May 22, 2013

on my back.....

like all of you, i've said prayers for the people in oklahoma. i can't even begin to imagine what they're all going through and if there's ever a time to be reminded that stuff is just stuff, it's after a devastation like this. 

we can live without stuff, but family photographs and important papers are always the things i think about when i see a foundation missing its house. just recently our daughter needed her certified birth certificate and of course i knew exactly where it was and which file it was in. can you imagine having to replace ALL of the important papers you have filed away for your family? to me, that seems like an overwhelming and daunting task.

for mother's day, the same daughter went through a bag of old photos looking for a funny one to use on FB. well, not necessarily a funny one, but a photo of me with our kids from 22 years ago is funny. i can't imagine that group of photos not being in the basement, in the familiar bag they're in, on the floor in our cedar closet. losing those would be heartbreaking. if your photos are in an album, i bow to you.

i wish i had so much going on that i could fill pages for you to read, but i don't. i do know that fuchsia plants are exquisite, even in black and white, and in order to shoot their gorgeous blossoms i had to lay on my back on our screened in porch and i liked it. i also know that you can never have enough friends and making new ones, or getting to know old ones better, is such a gift. i think we have a ghost, but it's friendly, so i'm okay with that. i like the sound of new construction. our neighbors are getting a screened in porch and i find the rhythmic sound of the hammers comforting. i have never driven my hubby's car and today i am for the first time. is that odd?


  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    I wouldn't mind a good friend on a porch...... especially a screened in one, this is gorgeous but the way. Lucky you to have such moisture to grow one of these beauties. I do know they love the water.
    peace n abundance,

  2. Used to do albums -- I took after my Mom. Now I'm trying to get many of those oldies scanned and then put together Shutterfly books so they are up there on the cloud -- just in case. I know the cloud can probably crash, too, but between that, the 'puter, the books and the originals (because you know I will never throw them out) I'm covered. I love your plant!

  3. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    We have a screen porch and enjoy the heck out of it! Porches are so wonderful. And like you, I thought of all those lost albums. I am still old school with my photos here.

  4. I feel so bad for the people in Oklahoma.... I can't imagine the feeling to find everything gone within a minute or less of time. And stuff is just that, stuff, but like you I worry about my photographs and a few other keepsakes like my daughter's old ballet shoes. For years I would grab a couple of scrapbooks and photo albums when we tucked ourselves inside our half-bath under the stairs when tornado warnings screamed.

    About screened porches... my husband wants to screen in part of our deck, but I'm afraid the roof of the new area will block the light that comes into my sun room. I'm torn about the idea.

  5. Relieved to know that it's perfectly normal that our photos are NOT in an album. Shoebox City.

    I love lying on my back on my screened porch. And yes, I get that the hammers are calming in a weird kind of way.

    After dwelling on the disaster in OK yesterday, I couldn't shake my sadness. It overwhelmed me and began a destructive course on my mood, etc. I thankfully made it to the gym and an hour later I was far improved, the stress and emotional upset having beeen sweated out of me. My hearts ache for all of them.

    1. Typo Police: One heart, many aches.

  6. We have photos scattered among family. I asked my daughter to create a virtual album for me. No they aren't the same but I no longer want the attachment and loss that is inherent with having stuff. This year I chose to create a minimalist lifestyle.don't know what it will look like but I am looking forward to more time and space for relationship s and experiences. Love your photo and vibe.

  7. Good post, Beth. I have so many photo albums my daughters decided it was not safe for all of them to be in one place. Each daughter has some at her house. I have just gotten some more baskets and boxes at Hobby Lobby to put them in to have im ny living room where I can go through them and put into albums. It is amazing what I'm getting done since Enno is in Holland and I'm not in the kitchen all day. xo Jenny

  8. I have my important papers in one of those file containers with a handle. In the south we have hurricanes and might need to evacuate. I guess scanning would work for photo. You just think you have all the time in the world to prepare. Sometimes here we don't take the warnings so seriously because the media reports are so dramatic and we have had so many false alarms.

  9. So true. It would be heartbreaking to lose the family history in photos!!! Makes me think - what WOULD I..SHOULD I do to preserve them??

  10. stuff is so just true.
    the most horrific loss would be losing
    the life of a loved one.
    i just can't imagine what it must feel like
    to have someone yanked from the earth
    like that. Thanks for sharing the loveliness
    around you,

  11. I have seen the shots of people finding their pets in the midst of chaos and destroyed homes... so sad.

  12. I never drive my husband's car, it would feel weird if I did.
    My pictures stopped going in albums about the time I went to work about 30 years ago. They are all in a metal trunk in our bedroom. You put in such right words to describe how it would feel to have all of your belongings gone. Things for sure can be replaced, but important papers and photos would be sad to lose.

  13. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    Your fushia looks and feels like velvet. Amazing, Beth xo

    I can not imagine the devastation and the loss felt by everyone in Oklahoma and I I know I would be besides myself should I ever loose all the photographs accumulated over the years.

  14. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    the fuchsia looks amazing!

  15. I love reading your stuff when you have nothing to say, because that's when you say the most. Never driven husbands car....odd. What is it, a Rolls? We had a friendly ghost years ago. Enjoy yours.

  16. I wish I had my photos in an album but it is a lot of work! I know all those important papers...I feel for OK
    beautiful photos here

  17. Beth, featuring your blog this week at Blogs Over Easy

  18. AnonymousMay 25, 2013

    My heart breaks for the people in Oklahoma going through this devastation. I'm like you, and would miss the photos more than anything of monetary value. I love that first photo - beautiful in prayer. I hope you have a fabulous week, Beth!

  19. Losing all your photos has to be the hardest thing of photos have helped there because hopefully at least a few will be somewhere on the web...but still.

    I have a few years of photos actually in albums but then the shoebox took over:)

    This makes me think about how much I really need to organize all my photos!

  20. you're so full of rambling wonderful wisdom ~ thanks for some cyber tea with you, my sweet odd wouldn't want it any other way friend :)

  21. It seems there is always some horrible calamity in this world that makes us aware of how precious life is - & how important it is to cherish those we love and to let them know of their importance to us. I always value my time with the community of the world, as well, and, in just a few days, I will head back to India. I hope I will stay well and happy for that six months - though, now, I'll have that sweet, month-old granddaughter to miss.

  22. back from paris and catching up ... lovely shots and no, my photos are not in albums they're all scanned and neatly stored on discs

  23. Lovely .... and my old photos are sitting in a box .. waiting to be scanned in someday!


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