September 18, 2008

less jumbled thougths, kind of...or SQUAM part two.....

It's your passion that ultimately connects you
to your higher purpose
so I've been told
that's what I've been looking for
I think
and probably didn't even know it
this is Swirly girl
if you haven't bought
her book yet
you're missing out on amazing amount of inspiration
the kind that we all need
in our lives
I've always known that I'm a water person
lakes, oceans
it doesn't matter
as long as there is water near me
well, it sings to me
can you hear it, too ?
this is
saturday's super hero life class
and in the yellow
she's an angel by the way
as she was my partner during an exercise
and saw me shed lots of tears
as I told her about the person that I admire
the most
my grandma ruby
being here at SQUAM
was the most positive thing
I've done
just for me
so far this year
and it felt wonderful
a big
thank you to everyone
who pushed me
convinced me
taunted me
to come here
I exposed myself to lots of strangers
lived in the moments
returned with a new energy
can you feel it?
can you see the angel wings
on misty and stef ?
look closely
they're there
big, soft, fluffy, beautiful wings

travel journaling class 101
with my new friend
she looks quiet here
but don't let her fool you...
she's a blast !!!!

for every meal
we had a very long walk to the dining hall
asked me on the last full day
if I had seen the "nest"
and I hadn't
so we walked with our heads up
which for anyone who was at SQUAM knows
that was next to impossible to do without tripping over
a stone or a root
which would then send your body flying through the air
sure enough
we found it
and if I could have brought it home with me
empty of course
I would have
it was spectacular

oh susan !!!
on our first night in the cottage
I heard someone downstairs
saying she was
supposed to find me
at SQUAM to say "hello"
from a mutual friend
and upon looking for me
found out we were sharing the same cottage
and not only did we share a cottage
we shared time with one another
real time
an evening with the gang in front of the fireplace
just the two of us on a road trip in the rain
to and from
stopping at the general store to buy boots and a hat
in holderness
you are a special one susan !!
and the ducks
on the first day
right after registration
made stef and I crack up
did anyone else see them ???


  1. blogger won't let me back in to edit this post and I wanted to give the blog addresss to everyone for swirly girl.....

  2. This is such a glorious post -- I can just feel every bit of energy that happened during your time together and it gives ME energy! To be with such inspiring, motivating, caring people in such a beautiful environment is something we all seek; you have found it -- and I know you will return! Boy, this post gives me joy!

  3. another awesome post! thank you Beth, for being there!
    i sure did go flying through the air after finding the ditch in the dark...but thankfully the ground was there to catch me. ;-)
    hope you are having a great weekend..will write soon. xo

  4. I did see the ducks-and the nest.

    I didn't get to hug you at Squam! Reading your reflections here is heartwarming.

    I am so glad you took the leap and went.


  5. I am a dork-I did get to hug you at Squam! I have some yummy photos of you too sweetie. I just have to get through to them. I have made myself go from the beginning except for two portrait sessions I had.

    You were a light at Squam.

    (I just added all the blogs from squam to my sidebar and am visiting them this am. I mistook this as being Kim? instead of you beth. I wish I had had the chance to connect with her)


  6. Wow Beth, this is such a nice post.

    I have been enjoying catching up all thru your posts this morning.

    SQUAM seems to have agreed with You !

    I get a real soft sense of being there thru your words and pictures.

    And yes, I can feel a difference I think !

    If I may say so, I think your writing is coming so naturally and flows right out on to the page while telling me just how much you feel that moment in simple words. I like that.


  7. Ok... I feel like a total dork. I bookmarked your blog, but I accidentally bookmarked a PARTICULAR POST, rather than the entire blog. So I've been checking in every so often thinking, hmm, Beth must be awfully busy. C'mon, girl! I want to see a new post. Yeah, this has been going on for days. Well, I finally wised up! Great post! I love my picture! I will have a bit of catching up to do!! Hope you're doing well!


  8. I have never seen you look so radiant, so lush, so full and healthy!!! SQUAM certainly brought out the best in you my girl! What an awsome and brave thing to experience. Baring your soul to others can be so humbling and so liberating!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth