January 1, 2009

and a new year begins....

as I have already changed my word
isn't that what women do
last year
instead of resolutions
I picked one word
to live by
for the entire year
that word was
interesting to me
last year was the year
took over a huge part of my life
and if
photography and "see"
don't go
hand in hand
with each other
I don't know what does
so this year
my word
you might think
see and focus
are a little bit the same
at first
I did
but now I see
two very different
no other word felt right for the choosing
last year
digital photography
became big
bigger than big
to be honest with you
I hated it
said bad things about the pictures
while thinking
how can you compare an untouched photo to a photo
that's been digitally altered
now I'm biting my tongue
as I have
fallen in love with photo edtiting
maybe even more along the lines
of even needing a support group
"hi, my name is beth"
"I have a problem"
I really can't stop
with my photos
and when I'm done
I do a happy dance
at all the fun I just had
the picture above
it's my most favorite yummy one
that I've done so far
is your word for


  1. First things first. I see why you love the photo and I understand the "what if I tried this" addiction to Photoshop or similar digital imagery programs. But the more important thing is SEE. . . LOOK. It's obvious that your choice of words is critical, as the universe clearly responded with the seeing opportunity you invited. I'll have to think about this. Words that come to mind include: Love, Release, Joy, Celebrate, Vision, Guide. What would assist my book process?

  2. Hi! I love the picture- it is so interesting. I can see whay you love doing what you do! I also don't do resolutions and kind of do what you do with words. Mine last year was connections- which I feel I accomplished through blogging, Facebook, and friends and family. This year I am struggling with the word...It may end up being plural: contentment, faith, believe, and intention are all up there; which to choose???
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. celebrate.
    that's the word for me this year.
    all life's little moments.

  4. Hmmmm, this is something I have to think about. Thank you for putting this idea in my head....I am so aimless most of the time. I will be thinking about this over the coming days. My first thought is "energy" since I have little of it and would like more....


  5. Slim

  6. So, so good to see you this year! Focus is a Wonderful word! As you can tell, my focus has been away from the computer..and hence I miss you horribly! It is always nice to stop by and see what kind of magic you are cooking up!

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  8. I saw a comment from you on Caroline's blog and thought I would stop by for a visit. I'm so glad I did! I absolutely love your photographs! I'll have to add your link to my site, so I can come by for a daily (or so) dose of inspiration.


  9. Beth,

    Loving the photography girlie! Especially the one below with the phone....

    Not sure when you are leaving on your trip, but have a great time.

    Happy 2009!


    oooooh my resolution - to be a stronger person and not be afraid of challenges. Take everything by the horn!!

  10. Focus. Perfect. We all see a lot, I think. But when you really focus on it, isn't it amazing how things can change? I had a wonderful brunch yesterday with a friend who attended Jane Rosemont's Italy photography workshop an dshe was showing me some of the things she'd done -- one of the parts that resonates with focus is being able to focus on the pictures within the pictures. For often, we'll have a splendid photo and then discover that within -- when we really look at it -- there are several more!

    My word for 2009 -- that's a toughie. I pretty much deal with my favorites -- hope, joy, optimism -- on a regular basis (and I think I'll need plenty of all in 2009). But this year, for me and especially for our Greg, it's health.

  11. Hi HI! great photo. My word is BELONG. I'm working up to working ON a new canvas or piece to change out my banner but it hasn't happened yet, not even an idea, well ok a SMALL idea but not enough to go on. Sorry I've been such a poor commenter -- mental exhaustion combined with downright laziness -- I'm still reading you every day though, Luv!

  12. No, I can't do it, be so lazy as to just leave you with 'great photo' -- that is SO lame! and generic, when here is what I mean. 3 days ago, I heard a Patty Griffin (Griffith?) song at the end of a Sundance documentary -- I got up to the screen just in time to barely catch her name on the soundtrack credit so can't tell you the song, but the line that TATTOO'D my brain was: 'so cold that it was silver' and this photo is precisely what I pictured, listening to the moody quality of the song, slow, haunting, then that special lyrical line ... so yes, it is a great photo but now you know why I think so in a more personal way. A photo this beautiful deserves to know why I respond to it like I do!

  13. I just went and looked: the song is called "Someone Else's Tomorrow", and I ordered the CD, but you can go check out the song (I think you will love it).

    Meanwhile, I also wanted to ask if I may use this photo in my journal. Of course if I post the page it goes on, I'll send everyone your way -- they need to see the rest of your photos anyway.

  14. a word for 2009 is a wonderful idea...but i definitely have to put some thought into that. balance comes to mind, as does create...but thank you for the thought-provoking notion...

    i too was skeptical of digital photo manipulation until a friend pointed out to me that if you truly want to be the author of your digital photos, it's quite ok. :-) and it really is quite fun. :-)


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth