August 22, 2008

because sometimes I listen to others.....

after I played with itbefore I played with it
I think I love playing with my photos
{thanks Trixie for pushing me}


  1. Very cool. I've got to get photoshop, now that I have a computer that can handle it. But I'm afraid I'll fall in and never get out!

  2. i love them both...but the top one is so WONDERFUL! so ethereal.
    i have been thinking about you... will write soon... it's wine time, and one thing I have learned is that I should never write and drink... i tend to ramble WAY too much when the two are put together. :-)
    wishing we could all be sitting out under the lovely WI stars, laughing, sharing stories, laughing some more.
    have a good night sweet one. xoxo

  3. Oooo... I love the after. Good playing.

  4. Beth,

    Came out great. I agree with Misty I like the top one.




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