April 6, 2010

there's a lesson in everything...

an april rain
fell last night
after the strong shouldered clouds holding the droplets hostage
shrugged and gave up
the rhythm of the rain
against the windows
reminded me of a xylophone being played
by an uninterested child
who had purposely broken the ball off the stick handle
when no one was watching
the air feels crisp
in a freshly ironed kind of way
i can smell the red geraniums
that are looking at me from my neighbor's
"rocking chair filled"
front porch
i'm not really sure exactly what i see
being pushed toward
the storm drains
by last nights rain
i think maybe some of my heavy thoughts are there
all soggy and fighting the current
in my heart
i know they taught me a few lessons about life
i refuse
to throw them any kind of floatation device
as i turn around to come back inside
heavily carved and ornate wooden door
lets out a yawn as i close it
through the bubbled glass
i can see
that the grey sky
is starting to color outside the lines
its blue crayon


  1. This is so good Beth. So many lines spoke to me, in this season of my life. Simply wonderful!


  2. Your words just stand on their own and I can hardly form my own words to tell you just how much I appreciate them. Simply beautiful! I heart Beth :)

  3. poetry beth. just beautiful and maybe...just maybe you said some of what i've been thinking lately.

  4. This is soooo beautifully written. I love how you can take a feeling and create such a visual masterpiece with your words... Hope your day is filled with sunlight.

  5. Beth, this is beautiful. I was hanging on to every word. Heavy thoughts seem to be there lately....we need a good cry sometimes to cleanse our hearts just like the rain...Hugs to you. The photo is absolutely stunning.

  6. Lovely images in words and your photography always blows me away.

  7. Cleansing rain. Yes -- we just had our version here (accompanied by a tornado warning -- nothing materialized.) There is something about a post-rain, isn't there -- a rebirth, an awakening, a cleansing. As always, your poetry and thoughts are so eloquent -- and so beautifully illustrated.

  8. my husband and i want that image on our walls...so painterly, masterful...and your writing is just brilliant.

  9. you've done it once again beth...moved me with your words and photography. thank you for these gifts you share with others. you are loved,

  10. another absolutely stunning photo! you are amazing!

  11. such a feeling you so well described in your writing...and the bird rounds it out to perfection...thank you for sharing your gift.

  12. Your words are so full of feeling...they really touched my heart. I feel as if I somehow have touched your soul. Thank you for that wonderful gift.

  13. Beth,
    what to say.
    they wash over me too

  14. You are so amazingly talented!

  15. Lady, you make good poetry.

    May you find moments today where it feels like the whole box of 96 is available to you...

    Love to you, amazing one !

  16. Beth, you wrote this and I am in awe. I read it over and over more slowly each time so that I could visualize every detail.

    I'm not even going to look at the previous baby photo post. My heart aches to have another baby in our family.

    Thank you for your blog.


  17. I can understand how you can get the children to stand still or pose but how do you get the birds to pose? You have a special photo magic with nature don't you?

  18. beautiful photo. it rained here last night too. it was accompanied by it's own band of thunder/ lightning. hope all is well.

  19. oh...sigh...
    lovely and poetic and beautiful and just so beth, even when you are quiet and introspective there is always that smile shining through.
    And I must ask you, how do you get these shots of the birds, what kind of lens, through a window? Crows are one of my favorites, did you know they are the only birds that keeps their children with them, extended family style? I like that...

  20. this is so beautiful beth. everything about it.

  21. What a beautiful post!
    Your words just flowed
    out so smoothly and so
    full of imagery! Thank
    you. I needed this today.

  22. good riddance to those heavy thoughts...they serve their purpose, but it's so freeing when they finally slip from your mind.

    beautiful words and image...

  23. Your words of poetry put all this rain to some perspective:)...there is always that little bit of blue crayon to look for...

  24. wonderful words... lovely image.

  25. That was perfection, Beth.
    I take my hat off to you.

  26. I love your words..especially the description of how the grey skies are beginning to color with the blue crayon. Excellent!!

  27. Hello, Beth...Thank you so much for stopping by!! It means a great deal to me. I'm sorry I have not visited in a while...I just came back from a blogging break not too long ago. This poem is terrific...so full of vivid imagery that makes you feelings palpable...and draws us into the moment as well! Your photography genius has made its way into photographic words...and you have penned images that are simply unforgettable! I love your header, btw!! So beautiful...And I am honored by and grateful for your prayers...I am fine now...this last week's post was something I wrote last fall when there was concern...but I felt that the thoughts that emerged during that time made for an appropriate Easter post. So I published them. Thank you with all my heart! ~Janine XO

  28. your words are to be compared with your photographs...very expressive and wonderfully vivid!

  29. We're expecting thunderstorms tomorrow, though you wouldn't know it by the sunshine of today. I'll keep an ear out for the xylophone.

    By the way, Betharoo...

    Did you see where I commented back to you that I blatantly ripped the No WallFlowers Here from you, wondering who would catch it? haha!

    Do you like the Wallflowers? How about Jakob Dylan's new sound? Cause I could totally burn you some cds girlfriend!

  30. wow...

    (that's all I got)

  31. you know... It's really not fair that you are such an amazing photographer and a poet to. just not fair. God must like you better. ;^)

  32. Thank-goodness for blue crayons!!!
    (and I love the b&w of the baby in your previous post!)

  33. Beautiful poetic Beth!

  34. oh, this photo makes me swoon! what kind of bird is that? i've never seen one.

    love your writing here, too. especially the last sentence. so colorfully expressed.


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