October 28, 2010

a compliment that made my heart smile...

i was playing at the camera shop yesterday. printing pictures in the back of the store. talking to all the men that work there. it's one of those places i feel so comfortable in. they know me since i visit often. sometimes all i have are questions but they don't mind that all. and if i have some dust that needs to be blown out of my camera. well they love doing that for me. anyhow. after i was done printing my photos i showed this one to keith and he said he didn't realize i was scanning old photos onto cd's and printing them. i said i wasn't. i told him this was from a shoot a few weeks ago.
he said the old~soft~dreamy look of the photo was fantastic.
just beautiful and had obviously fooled him.
that's the only compliment i need this week
now granted
if anyone tells me that my hair {that i hate} looks nice
comments on my new skinny legged jeans which i'm not 100% sure a 46 year old mom should even be wearing in the first place
i'll take those
the photo compliment
from a photographer
at the camera store
who has seen millions of photos and has never said anything before to me about my photos
~we usually talk cameras~
kind of put me over the moon
i'll come back down to earth tomorrow


  1. That is high praise!

  2. I say 'if the pants fit, wear 'em!'


  3. I can just imagine how you felt! But boy did this photo deserve it!!

    ...And I Loved Snappy Di's comment:)

  4. Wow, nice heady feeling to be complimented about something you are passionate about. Congrats.

  5. Great photograph and praise indeed from an expert which is so well deserved. I am sure the hair and the jeans are great too!!

  6. Makes up for the comment that you were degrading your photos, the comment from the photo purist. You get to choose who's right by how it makes you feel.

  7. don't come down for awhile. enjoy it. it's completely deserved.

  8. Ohh sweetie, do stay on that moon for now. You've earned it. YOU ARE GOOD. And I know what you mean. I've had the same experiance in the photo store some time ago...yahooo for us girls.
    Hugs D.
    ps the picture is precious.

  9. You deserve to be up there over the moon... this is a great shot.
    WOW. it is so dreamy and beautiful ;)

  10. A very well deserved compliment and it is a gorgeous photo.

  11. A compliment that is clearly deserved. That's a wonderful photo for sure.

  12. I know what you mean. A compliment from someone like that goes a long way to making a day!

    And this photo is beautiful, btw.

  13. Well congrats!! That is super!! And yes you should wear skinny jeans. Why the heck not??

  14. LOL... I don't know about your hair cause I can't see it from here, BUT... I'm wearing those skinny jeans at 45... so, hush, girl. We can wear them. :-) And I already know you're skinny enough to look good in them. I'm almost skinny enough, but that's good enough for me. I get them a size too big so they aren't skin tight.

  15. well deserved, lovely one ! Can see your heart smiling from here !

  16. I love how a compliment like that can lift you up. Revel in it.

  17. I couldn't agree more...with him and also you.
    It takes so little to give someone a genuine compliment...that makes your heart sing.

    Now about the skinny jeans...you GO Girl!

  18. And you whole heartedly deserved that compliment! A truly gorgeous picture.

  19. Yeah for you! What a great compliment.
    And I'm guessing you totally rock the skinny jeans too :-)
    Happy weekend, jj

  20. it IS beautiful ..and so are you !!

  21. Beautiful photograph. The man definitely knows what he's talking about!

  22. Yay! He was right, it is perfect.

  23. Keep soaring! You deserve it…

  24. Fantastic photo! The praise was well-deserved.

  25. That would make one's day/week/month/....and I get the being 46 and skinny leg jean comment too. My girls tell me they look good. Just not so sure yet.


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