July 9, 2010

when life stands still....

you do too
it makes the world a beautiful place to be
"friday in my head"
1. lindsay lohan being an idiot and taking up all the space in the news. bad
2. the humidity finally giving us a break. good
3. mosquitos. bad
4. art fair on the square tomorrow. good
5. dropping a heavy drinking glass last night that shattered into a million pieces. bad
6. chipping the granite the glass fell onto. really bad
7. my son with his head finally on shoulders. really good
8. the song "think of me" by rosi golan. even better after the 100th time
9. summer flying by way too quickly. bad
last but not least
10. the fresh basil
from the farmers market yesterday
that i mixed with zucchini quarters and sweet onions and bacon bits and smoked gouda cheese
then added to my shitake sesame salad dressing from annies
which was poured over fresh romaine leaves.
{after all the glass was cleaned up}
out of this world
happy friday


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    Oh, those glorious photos! Uplifting.

  2. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    Chipped granite! Wow... takes a big hit to chip granite. So sorry to hear this.

    Happy Friday!


  3. Mmmm...sounds deeleeshous :)

    Standing still? Let me know how that works, as I will be running around with my hair on fire for at least the next week, friend.

    Pshaw...hope Lindsey gets her head on straight soon. Hate to see her downward spiral. No, really. It's always on tv, I hate to see it.

    I am saying so many words of gratitude that your kiddo is in a better frame of mind!! :)

  4. Love your little list..and especially your view of life. Sorry to hear about the broken glass and the chipped granite..happy to hear the humidity has lifted!!

  5. love the photos of course,
    especially the spiderweb. All my plants are attached to this secret other world this year.
    hugs re your son.

  6. the one that got stuck in my head was BP deciding to reimburse a $3,400.00 deposit for a vacation rental that they obviously consider more important than paying the thousands of unemployed workers because of their mess.

    sorry about granite top. :-(

    love the top photo!!

  7. Some good and some bad, sounds like life huh. I hope the damaged granite isn't really really bad.

  8. a quiet beauty here ...and in your head..happy day friend

  9. hmmmm...beth=good.....

  10. Hmm, lots more good than bad on this summer day, I am thinking ! Enjoy the yums of summer, Beautiful Beth !

  11. All that good far outweighs the bad ... beautiful photos.

  12. um, nineteen is me ,
    not my daughter.

    well she is , but you know what I mean

  13. the good outweighs the bad, the food sounds delicious, your photos are wonderful Beth, do have a great weekend. enjoy the art fair. hugs.

  14. love love love this post- you always make me smile cute Beth.

  15. Love the photos!! Good!!
    Sunshine...very good
    no rain...bad
    time to myself...very very good

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous shots Beth!!! What a list :)

    I hope you enjoy the art fair tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  17. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    lovely fotos to wake up to.

    and what is the matter with the lohan girl?

  18. What spectacular photos, Beth...isn't it a blessing that we get the good mixed with the bad or we wouldn't survive!! That meal you fixed sounds out of this world...yummy!

  19. Loved the good/bad list. But the butterfly, now your just showing off. That is.... just a perfect.

  20. oh beth, some good, some bad... loving #7... ;)

    xxo, kim

  21. These photos...very good
    This list...very good
    A simple recipe...very good
    Summer slipping by...bad

  22. I chipped a granite tile on my stovetop island -- and was able to easily replace it with a sample piece from the granite wholesale place. Could you be so lucky?

  23. Haaa glad you like our Gouda cheese so much. Good to know so when ever I'll come over I"ll bring you lots and lots....:-)
    Love this post Beth and the butterfly is just waiting there sitting still for you.

  24. Ouch about the glass and the granite. Your photos of the butterfly on the Black Eyed Susan are breathtaking - they do make me stop and take notice. Enjoy what is left of summer!

  25. Wow Beth these are amazing actually the last few days posts have been great. that baby sooooo cute

  26. Glad the your good outweighed your bad.

    And thanks for the little recipe. We've got zucchini and basil in the garden and I'd like to try this.

  27. it comes and goes. the good and the bad. we just need to go along with it. or stand still when it stops...

  28. life is filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. but you are so good at finding the good and sharing it here.
    And yes, #7, yay!

  29. Great list! It is so good to be back and checking in on you -- you have no idea how much I miss you when I'm gone!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth