September 1, 2009

spreading the love.....

I've seen so many signs being made on other blogs lately
that I just had to give it a try myself
now that it's posted
I see I have to work a little harder on sizing
since the fine print on the bottom and the reason for making the sign in the first place
might require your strongest readers or a magnifying glass
here let me help
"guess who's coming home on thursday ?"
now how about some banana loving
any other food you can attack with a sharpie
I saw this another blog awhile back and now that school has started and lunches are being packed
{well not for my too cool for school senior who must eat out everyday}
I thought you might want to get creative
try this idea out on your "little ones"
I guess you could leave them out on your kitchen counter for your "big one" to grab
along with his briefcase as he heads out the door for work
your words of love and encouragement might be a little more
you know


  1. I could read your sign, btw...all of it. I want to learn how to make signs. Are you holding classes? Let me know.

    The writing on the food? Brilliant and I would have never considered such a notion...

    Writing naughty thoughts on a banana...very Freudian. You bad girl, you.

  2. Love the banana idea ! I used to write notes in David's lunch box all the time when we first got married...haven't done that in a while...maybe as we hit some bumpy stuff on our road right now (our financial situation changed from okay to very challenging overnight !), it would be an excelent time to re-instate that fun practice ! If my marriage can stay as fresh as yours, I will be definitely making the most out of life !
    Happy September !

  3. yea, I could read the sign ok ... I pin notes on Double BB's towel in the mornings, since I'm up 90 minutes before him or the boys ... usually they're flirty, come-&-get-it at 4:30 notes, but sometimes I write mushy stuff and sometimes I leave the lines of some lyrics hoping they'll get stuck in his head (lady in red!!!, cuz he HAATES that song!)

    My boys don't want nothing from sack lunches -- I usually put something to cook in the crockpot overnight, then they can nosh on that all day, as they're in/out.

  4. I love that idea...a sweet message written on the banana peel! Although my 4th grader would probably be embarrassed...oh yes, we are entering "that" stage...lot's of eye rolling! Fun!

  5. I pack my daughters lunch nearly every day and when I do, I always write her a little note. Every afternoon, no matter how many notes she's received, she always says, "Thank you, Momma, for my note." It reminds me that those litter gestures are important.

  6. ok - LOL - that banana thing is kinda weirdly funny. but a very sweet sentiment.

    and I know you will be happy to have your sweetie at home for a bit.

  7. great love notes. and on a banana. cool.


  8. It never occurred to me to write a note on a banana, but I think it's a great idea.


  9. sign is just great!
    and the banana idea - i have been doing it for sometime now. and they love it!

  10. Oh, how did I never think to do the banana thing! I love this!!!

  11. What a wonderful idea! It does seem though that when kids reach highschool they don't want to bring lunches anymore. I'll have to think of some other idea to embarrass them. (I've always wanted to put pink nailpolish on their nails when they're asleep, then hide the remover)

  12. I love that quote by Keats :-)

  13. What a fantastic idea Beth! Thanks!

  14. you are writing affirmations on fruit!?!? a trend setter , I love your posts beth!

  15. i love this idea... now why didn't i think of that??? i will have to do this sometime and see if it brings any smiles to those that find them. ;)

    inspired by you, we went out and found two monarch caterpillars... both now in their J stage, i am going to let the kids take them to share with their classes... it's so magical... hope your babies are doing well?

    i bet you can't wait for the weekend!!!

  16. I totally feel a challenge to find all the write-on-able food I can slip into the Usual Suspect's lunches.

    Nice work!

  17. I pack my fifteen-year-old son's lunch every school day. I once left him a note and he was furious with me. I'm sure he would consider a message banana as social homicide. I think I'll try it at home, though.


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