December 23, 2010

it seemed different....

people were softer yesterday
smiles were larger. the anxiety wasn't apparent. back seats of the cars in the not so crowded parking lots were full of packages. thermal shirts at old navy were only five dollars. i bought 6 of them for my son. why not. they only had pastel colors left in large. i think he'll love them.
the weather was warm enough to leave your boots at home. grey slush replaced the white snow. the day seemed longer than usual. not by minutes. but by an hour at least. we ate leftovers for dinner and pepperidge farm almond cookies for dessert. why do they only have that flavor at christmas time. they're good enough to have year round. maybe i should write them a letter.
i just opened up the mail. a christmas card from my friend kim was filled with glitter which is now all over my couch and sticking to my fingers. it made me laugh. and curse a little. and then laugh some more. oh i love that girl.
now i know for sure it's christmas
i hope all of you are softer
now that christmas is just hours away. now that it's close enough to touch.
i'm ready. at least i think i am.
have you thought about your "word" for next year
i'm on my fourth year of "words"
first it was "see" and then "focus" and then "kurva" which is sanskrit for "one who does"
and i think i did something but often question if it was enough.
oh well
i think i know what my word for this year will be
i need a few more days just to make sure
it feels right
so think about your "word"
i'd love to hear all about it the first of january
i really would


  1. Lovely photographs and post. it "glitters" also with Christmas joy. Good luck with the word!

  2. Interesting question...

  3. Yes the smiles are bigger and there is a peacefulness in the air.
    I too have been thinking about my word. I almost want to continue my 2010 word through to the next year because I don't think I did enough with it. So I don't know yet. Ha!
    Merry Christmas

  4. I think my word shall be Awaken - to the potential that is my life now that my kids and my artisan gallery (now defunct) don't need me... so much.

    But you suggested a really good word weeks back and now I can't remember it. *sigh*

    Yes I'm ready. BRING IT! OH, got my fingerless gloves in black - *love*

  5. Like your "softened" photos. And your peaceful message.

  6. great photos
    glad you're seeing peace and softness
    we ran errands yesterday and had a really good time of it
    seems to me as if everyone was in a good mood
    until we arrived home
    four kids home on break excited for the holidays
    seems as if the pent up excitement causes lots of picking and arguing
    hoping they were able to get it out of their system yesterday
    or it's going to be a looooong vacation!
    had a word, think it changed
    have to spend time with both and decide
    can't wait to hear yours!

  7. Hi beth! I'll have to do some thinking about my "word". I'll let you know! happy day, happy glitter.

  8. this was exquisite.

    you are .

  9. hmm i havent given any thought at all to a word for next year.

  10. i have known my word for a while - it found me a few months ago, and has been whispering in my ear since. i have a feeling others will have the same word. which will be interesting.


  11. Merry Christmas Beth...Thank you for making my days a little brighter with you beautiful and creative blog.♥ Dee

  12. A word sounds like a good idea. I'll have to give it some thought. Love those softened horses.

  13. Yes, my word is chosen and ready to be revealed. I love the thought of softness and $5 shirts at Old Navy. I got the most glorious sweater coat there earlier in the fall for $20 and I thought that was a bargain. Merry Christmas with all it's sparkle and glitter just falling out in bubbles of JOY.

  14. Things finally seem softer to me today! The rain has finally stopped and the sun made an appearance in all his glory (after nearly 6 days of absence! Gasp! How he was missed!) The world seems to be finally coming to a hush after the hustle and bustle of the last month. I am embracing the quiet. Oh! And now, I must think of a word. <3

  15. I have a glitter issue here too. Still, I'm smiling. I've never had a word. I think I will have a word this year. It won't be glitter ;)

  16. I'm on a different circle/tide than you -- I don't really feel/do New Year's as word time, I do my birthday (July) ... so my word for July 2010-2011 has been/is RISE.

  17. thank you beth for making me smile today....i know im softer today but i think it is because i have eaten 6 homemade caramels and about to eat number 7...i love you sweet girl..merry christmas.i know santa will be good to you..xox

  18. this post was just
    the visual glass of wine
    my nerves were needing
    ....yummy peace washing
    over me because of
    the softness.

  19. Very nice post. I like the flow of your day..sounds simple yet interestingly common to all of us.
    I found your blog from Chez Danisse..I chose to look up your blog because of your face in the comments section. Can't really explain why but you just have that nice wholesome, intelligent look. Thanks for the peek at your world. I'll ck back. I love to read good writing!

  20. oh, i am ready, cookies baked, gifts wrapped, house clean. tomorrow i make pierogies, but that is the only thing i have to do all day. christmas eve is my favorite. have a wonderful time with your family. xoxo

  21. Merry Christmas, Beth! Thanks for a year filled with amazing photos, wise words and a whole lot of fun! It's been fabulous.

    I'm thinking about my word....

    xoxo jj


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