June 1, 2009

where we go from here...

a few posts back 
I wrote just enough words to let you all know that I was feeling overwhelmed
then swore to remove that word from 
"the dictionary of beth"
well to thank all of you from the bottom of my love swollen heart
here's a little bouquet of wild, breathing hearts
jumping out to say
thank you

if you asked me today how I'm feeling
I'd answer
"not as twisty as I was a week ago"
"but still a little twisty"
my hubby
my rock
my guiding light
has just said "yes" to a new job
I'm so incredibly proud of him that I want to scream it from the rooftops
he has been looking for something "new" for the past six months
when this opportunity came his way
we just knew that 
"good things come to those who wait"
many of you know that we have moved
many, many times
{13 times in 25 years}
have loved every minute of it
even tell people that we have a little gypsy in our blood when they ask
so another job
another move
another state
another house
never takes us down
as we have always looked at these opportunities as 
just another chapter in the "book of our lives"

my hubby 
has been been incredibly fortunate to work for companies
pepsi and wilson sporting goods
just to name a couple
this time
he's heading to
a company that's amazingly wonderful
are you ready
for it
he will be working for 
I know
totally cool
now this is where my feelings get all jumbled up for both of us
our youngest will be a senior next year and the only high school he's been in 
is the one here in madison
so I'm staying here so that he can graduate with his class next year
some of you might think that we need to make him move
so that we can keep the family together
I wish it were that easy
after moving him during his 7th grade year
again during his 8th grade year
we promised not to move him while he was in high school
with hearts that will be working extra hard 
my hubby and I will be apart for a year 
as he starts this new adventure on his own
colorado springs
there will be lots of flying back and forth 
phone calls that never end
emails filled with love 
packages in the mail filled with goodies to make each other laugh
that will fill with love tears when we see each other
it'll be wonderful
that's how I'll make it
for all of us
because that's what I do
because that's what my job is
because in the "book of beth"
~located on the same shelf as the "dictionary of beth"~ 
that's what love is
my hubby will be the chro for the usoc 
in my terms
the chief human resources officer for the united states olympic committee 


  1. such a great job! no wonder you'd be shouting from the rooftops!

    and i totally commend your attitude about this journey ahead!

  2. Wow ! What a wonderful new adventure for your family ! I think the intentions you have made around it are fantastic. The world we live in makes things feel overwhelming (oops sorry !) so easily, but if you set the intention that you will all focus together in love to make it work, then the universe will surely jump in and help you make it so ! Brava, brava, beautiful Beth and congrats to your hubby, the chro ! You will all have lots of love and support along the way !

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is just so incredible. i can imagine how proud you are of him. that is a major accomplishment!

    your can do attitude is an absolute inspiration to me.

    and yes, now i realy will be thinking of you!

  4. congratulations - that IS an opportunity of a lifetime! it can work, beth - i see it with military families all the time. you all will make it work and your positive attitude will carry you through it all with grace. thinking of you...

  5. Wow ... what a job.
    You can do it for a year. It might take that long just to sell your house with this economy.

    My son has 2 years left and I think I would do the same thing.

    ~~~ I'm doing a Pay It Forward on my blog. Come on over ~~~

  6. OMGoodness! Congrats to all of you! What a wonderful experience for you hubby. I don't blame you, I would stay too. I'm sure your son will thank you. Actually, if you think about it a year is very short. Especially during a senior year.....it goes too quickly!

    Best wishes to you all.

  7. wow, that's BIG! big congratulations to ALL of you, because he clearly couldn't do it without you. :-)


  8. Sometimes life offers us opportunities that are bittersweet ... you seem to have the ability to adjust to that well!!!! Best wishes to all of you.

  9. ha! I suspected. How cool, how way cool -- the Olympics! Difficult to be separated, no doubt ... but as someone who was moved 4 times the last HALF of my senior year of high school, I must say I would opt for your son, if you were looking for votes there! Meanwhile, there's a line from a Journey song (Faithfully) that I've always loved: "I get the joy of rediscovering you" ... I think you and Mr. will be experiencing joys equal to tears. And Colorado Springs is SO much closer to Phoenix, for when YOU relocate ... I'm rubbing my hands together, Beth, rubbing my hands to! geth! er!

  10. Congratulations to your hubby on his totally awesome new job! The time will fly by and all that love you've got will hold you together. Best wishes and high-five!

  11. Wow, Beth! I linked to you this morning, in my post. I only popped over long enough to copy & paste your URL, and just now had time to read you today. I talked about how many adventures you take me on with your photography, and here you are about to embark on a whole new one! I must be in your head, Beth! ha ha!

    I understand the joy, and the pride, and the love divided right down the middle about this one.

    You will miss him while you are trying to do what is best for your son. Your husband will thrive at his new job, as will your son in his familiar home during his senior year. The BEST part of highschool, and what makes it all worth it, if you ask me. Just make sure that Beth thrives too. It will be a challenge, but I know how much you love them! And, we are all here to see you shine on those bright happy days, and we will also be here to hold you up on those scary messy days.

    The Olympics? Wow! Congratulations!!

  12. AnonymousJune 02, 2009

    big news! i know with big news there always comes the joy and then hard choices it sounds like you guys have it figured out i am happy for you all. p.s. we must be long lost sisters because i have that same gypsy blood flowing through my veins:)kt

  13. Congratulations to your Mr. ... I think this opportunity sounds so fabulous. Beth, I've told you before I think we're sisters in spirit and so I absolutely understand your choices for the next year. It can be a year full of so much joy because you'll fill it with so much love. I am happy for all of you.

  14. Congratulations to all of you, your positive attitude is inspiring (you must have some down days too, but you never show it). I would be totally crushed if we had to move, we've been here for 20 years this month, in the best town in the best province in the best country of the world. But, yes, I would absolutely do the same for my son, also graduating next year. He's been with the same kids since kindergarten.
    All the best to your new life!

  15. Good for you and your family, Beth! I've moved a lot myself. Hope it's behind me. But life throws little curve balls your way from time to time, and you have to go with it. Glad you're looking at the glass as half-full, because looking at it the other way isn't ever going to bring happiness. I'm so happy for all of you.

  16. OMG... YAY! that is AWESOME news. i feel that tingly feeling you get from watching the best part of a feel good movie! ;) excited & happy for you all!


  17. And, I truly believe that the reason he was up for this 'risk' is because he has an anchor to hold his ship steady...he has you.

    And, you are incredibly honorable and have taught that to your son by keeping your pledge even though it will mean something very different for all of you.

    Lastly, long distance relationships certainly can be hard, but they can also put the 'boyfriend/girlfriend' spark back into a long relationship which can be waaayyyy fun!

    Congrats..I know how long this journey has been...and I know how much it's going to change everything.

    Love to all.

  18. congrats!!! way cool job and you will get to be in the springs??? so much beauty to explore out there. woot woot

  19. Congratulations on such a wonderful opportunity for your husband. I admire your strength for your hubby, and compassion for your son. Best wishes in your newest adventure as a family. We will all be here for you during the changes :)

  20. Colorado Springs is a great city. If I was going to move anywhere else in Colorado, that's where it would be. I hope things go well for you. :)

  21. Wow! Awesome news! That's so exciting! Best of luck with this new adventure!

  22. AnonymousJune 03, 2009

    Oh wow, that is a fantastic job opportunity. A BIG congratulations is due!

    I understand completely the choice that you've made in regards to not moving your son. No explaination needed. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I think, from experience, it's very true :-)

  23. Congratulations on the new job and also on your fantastic attitude. Back in the day, we moved every couple of years but planned it so our son could do 4 years at one high school. This next year will work out just fine for your family. When you love each other, you can make anything work.

  24. wow! congrats to your hubby! that sounds like an awesome new job :)

  25. This is wonderful and congrats to you and John! I know you will make it work because family and marriage are priorities for you. It will be wonderful! Another big adventure. Yippeee!!!

  26. oh, congrats on the new job for the hubby! that has to be such a great relief!

    missed your blog posts. i'm off to see what i've been missing.

  27. AnonymousJune 03, 2009

    Wonderful! Missing is the best part of love.

  28. Get OUT!!!! That is so way cool, I can't stand it! What an amazing opportunity, and how exciting. I know that will be tough being apart but I also know you are two wonderfully devoted people, so yes -- you'll build frequent flyer miles, you'll make sure you have a good phone plan, you'll probably skype. You'll still celebrate every day -- just a bit farther apart. Your son is lucky to have parents like you who recognize that commitment.

    Tons of congratulations! Many smiles of joy!

  29. Holy Sh*&!!! What an incredible, amazing job!!!!!!! I am so very, very excited for him. For you. For the Olympic Committee, which will really benefit. THRILLED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, feeling sad and heart-achy. For you both. I know you, my friend. And, I know what kind of marriage you enjoy. I'm sorry, my dear friend. If I were in your exact position, I am almost certain I would make the same choice. And, it would wound my heart. As I know it wounds yours. I don't know if it helps, but I wanted to say this: Your son will always know just how very much his parents love him. What they are willing to sacrifice for him. You've taught him more about good parenting in this one decision than you could with a thousand discussions.

    I am thinking of you all, my friend. I will be praying for your family as you make this new adjustment. Take care.

  30. Congrats to your family Beth....

    Best of LUCK to you and may this be the beginning of another Great adventure in your life.


  31. I've just dropped by your blog Beth, via Holly, whom I found via Toni.... you know how it goes! And I want to say how great it was to share in your wonderful family news. Thank you and bonne chance.

  32. Wow. I am kind of in shock. That is very big news. I know once you get settled all will be great; but this is a big upheaval. Will you keep the cottage for later years and return vacations? Hope so as I know how you love it. Now you will have the chance to photograph some new nature scenes. I wish you every happiness.

  33. By the way, John's job sound absolutely and totally fantastic!! Hope Chicago gets the Olympics and then you will be here again for a time!

  34. Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to say "Congratulations" to you both and wish you lots of luck for your new lifestyle.

  35. What a beautiful post as ever. I am feeling a little choked up but you often seem to be able to do this to me!
    Well done both of you. Its going to be great.

  36. wow I do not visit for a day and you are moving ....what an awesome job!!

    you are doing the right thing for your kiddo...you are a wonderful mom...we shall travel senior year together...blessings on this new chapter beth...while closing another

  37. Wow! What an opportunity! Congrats to you! I know it will be hard to be so far from your Love, but you have a bond that is so true and wonderful (from what I have read here..your words to him are pure poetry). You will be just fine. xo

    So love your little bouquet of wild breathing hearts. So wonderful.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth