November 24, 2008

BLOG--GIVE--AWAY.....and a walk in wisconsin with me leading the way

I'm not whining....REALLY !!!
I'm just saying that some bloggers are really lucky to have little ones still at home that always look adorable and every photo of them is like "awe, too sweet" so they always have something cute to post...or those who live near the ocean and share pictures of sandy feet and shells {they're the worst, in an "I'm so jealous of you way"}....or even those that live in the desert and have a coyote as their housemate and last but not least, the ones that have gorgeous clothes and shoes and entertain with us photos of skirts and mary janes.....
well I have NONE OF THAT !!!!
But I do have cows !!!!
{especially Frank here, with his snappy toupee}
and really cool broken windows....

and buildings where I'm not supposed to be....
{yes mom, I'm forever your rebel daughter}

and service stations with pink painted garage doors.....

and fields and fields and fields....

and old painted, falling over, crumbling barns....
{my favorite}

and old, old, old headstones from the 1800's

and last but not least.....this !!!!
Tell me what's in the picture, how many and what it has to do with this week...
and your name will go into a drawing for a sweet, little, purse sized, handmade by moi, journal perfect for writing down what you're grateful for....
because I am grateful for any of you who just took this walk with me
and even more grateful that you'll try to win something I made !!!!


  1. LIttle kids don't always make for the best photography daughter is almost 3 and I have about 4 good pictures. :)

    Wild turkey's on the side of the road... I don't know what they are doing there...waiting to cross? LOL I actually saw turkey's in the mountains a couple of weeks ago..I couldn't believe my eyes!

  2. Well, I don't know WHAT you are complaining about-- broken windows and pink garage doors are pretty cool subject matter! The toupe is priceless too.

    As for your mystery photo- I was going to guess armadillos, but they have nothing to do with Thanksgiving )your very good hint!)- and besides, I don't think they hang out in herds! haha! And wait a minute... you are too far NORTH for 'dillos. Okay, 3 WILD TURKEYS and they are in a public place so if they are shot, hopefully there will be witnesses to testify. Because I don't think it's turkey season.

  3. Hi! I'm guessing...wild turkeys!!! 3 of them running to escape, perhaps or maybe camera shy? One of my friends lives north of Rockford and we always see them when I visit her. Thanks so much for visiting my site and commenting- it means so much! I loved your "walk" I feel quite an affinity with WI. My dad was raised in Hillsboro (north of the Dells)and many vacations were spent in WI. Love it though! To answer your question- I live in IL; south suburb of Chicago almost in IN. We always go up to the Madison stamp show- this is the first year we did not stay over night. You did not miss much (in my opinion). The show was very small and really not too crowded. But- I still managed to shop...oh well- gotta support the craft economy! Have a great day! Patti

  4. frank is one handsome cow, toupee and all!

    all of your photos are wonderful...ocean or no ocean, you capture your subject so well!

    my guess? ummm...they look like turtles with turkey heads... 3 of them? :-D

  5. personally i like your subject matter.
    i see 3, possibly 4 turkeys. is there one hiding to the left of the photo and you can just see it's head?

  6. Gotta love a cow with a toupee! Frank is pretty darned dapper! And probably in a far better situation this week than the turkeys in your bottom photo. Are they running from you, Ms. Beth? Because they should know that the only shooting you'd do is with that magical camera of yours!

    Nice post, lovely photos. I do love tombstones. (As long as they're not mine!)

  7. 3 wild turkeys!!!!!!

    or is it you, me and Trish by the side of the road?

    enter me!!!!

  8. Gobble, gobble, gobble...I count three turkeys! Your picture of the broken glass is pretty cool too. Now if you were living in the PNW like I do, you'd be sounding like me, sick of shooting trees and cloudy days :(.

  9. Look at those three wild turkeys just hoping to escape the hatchet and not be the main course for Thanksgiving. Your pics are great.

  10. I spy 3 Gobblers in camo, wildly running from the fast-approaching 'day of doom' --


  11. anyone as cute as you doesn't need mary janes - and Frank - you can see how googley-eyed he is for you...

    now to answer your question:
    those are wild turkeys - three of them - I know because we have them here in VT as well...

    so thankful for all these lovely images you have shared - you live in Paradise - fresh air and pink garages - whooooooooweeeeee girl!

    Happy Thanksgiving

    grateful for SO much...

    xox - eb.

  12. Hi,
    I think the birds are Guinea Fowls!
    Beautiful pictures btw, as always..

  13. I really, really loved your picture walk. You may not have little ones at home, but I love all that you have. Especially Frank and his toupee. I'm still laughing about that. And pink garage doors? Now I'm getting jealous! Each of your photographs are delightful. I have a thing for barns and am dying to go exploring with you. I'd love to be a rebel beside you and take a little photo walk. I'd bring the cookies.

    I'll be back for the contest. I have a sick little one calling for me to come read.

  14. I kept thinking there must be more than three. I scoured the bushes but still only see three wild turkeys. It has to do with this week because their cousins are going to be on many, many dinner tables in two days. Jeffrey says that they look like guinea fowl because of the polka dottish feathers. I say he's wrong. When are you drawing? Happy Thanksgiving day.

  15. 3 wild turkeys, but personally I prefer my Wild Turkey in a bottle! Happy Turkey Day

  16. Beth,

    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving and I love your photos. Especially the barn pic.

    Okay could they be wild turkeys. We used to have them in MO and I loved passing by and seeing them in the fields.



  17. wild turkeys....gobble gobble gobble.

    happy thanksgiving girlie...and i am grateful for your rebellious images. i am my moms rebel as well, yes yes, i know - its a shocker.

    peace be with you and yours.

  18. your posts and photos are always a lot of fun ...great images!

    happy Turkey day...

  19. 3wild turkeys on the side of the road(hey is that what they use for wild turkey liquor?)
    beth you know i am a huge fan of your photography and i would love to win a gratitude journal from you!!xoxox
    gobble gobble!

  20. Love the photos, just like here, including the turkeys who strut down our driveway on occasion. But it takes seeing someone else's pictures sometimes to see why folks are captivated with our state. But the real question is, can they handle the winter-and it's here!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth