July 22, 2010

the sun will come out tomorrow.....

based on my mood today and my inability to focus on anything important
the rain pouring down outside my window
like an overfilled pitcher left unattended in the kitchen sink
is a welcomed friend
knowing just which knots to rub out


  1. we've been having some severe thunderstorms here lately. i'll be happy for the sun to return. but then, the rain has had its soothing moments with me too. hope all is well.

  2. hey girlie
    it's raining here.... too.

    dark and cloudy and i'm thinking another 10 am nap might be the answer.
    i need to restock the melatonin....cause the tylenol pm is kicking my butt.... lol

    hope your day is okay. :) xxo, kim

  3. No sun up here today, that's for sure. Those nasty little earwigs are loving all this rain.

    Good luck with the knots. Relax and enjoy being Beth.

    Been away from blogging for a while. I'm back...I think.


  4. Sunshine here today and we could use some rain!! Send it my way please!?!

  5. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    Love a good set of hands that know just where to rub the knots out. Sunshine? WE have too much of it today taking us up to 96 degrees. I'm staying indoors until mid October!


  6. Enjoy the down day, lovely One. We all kneed those once in a while...;)
    Big Love !

  7. Ahhhh, I hope the knots are out and you're feeling relaxed.

    Is that asparagus? How fun!


  8. funny, I seem to be in the same mood. And it is sunny. Not sure what to make of that.
    But it's always good to know it's not just me...

  9. Hope your feeling better, sometimes those rainy days bring the glooms. maybe a siesta is what you need. hugs.

  10. sigh
    and my physio is at 3:45, care to join me?

  11. We haven't had rain here in weeks. I think it would be a welcome change..
    Enjoy your rainy day!!

  12. That must mean it's coming our way. Please don't let it arrive till after Rick's birthday cookout tonight. Can it wait till 9?

  13. i will gladly trade my 95 degree blue skies for your rain today.
    is that freshly picked asparagus? ummm. love the photo!

  14. Rain! I am sure the sun won't be hiding for very long. We are having a cool, but pleasant cloudy day. I will take it.

  15. it is dark and rainy here too. thunder and lightening too. i bet you will feel more inspired tomorrow.

  16. Sometimes a good rainy day is just what is needed...

  17. Your "inability to focus on anything important" sounds really familiar. I definitely have days like that. I'm glad the rain is perfect for your mood today!


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