January 18, 2009

I heart you....

i found this heart on the beach
acutally john spotted it first
now it's here at home with me sharing space
with all of my other heart shaped finds
I decided to dress her up a little bit
so that I could share her with all of you
~all of you~
who took the time to leave a comment about our abrupt return home
to those of you who sent personal emails to me
~there were many of you~
asking if all was okay and giving me your support
to even those of you who maybe didn't know what to say
but were thinking of me
it's amazing this blogging world of ours
where we
praise each other, share videos and stories, raise money for causes
award gifts, share the best movies to watch, books to read
and music to listen to
we share art that we've stayed up all night long working on,
photos of how we spent our weekends
send notes to check on each other if too much time has passed
between posts
but the one thing we get
day in and day out
no matter what
is support
the kind of support
that so often feels like a heartfelt hug
or a pat on the back
or a laugh
when whe need it the most
so today I give you all
a piece of my heart
my many thanks
for being there


  1. happy sunday !!! your blog is nice , dont forget to VISIT MY BLOG

  2. beth...was just talking with katy today about how it seemed like you were cracking open creatively lately. it's been a pure inspiration to watch. your photos -- ever so lovely. and your friendship on this blogworld is just as lovely as well. happy sunday to you. xx

  3. I second Sperlygirl's sentiments. Even more to the point, your message is so appropriate. What we are doing is creating community and caring. In this moment when there is so much hope, we are actively manifesting love and creativity, lifting each other up, celebrating each others' gifts. It's our means of changing the world from a place of fear and division to one of vision and peace. Your found heart is so emblematic!

  4. muchos besos y abrazos...hope all IS truly well and thinking of you...

  5. What a beautiful post and you really hit it right on the head. It is truly amazing what this blog world opens to each and every one of us. How amazing, how truly amazing. Sending you my love my dear and warm thoughts and lots of hugs xoxox

  6. I heart you back, and I couldn't agree more -- I've seen it happen with The Gypsy and with so many other blogs -- and now, yours. It's odd, this feeling of cyber-care, this circle that seems to expand of friends who have in most cases never met, yet share a bond that is difficult to describe.

    You've said it beautifully. So beautifully.

  7. Beth~ Beautifully put...and again- I do hope all better in your world. Thinking of you~



  8. thank you.... & right back to you darling!

    that heart is such an awesome find, perfect gift from the sea.

  9. beth what a true post ~I am so glad to know so many wonderful bloggers AND see the art behind the lens~ wonder filled heart photo!

  10. oh what a beautiful treasure to find, no matter who saw it first!! and how lovely the way you honored it by giving it another artistic life!

  11. You know you share a piece of my heart, too. Right? Love you, dear Beth.

  12. Beth, I've tagged you in a "photo meme challenge." If you play, here are the rules:

    1. Open your fourth folder.
    2. Post the fourth photo in the fourth folder. No exceptions.
    3. Tag four more people.
    4. Write about it in a post.

    Have fun!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth