disappearing with yours, I can teach you how to make Salsa Verde with tomatillos, I still wear 501 jeans from 27 years ago, before my son was born, but they are no longer street legal, I never shop at malls or wear perfume, (I curse the women who pollute), I never sleep late and I fantasize about horseback riding on a beach with you someday!

  31. Oh Beth. It's been so long since I've stopped by and your blog is looking gorgeous!! Man. You are such a special person. I love your little facts about yourself. You are truly an inspiration! <3

  32. Oh, Beth, I love you! So much of this sounds like myself! Reminds me of why I love reading your blog. Don't stop being who you are or doing what you do! MK

  33. Don't we all just love someone who can be so honest and comfortable with themselves? I really love your humor too! wonderful post!

  34. I love these posts. And your honesty... and I can honestly say that you and I are so similar.. except... COFFEE!!!???? really? you've never had a cup of coffee? I love tea, but also the coffee.

    And..can you believe I've been in love with the idea of fingerless gloves for years now, and yet I still haven't managed to own a pair?

    Terrific pictures of you :-)

  35. Yes, just like the other lovely ladies, it was so wonderful to know you more!
    You have reminded me of myself in many of ways and
    I see in you what I have forgotten!
    It is so magical that you still have fun, especially with life.
    I have followed my dream and have become buried alive!
    Love my dream; it is just that life had beaten me down.
    Oh how I am changing! THANK YOU!
    What a great post and inspiration from a wonderful lady!
    Whom, I admire. Kudos with LOVE

  36. hmmmm. my comment disappeared. :) what i said was that i studied your photo for a long time and thought nothing but good things and then i said i read your words all up and loved you even more. and then i told you i didn't wear perfume and didn't that make you glaaaad?, i asked. ;-)

    :) Debi

  37. your posts cracks me open & crack me up

    i feel lucky to know you... even better now ♥

  38. I found through Reverb10 and I have to say what a wonderful post. When I wrote mine I was having bad day and reading yours makes me wish I could go back and change it to something uplifting and beautiful like you wrote.

    And I've never had a cup of coffee either - not even during the 4 years I worked at Starbucks.

  39. a beautiful list! i'm looking forward to seeing your next reverb prompt answers.

    i can't believe you've never have coffee!

  40. make me laugh!

    I just love you. xo


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth