September 11, 2013

this summer.....

our summer is still hanging on. it's been in the nineties and everyone seems to be complaining, yet the heat still feels yummy to me. don't get me wrong. i love my jeans and scarves, but i can take this heat for however long it wants to hang around.

funny, you'll never hear me say that about cold or snow. ever.
did i mention, EVER?

{i couldn't resist this fisherman in the park. i think it was his braided goatee}

two days after we got back from florida, our son moved into a new house. somehow that left my hubby and i fixing up his old place. we complained a little...even moaned...but we're a great team and the old {built in 1951} tiny condo looks fantastic. and yes, we actually had fun.
paint is an amazing thing.
new carpet and linoleum even better.

our son has a new job. he's a security guard. with a uniform {that has a tie...what?} and a huge gold badge. he talks about pepper spray, his radio, security cameras and when he can leave his post. he uses words like billy club, dispatch, do you copy and premises secured.

i think i liked him being a driving instructor.
reminding kids what a neighborhood speed limit is, which way to turn their tires to parallel park and making them feel better when normal joe shmoes treat cars with a "student driver" sign on it like they're idiots, just seems so much safer, no?

oh by the way, my hubby just retired.
yep. R  E  T  I  R  E  D. as in done. as in "we've crossed the finished line." as in now we get to do whatever we want to do.
many of you know that we've been together 32 years. we dated in high school and got married in 1984. from that moment on, we were gypsies. well not technically, but close. at one point we had 10 moves in 12 years. then 11 moves in 20 years. now we're at 12 moves in almost 29 years and the corporate life is being left behind. far far behind.

can you see me happy dancing? actually in the photo above, i believe he's the one happy dancing. i think i'm just tuckered out from all the dancing i've already done :)

australia update...
our daughter is dong incredibly well and seems to be very happy. lately i have found myself up at ohhh, 3 or 4 or 5 am...sigh...which leaves me wide awake to talk to her around 6am. {which is 9pm her time} we usually last an hour and then she's ready for bed.
she figured out the driving {other side of the road and steering wheel on the other side, too} easily and quickly. driving at night was the hardest part, but she's got that figured out now, too.

at this point, my worrying level has gone way down, but my missing her terribly level is still holding strong.

ps...blogger actually uploaded my photos correctly today for the first time in weeks. maybe months!!


  1. Congratulations on the retirement, congrats to your son and daughter for their jobs going well. I'm sorry you will be missing Summer, but I am beyond ready for Autumn.

  2. Doing a little happy dance for you my dear! So so happy! xo

  3. I'm with you, Beth. Even though it's tough to sleep (I have no air!) I don't care. Fall is lovely and I can work with that... it's the dreaded white season that comes after!

    I'm Happy Dancing for John -- tell him he's being joined by one of your blogger friends on Friday! We'll cyber dance with joy!

  4. Congrats on so many happy and major milestones in your family history! I'm so delighted for you. Dancing for you!

  5. So wish i were in your shoes: i'm ready for my husband to retire and to stay home to go on adventures with me. i think he is, too. : )

  6. Hip, hip, hooray for retirement! Congratulations to you both.
    I would miss my daughter if she was far, far away too. So happy for online chats for you.
    How nice to hear your son is working, wish mine was. sniff! happy for you in life's movings.
    Love your photos as usual.

  7. He's done? Really? RETIRED?!? Oh yip yip ee!!!! You are going to have so much fun!!! As for J being a security guard...yes, I think being a driving instructor is safer, but I also think from all you've said, he'll handle this very well. And I'm glad that C is doing well in Australia..the time difference for being able to talk is a bugger but it's amazing what we do when it comes to our kiddos!! xo

  8. oh sorry...I commented under my wordpress...forgot!! xo

  9. Love reading all the news and happy that your daughter is adjusting and your son has a new job and really happy dancing over your hubby's retirement....You two are going to have so much fun you will think why did it take so long...My hubby and I dated in high school too and I am keenly aware of the stress of corporate life....My hubby has been retired for a few years now and's such a fun time of life...Happy Dancing all over the place.....

  10. May the happy dancing just keep going!!!!
    Love ya!

  11. the 4th photo, the one of the bridge, is beautiful.

  12. oh that stone bridge is beautiful. i love it and those ducks are so cute. congrats to your son on his new job and your husband on his retirement. hope they both enjoy their respective positions for a long time to come. happy to hear your daughter is doing well in Australia too. have a great night~

  13. What does hubby plan on doing with his new found freedom? Are you planning on doing any traveling?

  14. Times.. they are'a changin. But oh, the possibilities now. So tell me, are you going to grow where you are planted, or now that you are FREE, will you choose someplace different to call home?

  15. Wow, Beth, so many good things going on! Glad to hear it. You will enjoy spending more time with your hubby...I know I do. :) Beautiful photos and enjoyed your words as well.

  16. It's so good that your daughter is doing well in Australia. I can imagine, pretty keenly, how much you miss her. Your son looks like he would be an awesome driving instructor, but maybe securing the premises is the right path for him at the moment. And retirement!! Congratulations! I know you will be almost delirious having your hubby around all the time. And Seaside will probably see a lot of your happy dancing!

  17. As always, your pictures are wonderful.

    Any big plans for the new retiree? I am sure there will be, once he relaxes a bit and savors not having to go to an office every day.

    Great news about your daughter! I'm sure there will be a trip to Oz before long.

  18. I'm so jealous of the retirement thing, but also happy for you! I can't imagine moving that many times!!

  19. I am in awe of your strength in having your sweet daughter away. I admire you Beth. Congratulation on your hubby's retirement, it looks likes the road ahead is full of exciting opportunities. Reading your words brought a quiet sense of peace in my heart. Thank you for this, Beth and for everything else xo


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