November 21, 2012

day three.....gratefulness and making out

1. sometimes, we as humans say something that is not "heard" correctly by the person we're talking to, or heard the way they want to hear it.  i'm grateful i had the chance last night to be heard again, this time correctly and with an apology from the person who misunderstood me.
fighting sucks. making up does not suck. ever.
2. i'm grateful for making out. oh, stop rolling your eyes and keep reading. snort. 
do you still make out with your spouse? like really make out...or is it more like just a few kisses in the morning and then a few more or just a tiny peck when you go to bed? well this may be more information than you want to know, but i'm sharing it anyhow. my hubby and i make out. often. and we love it. 
so with the pressures of the holidays sneaking in, grabbing all of us by the wrists and swinging us around sideways, take a few minutes and make out. relax.
here's a great way to start. at night when you're watching your favorite show on TV and you're all snuggled up in your comfy chair or your side of the couch and a commercial comes on...get up and move closer to your spouse. if possible sit on their lap and make out. make out during the WHOLE commercial and when your show comes back on, go back to "your corners" and wait patiently for the next commercial to surface and then do it all over again. i promise you, you'll love it and so will your spouse. you're welcome.
3. we've been watching our son mature into such a wonderful young man and loving every minute of it. he was a difficult teenager and those teenage years were filled with so much struggle and pain, that there were moments we felt like we were drowning. somehow, i guess because we're parents, we kept our heads above water and survived and now we're being able to watch our son flourish. he is engaging and funny and smart and kind and loving and so amazingly patient. actually, he's always been those things, but to see him as a man now, with those attributes...well, i'm beyond grateful that he finally grew up and  grew into himself.
tomorrow is thanksgiving and i wish all of you the happiest turkey day ever. i hope you'll all be surrounded by the ones you love, have more food on your tables than can possibly be eaten and that gratefulness fills the air you breathe.


  1. you make me smile :)

    wishing you the happiest of thanksgivings!

  2. I love that last paragraph, Beth. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend, full of make out sessions. Gah!

  3. I know you can't help but beam with joy seeing your son mature into such a wonderful young man. Blessings to you, Beth...

  4. My husband and I still make out, but not as often as we should.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Great post, and I especially like the "Make out" part. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Beth, I so love your honesty; it's refreshing. Yes, we make out still, but not as much as you, apparently. We DVR most everything, so commercials aren't a factor. :) Glad you had the chance to be re-heard and that your son has grown into a nice young man. I wish my eldest would do that. At 32, I've lost hope. Anyway, great post!!

  7. I'd like to comment, but a commercial just came on.
    Gotta go.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. I love you for your honesty in all things. So glad your son has found his way . . . will have to disentangle myself from our cats to make out with my husband tonight! Thanks for the reminder. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Hugs to you Beth! Happy Thanksgiving! ~ kath

  10. Happy Thanksgiving from north of the border.

  11. Such fun and love in you house, you are are indeed blessed!

  12. Beth, I think we forgot about getting close...We miss it...but we forgot...
    But maybe we can remember...

    I am so happy your son found the key to be who he is

    Happy thanksgiving to you, and to all your family xoxoxoxo

  13. OMG...I love making love love it! I am such a teenager at heart. I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving! xoxo

  14. It's a beautiful thing :-)

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your crew, Beth...

  15. Hmmm, love the make out idea!!! Thanks!
    Big thanksgiving love to you and your awesome family, Beth. Love ya!

  16. You are so honest Beth....I like that about you! Making out? Heck, making out seems to be the only "free" activity nowadays that doesn't cost anything....well, at least in my world, Ha, Ha!!!!

  17. yikes! i love my husband dearly but can't
    remember the last time we made out. it
    sounds kind of strange, which is a terrible
    indictment. i will work on that. :)

    we had five teenagers, two broke our
    hearts many times. i get a chill when i
    think about it, but then a warmth comes
    over me to see what the Lord has done.

    miles to go, but miles behind.

  18. It's been a long time since I visited you, but I wound up here today and love what I found.
    We're 58, married 14 years and stil make out. I think it's refreshing that you shared that. When it becomes just a 'peck' here and there, it's time to evaulate and freshen it all up.
    I had those moments with my daughter; my son was a breeze, but she double-aged me repeatedly. They both have turned into wonderful adults and parents and are truly a joy to be with.
    Oh there are still moments when I get frustrated, and I also wonder if their dad's and my divorce resulted in them both going through divorces, but all in all, parenting has been worth the ups and downs.
    Wishing you more daily joys. (Another Beth)

  19. Such wonderful expressions of gratitude. You always bring a smile to my face (and heart)!

  20. We had the difficult teen years and there is no greater joy than see that wear down and the handsome, bright young man emerge. I'm glad yours did, too.


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