October 4, 2013

i hope you find it.....

i've been going through my photos and wishing i was better organized.

wishing i had a file where all the photos i've used here on my blog lived. {as these may be repeats, who knows}
wishing the photos i edit and the photos that just live on my computer {without an obvious or instantaneous love or hate fest from deep within me, but where i feel that maybe they should be kept, "just in case"} didn't take up so much room.

obviously "photo organization" {including hard drive back-ups, timeline backups and disc making} will be what fills my days when winter arrives {and takes me prisoner while practicing its famous choke hold and butt kicking moves on me} but for now...ta-da, the vineyard in all its splendor.

this vineyard/winery is our newest love...and it's only 20 minutes from our house. we spent an afternoon there earlier this summer, when i took these photos, and then again just last week.

last week we actually "planned" our trip and took a picnic lunch with us. someone said, "oh, you must be regulars." we laughed...and i thought, well not quite yet, but close.

fall is here. full out fall and the green in these photos is fading...

but the reds and oranges and yellows and browns are plentiful and we love it. i mean really, who doesn't? seriously, who doesn't love {and i mean LOVE} fall?

i'm loving this song and this song and really wishing for so many reasons that i played the guitar and could speak spanish fluently. just saying.

have an amazing "fall" weekend with your loved ones, or all alone reading a great book and dancing to your favorite music.

whatever you do, wherever you go, i hope it's perfect...and beautiful.


  1. Here's something I've noticed about bloglovin' -- it doesn't let you click to other sites to check things out -- which is a bummer! So I'll come to your blog via the regular route (lol!) to check out the links. And yes to what you said about photographs...I would like mine to be more organized in a way that I can more easily access them...according to...whatever I decide but therein lies my "problem"! hee! And what a great idea for how to spend those boring winter days/nights...on the days/nights when you two aren't at the winery!! :)

  2. I believe they are loaded onto Picasa; if you log into that site like you do into your blog, I think you will find them tehre.

  3. just like your photos are ... perfect and beautiful.

  4. I have a great idea....Let's have a party and go to the winery, then go on a photography adventure and then go back to your place and we will all organize our photos....that is on a cold and wintery day when we can't get outside and dance in the streets....What do you think? (You know I am having fun with you but it is a great idea)....

  5. A picnic in a vineyard sounds very romantic and fun! You're right. What's not to love about fall.

  6. Sweet vineyard light, lovely One!
    Happy weekend to you too!
    It's looking like a rainy indoors one here but that's okay with me.
    Love to you!

  7. Well, you know I'm a sucker for all things vineyard-y! These are beautiful.

    I'm with you on the photos and dancing the dance of old computer... And running out of space on this one. I'm thinking of getting a separate hard drive just to categorize things -- farm markets, birds, food, etc. I've done that on this one, but don't keep it up too well, so it's OK to find month by month (2013 September Ditch, for example) but looking back is time consuming and I have to dump a bunch that seemed great at the time and now are just redundant... I hate that! Good luck.

  8. You are so right...Who does not LOVE Autumn? I am glad your week-end will be filled with simple joys xo

  9. Pick up the quitar! What are ya waiting for? Go... take lessons. just do it.

  10. that first picture looks like the moon dropped from the sky and landed in the trees (although I suspect it's really a water tower or something of the like!)

  11. yes, fall is quite the winner around here. beautiful photos, beth!

  12. Yep...leaves are quickly changing! I did not enjoy the 40 degree slap in the face when I opened my door...ohhhh...I'm not ready for this...

  13. Two great singers, Cher and Emeli.

  14. I love the lighting in these photos, and what a pretty place to spend the day!

  15. It was a good weekend.
    I can just imagine what the colors must be like in this vineyard now. I do imagine the beauty there.
    I am enjoying the colors here and do love the fall, but I also know winter is coming short behind it.
    Oh sigh!

  16. Beautiful are the photos on your blog!
    Greetings, RW & SK


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