June 27, 2010

and they said it wouldn't last....

i'm getting personal on my blog today
with photos from my parents 50th wedding anniversary party
that we celebrated yesterday
at my little sister's house
those parents of mine
are still sucking face
after all these years

here are all of their grandchildren
~plus my daughter's boyfriend~
~minus the second oldest granddaughter~
who was here earlier in the week
had to get back to boston where she works and goes to college

here's a joke
what do you get when you have 3 daughters
~besides drama and a few headaches~
3 gorgeous son-in-laws
of course

here are some of my cousins from my dad's side of the family
who were amazingly cooperative when it came to have their having photo taken
thank you
rick and cindy
steve and judy
sheldon, mike and pam
you guys were so much fun
the best part of my day
was spent
pulling friends and family aside
letting them believe that they were just going to have a regular photo taken
then hitting them with the word
my favorite photos
i think if you have time to look at them
you'll get quite a kick out of them


  1. Awesome shots and love the 'kiss' photos. What a great family~

  2. I still remember the celebration we had for my parents' 50th although it's been 20 years. Such a wonderful family time.
    Great pics --I esp. like the one of the grandchildren. We make a point of getting those at every function and it's fun to see how they change from celebration to celebration.

  3. Thanks for getting personal !!!

  4. That son in law on the left? What a dream boat.

  5. Love the kissing photos! It's nice to see couples who still love each other after many years together.

  6. What a very special celebration! Love the kissing pictures too.

  7. Okay, this is just cool! Kissy kissy cool!!

    SO fun!

  8. So - did your Mom get your Dad for her b-day present 50 years ago? Maybe there was a "no return" policy. Great to see a 50 year union. Happy Anniversary to them!

  9. the trials and tribulations of having a photographer in the family!! :-)

    fantastic shots!

  10. It looks like it was a wonderful day! 50 years, gosh doesn't that seem like forever? Good for them!

  11. FIFTY years! God bless them.
    And what a treat that you were able to photograph your lovely family all together and happy and smooching (loved the other pics!) It looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for sharing all that happiness with us.
    xo jj

  12. Congratulations to your parents. Big love to them. My in-laws have their 50th in August and we are throwing them a party when we go to Oregon this summer. It should be great fun. I'll have to remember the kissy picture idea.

  13. So glad everything went so well, and I am still glad they are sucking face. I am off to Ruby Luna to see the other photos. take care.hugs.

  14. What beautiful photos...and a gorgeous family!!
    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!
    50 years is quite an achievement!!
    Good for them

  15. Gosh Beth, thank you so much for letting me have a peek into the warmth of your wonderful family.
    You are blessed.
    Hugs D.

  16. Oh, Beth, this warms my heart -- and what a treasure these photos are. My mum died a couple of months after their 27th anniversary -- How I wish we could have had a few more of those galas to celebrate!

  17. you knew I would have to sneak a peak...the kisses are delightful. Looks like a fun and happy family!


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