March 21, 2011

at a neighborhood cafe...

i'm not sure when my fascination with strangers started
it's grown immensely over the past few years
i thank my camera for that
i talk to strangers often. just ask my hubby.
if he turns his head for a moment while we're out
let's say standing in line to buy movie tickets
it's pretty much a guarantee that i have already started a conversation with the people
behind us
by the time he turns to look at me again
saturday we took our daughter out for lunch
{cute isn't she}
to a cafe she hadn't been to and i couldn't help but snap a few photos
it's that warm kind of place
where i just have to believe that everyone who eats there
has a fascinating story behind them

these three girls were sweet
at one point the blonde in the window seat was laying on her back
soaking up the sun
it's that kind of a cafe
i asked if i could take their photo for the cafe series i was shooting
they said of course
{for those of you who lovingly leave your comments for me saying you could never take the stranger photos i take or even approach a stranger. all you have to do is ask}
when we were leaving
the street scene above
~even if my loved ones hadn't been in it~
jumped out me like something from a movie
it was a great saturday
there's even more photos to come
from later in the day
for fun and some unexplained reason, i shot all my photos on saturday in black and white. on my camera there are options for color and one of them is monochrome and to say i fell in love with this option is an understatement. the photos to me almost look like they are from a film camera and to not have to edit them is like a dream come true.


  1. Neat! And yes, your daughter is lovely! What a great smile!!! I tend to talk to strangers too. Usually start with a random compliment that I like their shoes, hair, whatever...

  2. Well now, you know how I love stranger shots!!! My hubby took out his camera and snapped a photo of a woman...she yelled at

  3. Great shots and YES! Your daughter is beautiful. Did you ask every stranger in there if you could take their photo? Or did you catch some of the back shots on the sly?
    I am always talking to strangers but am timid about shooting them. Do you always ask? Is it wrong to take pics of people w/out asking? or do you just get different kinds of shots by asking? I would think that those you didn't ask would be more candid.

  4. what a wonderful perspective on everything.. you have, you share

  5. that looks like a great place!

  6. homey shots of a beautiful day ... your daughter is truly lovely

  7. My kids are soooo tired of my wondering about stranger stories. In NYC I nearly swiveled my head off following after people to see if I could glean info. I could sit on a bench in Washington Square for hours catching snippets of conversation. I even considered doing a post on "Overheard while walking" but alas I failed to write them down and have forgotten most.

    BTW incredibly cute daughter

  8. Oh, poop. I forgot and left you before putting in my verification word. I wonder how many times I do that...

    Well, first I said your daughter was absolutely gorgeous. And that I loved how these were in b/w. Very evocative, perfect for a cafe series. And how you and Anno are so alike, taking pictures of strangers, and while they may (or may not) become friends, at least discover they are very friendly!

  9. Since you're into shooting strangers, Urban Muser turned me onto "The Sartorialist". If you haven't heard of him take a peek at these:

    The Sartorialist Video

    The Sartorialist Blog

    I envy you for having the nerve.

  10. You answered a question before it was completely formed, that of just asking strangers to photograph them. I discovered a setting on my camera last week- panorama assist. Somehow I'd never seen it. I'll use the reason that I've owned the camera only 3 months. :) I used it for the shot of our town's river.
    Now, I have to check out if I can do B/W on the camera; I know I can change them thru Windows Live Photo Gallery. But I'm wondering if it'll be as rich looking as yours.

  11. I am trying to be braver with taking strangers photos and also just talking to strangers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Your photos remind me of a time past - maybe the 50's. Even the town shot could be from back then (my girlhood...).

  13. Love love love this theme. I think I'm gonna try it. I talk to strangers a lot too... but never have the courage to ask to take pictures.

  14. Great photos. Your daughter is beautiful! How lucky to have a cafe so close you can spend the time basking in the window (or photographing those who do).

  15. you are a seriously wonderful photographer.

  16. your daughter is adorable! she looks just like you... love these black and whites, it does look like the perfect cafe!

  17. LOVE the color (monochrome) effect. I am completely with you in talking to strangers. I travel by myself a good deal (usually to go meet friends or family) and can't help but chat with folks along the way. They are so interesting and the new stories I learn make the visit even better. Keep it up!

  18. Your daughter is a doll and your hubby ain't hard on the eyes either! (wink-wink!) The pictures ,as always, are great! I enjoyed them emencily....and...I know what you mean about talking to strangers. My family is used to me taking up conversations with people I've never met before. They've made comment that I've never "MET" a stranger, because a stranger is really just a new friend I've just met!...LoL...___=^..^=___Kittie

  19. My boys are always rolling their eyes because I talk to everyone. If we're in a line ANYWHERE, they tease that I'll know anyone in fifteen minutes - airport, movie theatre, bank. Well, it helps pass the time,that's for sure...and you meet the nicest people. I usually have my camera with me everywhere I go but I don't often ask folks if I can take their pictures.

    You're daughter is adorable. No wonder...look at mom and dad.

  20. I LOVE this series!the B&W is dreamy! and YAY for no editing!~wink~

  21. I am such a lover of b/w photo's! And of your daughters dimples, LOL

    gorgeous photo' always!

  22. Such a great series - I love it! And yes, your daughter is really cute :-)

  23. I love your theme . Your daughter is beauitiful.
    All the photos are beautiful shot in this format.
    Lovely post.

  24. I love your series of photos could have titled this "Life".

  25. I think your daughter is the most adorable mix of you and your husband. She's just lovely.


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