November 29, 2008

WINNER....we have a winner.....oh yes we do !!!

nothing technical about this drawing

just names on scrap paper and a cute little bowl
from anthropologie

{and even if you got the answer wrong, I still included you

because I'm nice that way}

and then the birthday boy got to mix the names up

and then I shouted

"pick one already"

and the winner is pretty clear


you did it

you won !!!

{please send me your snail mail address}


  1. Oh Beth!! I won- I won! I never win!!! As I scrolled down in anticipation, I almost shouted out loud when I saw my name, but I would have woken up the family. I can't wait to see the journal you made you made! Thank you sooo much! You made my day!


  2. Congratulations to Patti! (You draw the way I do!)

  3. darn patti! i wanted to win but she is so cute with what she posted...i know shewill love your journal!xo

  4. Too bad that isn't Patty with a "y"! Tee Hee....:) Congrats Patti with an "i"!

  5. Lucky, Patti. I'm so glad she'll be enjoying your art. Of course, not quite as glad as I would be if the paper had said Relyn, :^)

  6. Hi! I don't mean to gloat (I'm not a gloater at all)...but I received the journal today in the mail! It is so cute; I love it! Thank you so much for having the contest(an picking my name) and for having such an awesome blog.



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