November 3, 2010

just keeping it real......

i made lasagna
you're probably wondering what the big deal is. but in my almost 26 years of marriage of keeping a hubby and two children alive, i have never made this "gigantic noodle~my four year old could make this" dish. and it was pretty damn good. i even used two recipes and lots of ingredients which totally goes against my
"if it has more than 5 steps or 5 ingredients i don't make it"
kitchen belief
due to some major digestive issues i've been dealing with and having been told "we don't really know why" from the specialist i saw, i've been chewing papaya enzyme tablets and drinking aloe vera juice. now the tablets are good. but that juice is awful. yesterday on Dr. Oz, he said we should all be drinking aloe vera juice for our health. let me just say that if you don't have to drink it and you've lived fine without it. stay away from it.
i bought a new pair of boots yesterday that without a doubt will be my all time favorite ones. buying boots is really the only good thing about living in wisconsin in the winter time. and if you have, lets say 10 pairs of boots, or even 13 or 14, nobody questions that.
not if they want to live.
is it just me or does everyone else want everything they see in the "title nine" catalog.
do any of you order from there.
i haven't yet and i was wondering if their sizing makes you happy.
the original post for today, which was much better and longer than this one, got eaten by blogger when i hit publish.
to say that i was irritated would be a total and complete lie.
i basically went through the roof.
if i remind you that i am totally caffeine free
you'll understand that i honestly
went through the roof
i can't get this song out of my head


  1. Mmmm lasagna sounds really good right about now. Can never have too many boots. Love your photos and I do hope you are feeling better.

  2. My acid reflux is giving me grief lately... so many things I shouldn't be eating.. and I was told to try that aloe vera juice. If you can't do it, I probably can't either. *sigh*

    Never heard of title nine.. have to google it!

  3. Lasagna has a recipe? I just throw it together with whatever I decide to use that time. Now that you have made it, will you do it again?
    What about putting aloe in tea? Would it help mask the taste?
    I had fun reading this post. Very honest glimpse into your life.
    Dare I say I'm glad blogger ate the other post so we could enjoy this one? ;)

  4. So sorry for the digestive issues. I've been there. I'm still there, as a matter of fact. As for aloe - oh yeah. Great stuff... NOT! Have you ever tried chamomile and peppermint tea? Naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic. Just don't use the peppermint if your problem is ulcer-related.

    I've never had blogger eat my post. It sounds dreadful.

  5. I subscribe to your kitchen pholosophy myself so I get that lasagna is a big deal! Kudos to you! And don't you wish you could reach through the computer sometime and strangle Blogger?! Have a good day...snow on Thurs. into Fri. around here- geesh! I need your boots!

  6. I can definitely relate to the cooking aspect but every once in a while I break out the pan and cook a british lasagne. I hate cooking and if it takes longer than 10 minutes to prepare I'm really not interested, my poor husband.

  7. Don't know about the boots, great photo's, but lasagne.........Hmmmmmmm....sounds gooood........

  8. love papaya - never tried aloe vera and doubt I will now !
    Boots pics please !
    Lasagna is good but I love my macaroni au gratin with zucchini, spinach, mushroom and turkey italian sausage better !
    Glad you calmed down enough to do a second post !
    Hugs today, Beautiful, Beautiful Beth !

  9. you can never have too many boots. i have never ordered, but yes, i want one of everything in that catalog, especially because i get the feeling that none of it ever needs ironing, and i don't iron.
    also, you might try acidophulus/bifidus for your tummy issues, it's basically the stuff that's in yogurt, healthy bacteria, just more of it. hope your days gets sunnier!

  10. Oh I am going to have that song running through my head all day:)
    (Guess it's better than the song that was there when I got up:)

    You are so lucky you have had the chance to meet fellow bloggers. I guess I will have to start making plans!

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. It may not be what you originally intended, but I think this is a lovely post all the same. Simple, honest, lovely.

  12. You can never have too many boots...and you can never have too much lasagna! My family would have starved if it weren't for lasagna and pasta dishes. Now that I cater to vegetarians lasagna has become even more important! The last one had winter squash and onions...delicious!


  13. what song?

    i love lasagne and when i discovered the noodles you do not have to boil first i was super excited.

    blogger can be a bit of a cad from time to time.

  14. Lasagna is one of my very favorite-of-all-time meals. Well, now I can't have red sauce anymore...but I do a little. I am caffeine-free too, but it's getting harder now that the weather is freezing cold. I WANT it. It's hot and snuggly and I WANT it. Thanks for the funny tips on aloe vera juice. Although, I guess knowing me I'd probably be allergic to it anyway. I need to go buy boots...

  15. Try finding a Naturopath for your healthcare. I spent a year and half bouncing from specialist to specialist and not one of them could figure out what was wrong. Thousands of dollars later, they decided to just prescribe me a strong pain med to take "whenever it becomes unbearable". I found a naturopath who helped me get on a path that made sense. 2 weeks and the pain was gone, 6 months and no symptoms left at all.

  16. YUM! Lasagna is one dish I can make. I am enjoying your posts ...but then..I always do.

  17. Boot fetish, coat fetish..... eh. You have the boots and I have the coats. Can't help myself. I just love 'em, and if people want to live they don't ask me why I own 20.


  18. That song has deep feelings....She has a great voice.

  19. We have a couple Title Nine stores in Denver - one within walking distance of my city house. I've bought lots of outdoor/exercise clothes there but always have to try them on first. Cannot go entirely by sizing...

  20. I love Title Nine, but the sizing is not consistant. Sometimes the clothing runs large. I always read the reviews that people make online when purchasing.

    I love lasagna. I don't think anyone can make lasagna taste bad. Good for you for trying.

  21. tummy issue life time person here. aloe vera gel is better than the juice - not the stuff you rub on your skin, but the drinking gel. sounds bad, looks bad, and it is a gel. but you get it really cold and you just guzzle it. it doesn't have much of a taste, but the texture is, well, it's a lumpy gel. smooth it as much as possible and drink it and it works damn well. ditto kelly's suggestion - acidophulus/bifidus. no peppermint if you've got heartburn - peppermint relaxes your esophagus too much, or something like that. :)

    good luck. and know it will eventually ease, cause it will.


  22. Sorry to hear about the digestive issues and the lost post. How frustrating. I hope your aloe juice, as unpleasant as it may be, is helpful and you find relief soon. Lovely photos as always.

  23. Your digestive issues are a bummer I know. I hope it is resolved soon.

  24. so entertained by your random ramblings alongside fabulous photos ☺ i feel and see your heart in each post ♥

    have you tried disguising your aloe vera juice in a smoothie?

  25. I am a Title 9 girl. Love them!
    (There sizing is a little on the small side.)
    I so love how you captured that frog...really soft and beautiful. Good for you being caffine free!

  26. My first comment got eaten by blogger ..... Hmmmm .... I'll try this again

    Years ago, I had digestive issues too, and I took AVJ & papaya with every single meal and it made no difference whatsoever. Then I tried having a baked yam every day ... My issues healed in two weeks. It's worth a try - and yummy besides :) ..... You may also want to look into whether gluten is a culprit. Lasagne is NOT gluten free (lol).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog .... I have enjoyed visiting yours too :)

  27. I am TRYING to cook more, but I'm a 5 ingredient gal, too.
    Boots. I do love boots. I have an eye on a pair in a catalog and told Mr. D "I want a pair just like these," and he was watching TV--a Victoria's Secret commercial had just come one and he said he'd buy me the new boobs. Ahem.

  28. Ohhh you made me smile, I love lasagna and we eat it lots. Most of our food is Italian (without olive oil because i'm alergic to it).
    So I hope you had fun making it and eating it.
    And your display them outhere sometime I am a bootlover and addict come on girl and share.
    Hugs D.

  29. If I'm writing anything I consider memorable on Blogger I will hit "save" often. Ah, lasagne and boots...I didn't buy (yet another) pair this week even though they were on sale and even though they were my size, I thought four pairs were enough to get me through this winter. I did just have my fall booties re-heeled as I haven't worn them in ages for that very reason. Now I'm going to have to look deeper into Title Nine. Such original designs - they are all "me"!

  30. Hmmm good to know...aloe vera tastes bad...I didn't even know it was edible. I just remember my grandparents had a plant when I was little, and I was always scared to get a cut or scratch, because they might put the gel on my wound. (I know it doesn't hurt, but when you are a kid, your imagination leads you to believe it's going to hurt!)


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