April 27, 2009

discovering my photography limitations...

sometimes when the subject in front of me
is amazingly beautiful
doesn't feel threatened
when I gently and slowly walk closer
carrying my jaw that wants to keep falling on the ground
because that's what happens to me when I'm completely in awe of something
I freeze and my heart stops
my ability to focus and be the photographer I want to be
gets all tangled up in just wanting to live in the moment
I have to take a deep breath with my shoulders back
breathe out and release the tightened muscles in my neck
try once again to bring the camera up to my face so that maybe this time I can focus with my eyes
instead of my heart
{these sandhill cranes literally take my breath away when I see them at the pond...in these shots I am only about 15 feet away from them and they're as tall as I am. this is the female, as the male stands still and off to the side whenever I get close, in a protective mode, and just watches me while he lets her walk around and eat}


  1. I probably told you this already, but your marvelous. Okay, well, that's not all I wanted to tell you...I'm sure I mentioned that Doog was a professional videographer and photographer for a long time before discovering his passion as a massage therapist.

    At any rate, one of the reasons I have so few personal photos from that time is because of what you so eloquently shared today...you who are the eyes of the world, are often unable to be fully present to any special moment because you have to be the visual witness instead of the participant.

    There were times when Doog would say, I just want to see it...experience it. I don't want to capture it.

    And, after awhile I began to understand. As I would with you, too. But, I am so very grateful for everything you do capture and share with us. Very grateful, indeed.

  2. I love seeing what you experience and how you share the beauty of your world. These are so beautiful and yes, when nature lets us in closely, I always feel blessed.

  3. They must sense your spirit is kind and nothing to fear to allow you so very close. I can see why they take your breath away -- they take my breath away when I see them from afar. Up close? You might need to call the paramedics!

    Really, stunning work.

  4. i agree with jeanie, your spirit is kind and you are so compassionate, they can tell... and they also hope to make it on your blog, word is out, this is the hot spot! ;-)
    i miss you...

  5. Wow! You really got close! Great shots!

    I do the same thing - my jaw drops and I can hardly believe my luck. :)

  6. I know exactly the feeling - suddenly coming upon something totally unexpected..and beautiful..and just wanting to capture that moment...and simply holding your breath..and knowing you have to breathe deep and strong to actually see what it is you're looking at.
    Beautiful images of these birds!!!

  7. I can relate to this over and again.

    Being in the moment versus capturing the moment. The choice is never easy but I find that I mostly choose to be behind the lense. I feel safe there somehow.

    The cranes are breathtaking!

  8. those photo's took my breath
    away ~ just glorious

    and mysteriously beautiful:)

  9. Hey, how do you do it..? You really got so close...!
    Superb photos - thanks for sharing :)

  10. I am green with envy! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these great shots!

  11. These pictures are beautiful! Nature is awe-inspiring and I love any interactions we can experience!

  12. I know exactly what you mean. Last week I was on my daughter's field trip to the butterfly palace. Everywhere I looked there was pure beauty. I finally had to remind myself to put the camera down and enjoy my daughter and her field trip.

  13. Hi Beth,
    Wow, you've gotten close to these. I photographed a couple of sandhill cranes about a month ago - there were in a field I was passing on my way to work. They're beautiful animals! We even had a couple visit our work office last spring - they were right outside my window. In fact, it felt like I was at the zoo, but I was the one who was caged up!

    Anyway, awesome shots! Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it!

  14. her legs are great, aren't they?! i think you captured it ~ i know i was enthralled!

  15. I feel you, Beth!

    It is a delicate balance, isn't it?

    Beautiful, majestic creatures you shared with us, thank you!

  16. fabulous shots! i don't think i've ever seen those kind of cranes before. but maybe we don't have them here in IL.

    i'll miss your blog posts! but i'll survive. :)

    the beach is calling my name. see you next Sunday!


  17. So cool, it must be amazing to watch them.

  18. Another set of great shots...so majestic.


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