September 15, 2009

just a day, just an ordinary day...or is it ?

gun club views

*the weather here continues to be spectacular. the leaves have started to change and the apple trees are weighted down with brilliant shades of red and green while the apples themselves scream, "pick me pick me" as you walk by them in the orchard.
*today is the day I get my braces off. granted, they haven't been the traditional braces since I went the invisalign route, but invisible they have NOT been and this past month, since they added an ugly rubber band to my front tooth, I have felt a little alien like. so if you think you're feeling the earth move around 1:30 this afternoon, no worries, as it'll just be me doing
a happy dance.
*what's up with these poor school kids having to take ibuprofen or advil as part of their breakfast routine, due to back and shoulder pain because of the weight of their backpacks. I don't like it. I don't like the fact that my son only has only has 5 minutes in between classes and with 1600 hundred students in his school, on three floors, stopping at his locker is next to his backpack is his locker and our chiropractor is his new best friend.
*sophie must think that I nap as often she does during the day, since she has not a care in the world at getting up to pee at 1:54 in the morning while I'm in my deepest of sleep. I think it's time that I either start napping 3 hours everyday, right after lunch or have a nice long talk with her and let her know this shit has to stop.
*today my heart is broken. patrick swayze has died and I loved him so much as an actor and a man who didn't get overly caught up in the hollywood scene and remained married to his wife for more than thirty years. I have watched "dirty dancing" over and over again, to the point where my hubby has questioned my mental stability when he sees the excitement in my eyes when I see "dirty dancing" in the movie lineup when we're zoning out on the hbo and showtime channels on lazy afternoons.
I have watched dirty dancing more than you...oh yes I have
"nobody puts baby in a corner"


  1. I know about those heavy school a teacher for many years, our school purchased two sets of everything. One text book was checked out to each student for each title needed. That book stayed at home! The other set was a class set to be used in the classroom only. That meant students in other class periods used the same book...but, hey...they weren't carrying them and taking pain meds.!

    I love your yummy fence!

  2. Good Morning Beth~ I'm sure you're happy to be getting those braces off. My daughter will be getting the traditional braces Monday. She can't wait. I enjoyed my braces back in the day really well. I too had the traditional braces.

    I hadn't heard about students having to take advil for the weight of their backpacks. I'll have to ask MyKiah about this one. I understand their backpacks are WAY to heavy for them to be lugging around.

    I sleep with a Jack Russell and he's pretty active some nights. Let's just say he keeps me on my toes.

    I read about Patrick Swayze's death last night and was sadden also. He was a great actor and as you said was one of the few who stayed with his wife throughout. You have to admire a man like that. I loved the movie Ghost best and possibly The Outsiders though I've watched Dirty Dancing at least 2 or 3 times already, Ghost more than that. I've watched other movies he made too. Just an all around good actor. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  3. Almost forgot, I love that wood fence.

  4. patrick's death has made us all sad - partly because he starred in very loveable roles but also because he seemed like such a simple man with the love of dance, his wife and his horses. much to young to leave this world behind. much too young. though i like dirty dancing, there are other roles where i adored him, like the gentle but tough leader in red dawn. so sad.

    and yes, when i pick up my youngest nephew in the afternoon with his backpack, his drum kit and the what not, i marvel at his ability to push it all around.

    and yay for braces coming off - my sister in law did that series too.

  5. This is the first time I've read about the ibuprofen being administered to kids! Ridiculous! Congrats on loosing the have such a beautiful smile ;) And the training...someone has Mom wrapped around her finger...I can only say that as I've been there before. Sad day too with Baby fighting the valiant fight. Have a "smiles" day!

  6. Even Patrick S. would smile along with you this afternoon ... so just look up and say "Look at me now!" and he'll love it!

    Thanks for sharing your stream of thoughts ... I find the ordinary so much more interesting than waiting for something BIG to hear about.

    Now, I don't want to rain on your parade, but remember they'll probably send you home with a retainer to wear ... so the hardware will be with you longer. You've got style enough to wear it and still be gorgeous!

  7. I have been having some sleep issues myself ;) - no one else to blame though and I figure I will sleep next Monday !

    Yes, so sad about Patrick Swayze. He certainly left his mark on our pop culture with grace and style and dignity. That movie is soooo good !
    Back to pack...
    Love Ya !

  8. Patrick was such a great man...I will miss him. Seems like we are losing so many wonderful people this year... I think I may have to watch Dirty of my faves.

    Enjoy getting those braces off :)

  9. My, you have a lot to write about this morning! My youngest son uses his backpack as a locker too, by choice, not neccesity. I think its silly. Our leaves are starting to hint of change too, and I was also saddened to hear of Patrick Swayze. I haven't watched Dirty Dancing for a lot of years, but when my stepdaughter was 11 or 12 she watched it every day & sang & danced with it.

  10. Goodmorning to you too. What a goreous quite and still....while you go on and on....Love the fact you share so much of your thoughts and dayly life with us.

    Yep I felt you dance...all the way up here in Holland. Hope you don't get an extra set for the last couple of weeks to hold it just as it is. I've got this extra treat at the back of my front theeth just to be on the safe side it will stay like this.

    Oh and about the locker/backpack system. I was just gonna write a post about it. My oldest has the same issue and he's backbroken only after one week of school. Love the idea above from Carolyn. I'm gonna put my vote for it, TWO sets of books. Yeah.

    And dear Patrick...I've watched Dirty Dancing too just as much as you did. Guess what I've even got it on dvd. My hubby would like yours so much....:-)

    Okay my friend this is gonna be it for now. Happy tuesday. Love Dagmar

  11. I can't decide if I've seen Dirty Dancing more than Grease? I just know I have to watch it every time it is on tv now... every minute of it and don't make me miss a second of it, even though I know every line.

    There was a party of insomniac bloggers at 3 am... come join us when you can't go back to sleep anymore... you are not alone :)

  12. Hmmm...sounds like you feel about Dirty Dancing the same way I feel about Fame! It's sad that we've lost Patrick. Such great talent...

  13. it is never an ordinary day when I come here for a visit...your amazing and I am so happy to "know"you!

  14. hi beth~
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful message! i am so excited to be going with kim.
    I hopped online to double check supplies for my squam classes and don't have any time to blog but plan to return to your blog and check out your pics on flickr. i would love to talk with you about how you plunged into the "biz" because that is a dream of mine! gotta go finish packing!!

  15. The pic made me think of the Wizard of Oz, it the storm was in color! Random, I know. Great pic.

  16. Oh, how I luv it when the local apples are ready. Have you heard of the new apple, SweeTango? The mom is a Honeycrisp and the dad a Zestar. It's a variety from the University of Minnesota apple breeding program. Wood Orchard in Egg Harbor, WI (Door County) is the only apple grower in WI to grow and sell SweeTango. I don't work for them....honest. Just buy apples from them. My favorite apple is and always will be the Honeycrisp. Sorry to have gone on so long.

  17. thank you so much for your wonderful comment ;)

    I wasn't aware that Patrick Swayze had died today. My fondest memories are of being young and pretending to be "baby".

  18. Isn't my pal Eileen just the nicest person and she always leaves such kind comments. I love her. I love that she comes her to see the good things you're doing.

    And, YES to everything you said here.

  19. There were times when I couldn't pick Gavin's backpack up off the floor, it was so heavy. How ridiculous!

    I saw a onesie not long ago that said, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Yes, his death is sad but he put up a long fight and had a chance to say good-byes to those he loved so well. I guess that's some comfort.

  20. Hi Beth,
    I'm sorry I haven't been popping by so much lately. But I haven't forgotten you, and your photos are WONDERFUL! It's a bit hard getting myself sorted and into gear now that I'm back home. But it's spring, so things are looking up! Great news about the braces! :-)

  21. "I carried a watermelon?"

    I watched Dirty Dancing today, and I have decided, as I shared with Toni via email, that her generation, mine, younger, and ones not even born yet, will be lusting after Johnny Castle for millenniums to come.

    Don't get me started on being lazy. And, at the most inopportune time...trying to move while laying around isn't the easiest task in the world. Let me know if you figure out how to balance it all!

    Did you see the vid of Patrick and Lisa dancing? I mean it, poetry in motion!

    Hope you are well, friend!!

  22. Beth, you must be excited to get the braces off. yeah. i was a huge fan of Patrick Swaze. I admired him and his wife for 33 years marriage in Hollywood. that is almost unthinkable. Very sad about his passing.....Take care.

  23. Wow... this may be my favorite photo from you. I really feel like I can round that fence post - beautiful!


    Hurray to your braces saying bye-bye! And, indeed, a moment of silence for Patrick Swayze. I know he's most famous for Dirty Dancing, but for me he will always be Darry from The Outsiders...


  24. Lots of meat here! Congrats on the braces! Three cheers! And ditto on the back pack thing. That's weird. As for Patrick S., I think lots of us are feeling that sadness these days.

  25. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Your photography is just amazing. What a talent!

  26. That's a lot of news for one post! Congratulations on loosing the braces. I hadn't noticed them, but that rubber band in the front must have been a challenge. I have an old dog and just went through a year of disrupted sleep. This last month she's been good though, her vet said it wasn't physical but psychological and she was training me...just a thought. Kids and backpacks - is uncool to have the one on wheels?

  27. Congrats on the braces! I hear you aout Patrick Swayze. I am fond of his appearance as Darry in the Outsiders which is a veritable hotbed of my kind of actors (Rob Lowe, Emelio Estevez, Matt Dillon...Anybody who is Anybody is in that movie)!!! He will be missed...


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth