March 3, 2009

maybe a can of whoop-ass....

or this big stick
what happened last night
make up your mind already
women can't be treated like that
hearts can't be broken like that
you of all people should know that
I like you
I really like you
we all fell in love with you after deanna broke your heart
now I see that nasty heart breaking virus found you
I don't judge others
or their hearts
because I don't want anyone judging me or mine
so I can only hope and pray that you're happy
that your son is happy
that your life is happy
no matter what
you and those half naked women did make for some great television drama
that we all watched
every week without fail
isn't that what it's all about


  1. the main thing I'm mad about is that ABC execs would not let him break up with her privately....and THEN have them on for the interview. There was no need to humiliate Melissa like that if his feelings "changed". Also, I was upset that he (Typical male - sorry) could not really articulate what "changed" just that it had. And if he was SO UPSET (all that dramatic crying) when he let Molly go - how did he go from that to being so sure about Melissa???? He is trying to infer he felt such pressure for a "fairytale proposal" but....he should have had a backbone and not proposed if he was still in love with Molly too.

  2. ????????? I don't watch TV ... but this sounds suspiciously like the Bachelor.

  3. Beth,

    WOW I am still in shock... I totally agree with the second comment. If he was as nice as we think he is he would have broken up with her in private not on TV. I don't know if I like him anymore to be honest.

    We will see what happens tonight..

    Maybe I shouldn't even watch it.

    I hope Molly took him back to dump him. JUST KIDDING or am I...


  4. I totally agree with you ALL! I thought Jason was different and I think how it was handled by him or whomever (execs...) was just plain wrong and not fair to Melissa. I don't know about the show anymore...


  5. My physical therapist was talking about this -- one television addiction I don't have!

  6. For a moment I thought you had friend drama and I was sad for you, then I realized wait... huh?? oh, I don't own a television. I only get it when my brother forces it upon me. He too is a reality junkie :) I think it's awesome. Get a mini vacation however pleases you.

    Have a happy afternoon!

  7. Love this photo! I'm shocked he broke up with her on the show. Totally low class in my book. It was all a little sad to me.

  8. i wish i knew what you are talking about, it sounds sad... like a true love story... xoox


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