October 23, 2009

monkeys, I tell you...a family of monkeys....

I'm so lucky to be related to them
remember the sneak peek of my sister up in the tree
here are a few more photos from that shoot
I've been a little busy and have two photo consults ahead of them
before I can dive completely into all their photos
I just had to play around a little bit
with a few of them
well because
she's my sister

one of the best parts of the shoot
was that my hubby had my old camera
was shooting over my shoulder at what I was shooting at
or as I found out later
right at me
my 80-200mm lens
caught me in the act of catching these tree monkeys

these are some of the photos I took
except the ones that I'm in
just wait until I show you some photos that the hubby got
he's good
he's really really good
now I think he's going to have to stop carrying my camera bag for me
because he's sweet like that
I'll have to hire him


  1. No doubt you all had a lot of fun! The photos are proof! Beautiful shots of precious moments!

  2. So I'm paging down and smiling and just as I'm thinking, maybe he should be shooting with her because he's got an nice eye, too....

    Well there you said it right outloud!

    Isn't it fun when we find another spark of wonder inside of someone we know so well and love so hard?

    Wonder how that happens?!

    Have a great weekend, dear Beth.

  3. Love the idea of a couple working as dual photographers on a shoot! Then you could be sure to capture even more with two sets of talented eyes ! Just make sure he remembers who's the boss, though, right ?
    Big hugs beautiful Beth !

  4. and this is monkeys having great fun. what wonderful family photos. memories to last a lifetime. have a great day.

  5. Beth, just beautiful and so much fun, and your hubby taking photos too. how very special. glad to hear things are going so well for you. have a great weekend, be well.

  6. Oh I'm so gladd your love took these photo's of you the photographer. Great to see you at work with your sisters family.

    Love the monkeys

  7. You have such a beautiful and delightful family, keepers all of them, from hubby on down - and they smile for these pictures! My sons, at that age, would have been moaning and groaning about having to do photos!

  8. Maybe you can negotiate a trade. Chocolate chip cookies seem to work well!

  9. I expected you to be the highest one in the tree...with a jumping picture of you coming down! Actually, the first picture totally reminded me of Sound of Music when they're all in the tree along the road dressed up, in their father's horror, in old drapes.

  10. How fun!



  11. fun shots!! love the sheer joy that shines in all of them

  12. The one thing that remains constant in your peoplegraphs is the sheer joy that shines through your lens! You definitely keep it fun!

  13. Such fun and wonderful, whimsical photos!!!

  14. Looks like you captured some fun shots! That looks like a great time, Beth- wonderful memories as well! Hope the rain has eased off up there. We have a super gloomy Saturday down here. Happy weekending~

  15. It looks like you all had a very fun day. It looks like PLAY!

  16. So much fun! These turned out great....and you can clearly see
    the fun that was had by all!

  17. I agree with Roban. Sheer joy always shines through in your photos. These are amazing. I am in awe. Not only are your subjects having fun, but you can tell that you have fun behind the camera. I just love these photos.

  18. what a beautiful day that must have been. Iove that your husband captured you. :)

  19. Your pictures make me feel like I know your family. How do you do that?


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