August 17, 2008

"part one with Misty"

Usually on the first day of my
Valley Ridge art retreats
I don't take many pictures
as I'm so busy soaking everything in
But by the end of day two
there are more photos on my camera
than most humans would ever even want to look at
so if you want to see my ART pictures
you'll have to wait until
"part two with Misty"
but for now
I still think you'll be entertained
with this little ditty
The above photo shows you
the ranger
that Bill and Kathy
use to drive around their land
at Valley Ridge
and a few us were lucky enough
to get the land tour
at the end of our first day
Bill, Kathy and Misty

The beautiful trout stream

adorable and fun loving Misty and me

adorable and fun loving Misty
trying to push me in the trout stream
{way to catch that picture Kathy}

Misty and Mary Ann taking
photos of the cows on the hill

This is Misty's new friend Arthur
{don't laugh, this is what she named him}

and now this is funny
here is Misty holding a stick
with the inch worm that Linda found
this is still the inch worm
starting to realize that maybe
we are dangerous
so what's an inchworm to do
when he feels like he might be in danger??
become one with the stick
{seriously, the tall part sticking straight up on the left side
is still the inchworm, completely camouflaging himself}
So this is how day one ended
out in the fields
with bugs and creepy crawlies
and more laughs than
you can ever imagine
stay tuned for part two


  1. ohhh, Beth...what can I do, but sigh...a bittersweet + happy sigh coming here and finding this post is such a treat, thank you.
    I laughed so hard when I saw that photo of us by the river. :-) You know I wouldn't have....
    I will be so sad to leave here in the morning. It has been such a wonderful few days that will last forever in my heart. thank you for being here with me.
    love all the photos, thank you.
    xoxoxo sighhhhhhhhhh.

  2. what fun photos!!! I love the smiles, the beauty of the scenery, and then bringing it all back to childhood with some great bug pictures! I MEAN IT!!! You take the best pictures!!!

  3. hi beth!

    yes, it was fab to meet & spend time with you, misty & everyone else at vr! that was a trip...that ride (ahem) down the cliff, hahaha!

    we'll need to get together one day soon to play with paints & collage our hearts out!

    :) mary ann

  4. Cool!!!!! You are having a superior VR Experience this summer! Can't wait to see more! Especially what you created.

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  6. Beth,

    Looks like you had an awesome time. the scenery, how kind of place.

    So you got to meet Mary Ann from Firstborn. I know Mary Ann...

    Small world.

    Peace to you.


  7. how fun! and my god a post topic to be sure...the inchworm; becoming one with the stick.
    you look vert happy.

  8. jea;ous, jealous, jealous!!

  9. Looks like a simply glorious time!!! What terrific photos and that inch worm is hilarious, I had no idea they could do that.
    Thx so much for the phone call sweetie, sure wish I had been with you guys.

  10. How cool is that? HOW COOL! I can't imagine how lovely that was and what a glorious time you shared together. And I am waiting eagerly for ZILLIONS of photos of art -- although, all that nature is art in itself.

  11. That's the Misty I know! Ornery and she's quite strong!!! LOL What great memories!!! YOU take great pics! That inchworm does look like part of the stick! I'm green with envy too! tee hee *sigh* Wish I could watch that sweet gal create!

  12. oh what fun! can't wait to read more about your wonderful time there!

  13. I love that part about the inch worm. Maybe that's what we all should do in a crisis - hold still and hang on.


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