December 19, 2013

we're all out of almond bark

why is it that target can't seem to keep almond bark on the shelves this time of year? obviously i'm not the only one who knows that their almond bark is the best. last week i got the last package in the store. yesterday, nothing. i had to resort to white baking chips. they'll probably suck.

lately for lunch, i've been having scrambled eggs. i can't really do eggs for breakfast, but by noon they are calling my name. i will put anything in my eggs {spinach, onions, green peppers, mushrooms} but they MUST be finished with a heavy dose of goat cheese. amazingly delicious.

for most of you, you know my love and involvement with help-portrait. this year was the year all of years since we had TWO locations. the second location was at the food pantry where i volunteer and with 585 clients photographed at pantry number one and 189 photographed at pantry number two, i am blown away.
in explaining to someone today who knew nothing about help-portrait, she asked, "and what do you do, or do they do with the photos?" and i told her that for most of these families that these are the first family photographs they have ever had...and once again, i got all teary eyed. i have worked the past few years with amandalynn, our amazing madison coordinator for help-portrait and here's
an article she wrote. see how many times you see me {look carefully} and my hubby. {who by the way has always helped with HP but was a HUGE help this year...thanks babe}

the social security site yesterday said i don't qualify for benefits...that i haven't worked enough hours. well they can take that information and shove it. i was a stay at home mom who worked her butt off and volunteered for everything that my children were involved in and just because i didn't "pay into the system," on paper it looks like i didn't do anything. {insert a volcano erupting}
whew. that's off my chest.

do you re-gift? i do. just saying.

i love ellen and my dream is to be part of her 12 days of christmas. yesterday was a good day. they all got trips to resorts in mexico. honestly, i'd be happy with a target gift card that i could use to stock up on almond bark...if they ever restock the shelves.


  1. Heart warming and heart touching. I love this project and I love that you are so involved...your heart takes you where you need to go Beth. xo
    I haven't re-gifted since my wedding when I got more of some things than I could ever use and off they went to others who might cherish them. Haven't got a big enough family to really do that. Bummer!!
    As for almond bark and empty shelves at Target. Target isn't doing as well in Canada as they expected they would. Shelves are empty for a long doesn't seem to be their strong suit.
    Hopefully you get some of that almond bark as soon as it gets back on the'll have to be there! hee!

  2. Never tried the almond bark. Will have to look for it in the new year because I will not be hitting any more big stores before Christmas!
    I wish I could be like Ellen and give stuff to a whole group of people for 12 days! What fun!
    So glad you and John are spending time with such heart warming tasks!
    Big hugs, Sweets!

  3. SO awesome what you do with your gift of photography. I bet you feel like a million dollars after an experience like that.

    Can I go with you to Ellens show???

    I was a stay at home mom too. I think we should qualify for something. Don't even get me started on THIS subject cuz I'll go off on all the people who get other benefits that don't deserve them. This country is screwed up.

  4. Well jeez, I've never tried Target almond bark....

  5. It's undoubtedly a conspiracy between the Grinch and his cohorts to rob you of your Christmas joy. Silly Grinch.

  6. Love everything in this! Try Ghiradelli baking chips or bar. They're better than Nestles and not that much more expensive. Pooh on SS -- you're right about working your butt off! And regifting? On occasion. I try to be pretty careful about it but I really don't need another scented candle when I can't handle scent -- and some do! Merry Happy!

  7. I've never tried their almond bark - but it sounds like I'll never get a chance. Next time I'm in Target I'll look for some, and if I score, I'll send it to you. I was a mostly stay at home mom for 20 years, so I know exactly what you mean. Ugh. That help-portrait project sounds so wonderful. Yes, I do re-gift and dream of being on Ellen's 12 gifts of Christmas show some day!

  8. Love that Help portrait thing you do, just so nice. You have a good heart. I hope you find some bark soon. A secret, I hate that stuff. So if I get any, it's coming your way. Have a great holiday Beth.

  9. I did not know about your Help Photo thing. Very cool. Big hugs and handshakes to your generous heart.
    And I didn't know that Target had superior almond bark. I must investigate. My youngest loves red velvet cake balls covered in that stuff.


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