March 27, 2014


can you make a "new month's" resolution? if so, april is going to be my bitch month to make "be yourself" feel all pretty and alive again. it's got a bit of the bloggy blahs.

or maybe it will be may.

anyone else watching parenthood? the blacklist? the voice? resurrection?

anyone else feel like they're spending too much time on facebook? or pinterest?

anyone else want to burn all of their winter clothes?

i stopped in DSW the other day and summer sandals practically threw themselves at me when i opened the door and guess what? i hated everything i saw. everything.

target on the other hand. what is it about that place that makes me feel all lightheaded and fuzzy when i'm in there? in a good kind of way.

i've been searching for a new iphone case and did you know that society 6 can literally pull in through your computer screen and hold you hostage for like 4 hours? seriously, they can.

oh, and this is my favorite song…this week.


  1. To answer some of your questions:
    New months resolution. No. I'm in a lousy mood
    Watching the 4 TV shows you mentioned? No, I'm a bit behind. Just finished watching West Wing. I'm serious.
    Oh yeah, spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON PINTEREST. What is that again?
    I don't want to burn winter cloths, but I recently has a bon fire, the fuel being the uniforms from my previous company. Very freeing.
    Target? Has the same affect on my wife. You can tell by all the throw pillows on my couch.

    Your photo- awesome, and matches my mood exactly.

    1. omg, Mark, that is hilarious! And i thought i was out of the loop. West Wing?? Really?? I loved that series except last few seasons.

      And no new month resolutions for me... It would be like disappointing myself 12 times a year!

  2. Somehow it feels like November...i heard Spring has arrived and I have not seen it yet, or only a shadow of itself...Still hopeful though. Thinking of you <3

  3. Answers...
    No to all shows listed.
    Resolution? No time. Maybe my resolution should be to find the time...
    FB is my only time suck and that's only when I get a chance.
    Winter clothes still keeping me warm!
    WTH???? Why!!!! WHY!!!! did you have to introduce me to society6!!!!!! Oy!!!!!

  4. Love...ooooooooooh...that photo! Anything leaves for THIS WOMAN.

    It's good to bitch sometimes. Bitch on.

    What song? What song? Did I miss something? Slow?

  5. change is good as long as you continue sharing your beautiful images, :) love watching the Blacklist and Resurrection. Target is always a nice place to shop especially for coffee. and that song is very nice. i can see a lot of couples using that song as their song. hope all is well. have a great day~

  6. I vote we have a big bon fire and EVERYONE toss in their winter clothes! Let's DO IT! LOL

  7. I'm nodding my head to all of this! I'm so ready for change! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. We watch The Blacklist. Love that.

    Hey, spring is here, the warm weather is just around the corner - don't worry, be happy! xo

  9. Yes, I am watching PH and Blacklist. Oh, what drama! I do not want to see the Bravermans sell the family home, I cried over what the mean kids did to Max, and if Julia sleeps with Ed I will be sad and pout. Now Liz and her husband on the BL is an interesting storyline and I will be glad to know the full story there.

    Hope spring is fast on its way to you. I know you're sick of the cold, dreary days.

  10. Hmmm... we're watching......... Lost Girl, Resurrection, Believe, The 100, Castle,NCIS, Face Off,
    I also caught the first show of Jim Henson's Puppet Shop or something like that... enjoyed it... um...
    also Grim, and Helix.........and i'm sure theres Tried a few of the Blacklist just couldn't get into it...

  11. Spring. Sun. Bring it on. And yes, Target makes me all goofy. I go in for one or two things and end up with a cart full of stuff. Half of which I don't need, but I do at that moment!

  12. To be young and in love ~ agh ~ such a great song !

  13. Bored with FB, kinda bored with Pinterest, but missing blogging. Just feeling like I have too much to do to do a good job of it right now.
    Love love love Parenthood.
    Need new sandals - maybe I will buy them in Fl. ?
    Time sure flies...hope wintery stuff will be a distant memory soon.
    Sending you love, Beautiful Bethie!

  14. Target is amazing...and my nemesis! LOL I am sick of feeling cold. I am so over it. I sent you an it! ;) xoxo

  15. Ha, you made me laugh right out loud, which I needed because I woke up this morning to 4 more inches of snow.
    I sure hope that April is going to play nice.

  16. "Call The Midwife" begins a new season here; it's one of my favorite shows.
    And yes, I'm more than ready to have winter bow out.
    Great photo.

  17. I am about to get lost for hours in Society 6 while I listen to that song - which I love as well. I want spring and the warm sunshine so badly as ell but I feel so ill prepared for it. I honestly think if I burned all my winter clothes I would be nekkid for quite awhile since my spring wardrobe is in such need of an overhaul (I think I said this last year and never did it so I am really in trouble this year).

  18. Always a delight to stop here .... the sun is shining today and there is hope of spring! Woot! Just starting watching Resurrection ... jury still out on that one. Parenthood, yes! The Good Wife, yes! Scandal, oh yes! And I totally get your feelings on Target ... just got my fix yesterday after a long 3 month away from any Target store. It has been a long winter!

  19. Indeed too much time on FB.
    Yes, toss the winter clothes, please!
    Sandals, oh yes, sandals are calling to me.


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