September 9, 2009

blogger butt...and I'm not even a name caller...

I'm sitting here in an awkward upright position
almost cross eyed
due to the pain that a migraine has bestowed upon me
just like that
I had one of those "aha" moments that oprah always talks about
only mine happened here in my cushy chair in my office
while listening to my dog lick herself
instead of at her home in maui while sitting on the beach sipping a pina colada
which is where you know she has her best "aha" moments
with photos dancing around in my head like candy canes when you hear christmas music
or wait is that sugar plums
come on migraine pills....kick in already
where was I
oh yeah
it hit me
I can post my photos through flickr to my blog
so there blogger butt
take that



  1. You make me want to go outside right now and shoot something, just because my sky is that blue today too and I want some of that! Great photo. So sorry for the migraine, heres to hoping the pills kick some butt too!

  2. hope you feel better soon hon - where there's a will, there's a way.

    beautiful shot

  3. Catching up on your posts (how did I miss two already? my time flies). I have to say I love the red balloon and child, makes me happy.


    I get migraines as well - blah!!! So yeah, kick blogger's a** if it's not going to play nice - ha!



  4. You kicked blogger's butt so well in spite of your icky headache ! So powerful are you ! Here's hoping that your pain pills kick the migraine's butt just as well. Take care of you !

  5. Umm... the migraine? I so get them and understand you.

    However, I need to are you making these pictures of yours gynormous?

    Feel better soon...for sure coming here always makes me feel better.

  6. pretty and happy!!! Hope that migraine goes away soon!

  7. Is it easier that way? This one is beautiful. Hope the headache is gone by the time you read this one!

  8. i always use flickr...i love your thought process and these yellow flowers!

  9. I am pretty sure this could be a favorite! Beautiful and peaceful. I think that if you look at this picture long enough it could make the migrain go all by itself.

  10. HA, you kicked bloggers butt, you go girl. I am sorry about your migraine. I can't believe you can still be funny when you are obviously feeling like shite. Big Hug.

  11. You made me laugh out loud with this post, Beth- love the "Opes" reference. You know she totally basically closed downtown Chicago for 3 days while she shot her 24 year Anniversary show...and she had the nerve to say sorry for anyone she inconvenienced and that she HERSELF was inconvenienced as well. Come on! Like she drives in the city anywhere... Anyway- hope you are feeling as great as your picture is!

  12. feel better soon beth.

    sending lots of positive vibes your way.

    lovely capture. brightened my day. thanks!

  13. Haha. Well I am glad you got to post the picture because it is great! Hope your migraine clears up...

  14. Hope your migraine is better. Lovely photo!

  15. I love the BIG photos!!

  16. I love Flickr....hate headaches...never had one...hope I never do. I LOVE your photos, hope you feel better today!


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