November 18, 2013

you're being ignored.....

sheepishly, that's what i told my blog just now..."you're being ignored."

if she could have, she would have given me a cold shoulder, looked the other way and then sulked. instead she just sat there.

she knows i need to "clean things up" and that my "pages" are messy and a new banner needs to be made, but yet she doesn't make me feel bad about it. i make myself feel bad about it. i pinky swore with her that i'd get my act together and fix things between us. she rolled her eyes, but in a warm "i love you and would be nothing without you" kind of way. snort.

i used to be such a faithful blogger and i still am when things are happening and the outdoors are pretty...but when life is great, just not photo worthy and cold weather is peering at me through the "it gets dark now at 3pm" windows, i'm left feeling like other things are more important. like surfing tumblr for hours and hours and hours. don't judge. it's where i find my inspiration. well, that's at least what i tell people who want to know why i surf tumblr for hours and hours and hours. see, it makes sense if you think about it.

anywhooooooo...this saturday, i'm shooting "feast for the turkeys" at the heartland farm sanctuary and my hubby is my second shooter. i am beyond excited to share this day with him. i have volunteered for them before, photographing one of their barn dances, in which he got to come with me and i was grateful he was there, but this time he's shooting, too.

want to know a secret? he's an amazing photographer and loved photography long before i ever did. yep, seriously friends, he's really really good and knows way more than he lets on. oh, and that beard...lordy, it's just getting better everyday!!

i cried this afternoon telling him two new "feel good" stories from the food pantry i volunteer at. it happens pretty much every monday. what can i say? seeing a gentleman grateful from the bottom of his heart for the big heavy warm winter coat we had for him or a young woman almost in tears over the black pantsuits i found for her to wear for a job she was starting later today...well, somedays it just doesn't get any better than this.

i wish i had done this when my kids were born and believe me, my grandchildren will have very similar photos.

sherry and i are thinking there needs to be a "don't like" option needed on FB. what are your thoughts?

i hope your week is off to a great start !!!


  1. I have often wondered about your husband's talents only because I love the pictures he takes of you. Hope you have fun at the shoot! And I agree with the don't like button. ha.

  2. I have to say, retirement agrees with both of you -- I hope you are away from your blog because you are having too much fun with your man and life is happening. As for your blog & this post? Never a "don't like" button -- ever! But on facebook? Hee!!!

  3. and oh crap, it sounds like I'd give YOU a "don't like" on facebook!! Sore throat & headache...what can I say?!? Love you bunches! xo

  4. Interesting to read and I bet it was honest to a fault!

  5. Let's see -- not a sous chef. A Sous Shooter! Very cool -- how wonderful you share this passion along with all the others! Just remember, you own the blog. It doesn't own you! I'm in the process of trying to a) figure out how to switch templates without losing everything b) update design and links and all that and c) new banner. But life is busy and it is good. So, it'll happen when it happens. Yours will, too!

  6. Your blog may feel neglected to you but whatever you share here always has a fresh, inspiring, beautiful Beth-ness to it.
    So fun that you and John now have time to share passions everyday !
    Enjoy the turkey shoot !
    Love ya !

  7. I agree with Kim- its a pleasure to come here and "chat with you." I long for this time of year when the summer is so full and I would blog given more time… then the more time to do it comes along… and what the heck am I going to post- the grey? The blah? And yet, my feelings and thoughts fall into the same pattern every year so I just go with it I guess.

  8. What a great combination you two are.

  9. Love that you make a difference at the food pantry.
    Your hubbies beard is very nice and I don't usually like them.
    Definitely needs to be a "don't like" on FB.
    Love the birth to 12 month pictures, what a great idea.

  10. i can only hope that retirement is as much fun as you make it out to be. we (well, my husband!) have a few years left, but we're already planning our Great Getaway . . .

  11. I'd love to see a "dislike" button on FB. Your voice on your blog is so fantastic - the way you write as if you are talking to your blog is great. I am starting to get back into Blogging and exploring new voices so this was a refreshing new approach! Thanks for sharing it.

  12. I am so glad you are enjoying life so much and miss you tons. I also wish there would be a "don't like" button on FB. So glad to read you are doing awesome and not too surprised that your hubby is a great photographer. That makes for even better outings together whishing you both the best week-end xo

  13. I love your blog just as it is, and I totally understand why it's necessary to put a blog on the back burner. I'm not a regular every day or other day kind of blogger because, frankly, I just don't have that much to say! I think it's great that you and your husband will be shooting together. When you can share something you love with someone you love, it makes life all the more better, doesn't it?


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth