June 28, 2009

I was balanced all along and didn't even know it...

this family had
written all over them
as soon as our eyes met
they did everything I asked and more
made me smile
during the entire shoot
the kids had their own little inside jokes
that only siblings share
mom and dad
played right along
acting like kids themselves when I threw out things like
not once
while I was hanging onto tree branches for balance
climbing rocks myself
did they give me a look like
"wow, this chic is crazy...where did she come from ?"
thanks to all of you who told me this would be a great shoot
as always
{158 photos later}
you were right


  1. Ah yes....I can see the Joy...

    Knew you could...

  2. this chick is crazy ~ where did she come from?
    i doubt that those thoughts ever crossed their minds.

    your photos are beautiful and filled with life.

    best wishes

  3. hey, good job, gal! sounds like you had fun too!

  4. beth - these are great!!! :) they are going to be so excited when they see them!! Congrats on a fantastic shoot

  5. Beth I think they are great too and you look like you were all having so much fun. Take care, cinner

  6. These are wonderful!! Looks and sounds like you had as much fun as them!!!

  7. Yay!!! So glad it went soooo well! I love all of these shots!

  8. The color coordination pulled them together nicely - but you brought it to a rolicking level of joyfulness and freshness - great job!

  9. They look so joyful. Great shots. I love the one with them all jumping.

  10. so so glad it went well...doing a happy dance for you!

  11. See what I mean when the group wears the same colors? You end up looking at the faces and the expressions and the environment that the photog is so smart to consider! You ROCK! Get it, rock, the wall, get it? I knew you would!

  12. Hi Beth

    Holly is right about the same coloured attire, at first I thought that it was a bit spivy and then saw that it brought you to focus on their faces and the setting, these are great and they should be very happy.
    I particularly like the 3 chn, there is a narrative there too with the dividing wall, the rocks, the 2 different fields and the tree of life...well done

    Happy Days

  13. I knew you would take great shots! They seem like a lot of fun!

  14. They are going to be over the moon with these photos. Beautiful!

  15. these turned out great, girl!

    i love the color of the shirts against the grass.

  16. what a sweet and joyful family ! You caught it all, beth ! Awesome job !

  17. Those are some memorable & fun family pictures to cherish for years to come! I would much rather a photoshoot like that compared to a stuffy one in front of some weird beige-blue-greenish screen.

    Captures the essence of this fun family completely!

    Kudos to you, friend!

  18. What GREAT subjects! And you got terrific images to boot!

  19. So, it wasn't The Osmonds afer all? Shucks!! But were you in blue and beige too?

  20. You get better and better. I keep saying it. Better and better.


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