August 28, 2013

florida::part two

is it possible that everyone becomes more beautiful on the beach? "me thinks so." 

while i was taking my usual sunset jumping photos, this family approached me and asked if i would take their photo. they told me they had just welcomed baby number four into their family and since i'm a sucker for babies, kids and beautiful families...well, talk about a win win for me.

little guy "T" wasn't very happy...

but his sisters were so patient with him.

when i take my sunset jumping photos, {see, another gorgeous family} i'm running around somewhat like a crazy lady. losing natural light is such a bummer and it happens so quickly at sunset. so i up my ISO, over expose on purpose and move really fast. often though, i stop to take photos, jumping and non-jumping, for other people on their cameras. sometimes when i do that, my hubby is somewhere in the background taking photos of me taking their photo. {see photo below}

any idea how hard it is to find the settings on someone else's camera. very. but, if i can find their "sports mode," i'm usually good to go. by the way, camera phones, jumpers and sunsets don't go together very well.

smoking, big eared octopus on the beach. love it.

 "and then the misty~foggy~not quite awake layer started to vanish"
{do you see a large bird cloud?}

here's another adorable jumping couple. you'll get to see more of them in a future post, as they came back another night for more photos. that's when they told me they had just gotten married.

i have to say, for those who ask, for those i approach, for those who come back for more and for those who jump for me...well, all i can say is that i'm simply blessed.

ps...i edit all of my photos in LR, so if my sunset jumping/non-jumping photos look brighter than 7pm at night, that's my trick :)

pss...if i took your photo in florida, stay tuned....many more are coming!!


  1. beth what lucky families that the found you mrs supercamera woman(your camera would be crazy not to want to marry you:)
    you rock beth!
    xoxo katy

  2. I love that you have found something to fill your heart with joy. And not only your heart, but so many others.

  3. You get as much joy from photographing all these people as they get posing. You are one of those people Beth, who is so very easy to approach and who others can't resist with your genuine smile and genuine heart. Love seeing these beach photos and all the happy beach people (even little T who had a bit of a squirm fest goin' on! Gotta love little boys!!) xo

  4. I am amazed now only at your talent but your generosity...What a gift to these families and all that make their way in front of your camera. Lightroom may be an aide for you but your talent comes shining through each and every one of your photographs....As you can tell, I love your work.....

  5. I just love your pictures at the beach. What beautiful families!
    You capture each one so wonderfully. Even love the large bird in the sky.

  6. so fantastic! your inner self must show to others for them to ask you to shine your lens on them. thank you for sharing your joyful self with us!

  7. I've never been to the beach but you sure make me wish I could go there. Beautiful.

  8. Beth, they are all beautiful. xo Jenny

  9. Beth, you find the most beautiful children. Then you make them more beautiful. Sigh.

  10. You take such great photos. Just beautiful and I bet those families will remember you for forever.

  11. All of your jumpers and posers are so blessed to bump into you on the beach. Your photos are amazingly beautiful and full of spirit and light. And that little girl in the first shot... Oh, my, she's breathtakingly sweet and beautiful. and the family of four.... they were just precious.

  12. I love the kind of zany brain that will create a smoking sand octopus.

  13. Roban makes a good point ... beautiful and full of spirit and light.

    That sums it up beautifully.

    Such fun to see your work.


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