December 26, 2009

a little brrrr......and we loved it

now to be clear
it's not the ice that we loved
even though it was

what we loved
was the movie
"up in the air"
I didn't think I could love
george clooney
more than I already do
I do
fortunately my hubby is okay with this
~thanks honey~


  1. I might just have to go and see that...also want to see that Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin film...I'm so bad at remembering th names of movies. I haven't done a thing all day..with no one around, I've been a lazy bum!!!

  2. how cute! beautiful pictures!

  3. I liked the movie a lot. I love George Clooney. And you should know by now that my dog is the George Clooney of the dog world. (And he shares the name).

    But the movie I loved? It's Complicated. I still feel good after seeing it today.

    The Clooney movie made me think. But it didn't make me feel happy. In fact, I felt a little sad (I am sorry). Best part of it's complicated? Jim from The Office.

    I will not say any more. But you must see it.

  4. is there a female on earth who doesnt love george clooney? i have got to see that movie.

  5. I really want to see this!!!

  6. George Clooney is so "to be loved." But, these photos are tough competition for him. These are wonderful captures!

  7. i really want to see that movie...thanks for sharing the picture. lovely!

  8. Okay it will take a while before that movie will be here. But untill then I'll be informing my hubby that's it's coming...:-)
    I think we have the best husbands ever.
    Oh and this icing is wonderful.

  9. love the pics and your new header Beth, of course I love me George. Take care.

  10. George is this generations answer to Cary Grant. *sigh*

    The ice photos are just beautiful. Interesting how some beautiful things can be deadly, isn't it?

  11. Beautiful icey winter images. Gotta love the b-r-r-r-r-r-r....

  12. Hi! First of all...I have those pictures too! LOL- gotta love that midwest winter... Secondly- THAT movie is on my list of "REALLY wanna sees"- although I never do...sigh...Glad you liked it!

  13. I guess I should go see that movie, huh? Actually, I was trying to find a movie for my Mom, brother and Mike and I to go to on New Year's Day. Hard to fine one we would all agree on; but this seems like a good bet.

    I LOVE your ice pictures!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!


  14. You know me and not seeing any new movies at least until Netflix. I'll add this to my queue now, though. I do have one new movie I am actually going to see at full price. Wait for it...

    The Frog Princess. Girl date with Sloane, of course.

  15. Loved your pics!! And I agree! George Clooney is definitely a keeper. I haven't seen this movie yet though. I will! We saw Sherlock wasn't bad at all and they captured the essence of the period quite well.
    Happy New Year

  16. those photos are brilliant! And my hubby is okay with Russell Crowe. ;-)

  17. Beth, the camera in your hands is the extension of your gifted vision. These ice photos are truly, truly beautiful. You captured perfectly the tenderness and fragility of the twigs encased in ice and the contrast of the warm round, red berries against a cold, grey and white winter background. Thanks for sharing.

  18. ooh I can't wait to get up in the air with George...and your photos are beautiful

  19. George did it again-- By the end of the movie I was even more in love with him.

    Great pics!


  20. Gorgeous ice! Glad to hear your take on "Up in the Air." It's on my list!

  21. that is definitely on my list to see.

    we watched 'the hangover' as the theaters were too crowded to approach.

  22. the ice adds so much beauty here..

  23. we had the same incredible beauty here two days before christmas. i was hoping to get some pics of it on christmas eve day, but we had to drive to elkart, so i couldn't. :(

    glad you did, though. so pretty!

  24. Iced beautiful.


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