August 19, 2011

hello friday randomness....

i have been "off" this entire week. my days. the amount of time in each day. the way i feel.
maybe it's just something in the air. or another growth spurt. didn't your mom always tell you that, when you weren't feeling quite right...."it's just another growth spurt honey, no worries"
lately as i blog hop, i am completely sucked into the film and polaroid photos. why do they have so much more depth and personality then digital. why haven't the camera companies figured out we need a film and polaroid mode right next to aperture.
i have a friend though that would scream if that happened. he thinks anything other then dslr perfection is degrading your photos. silly man. 
or am i wrong. 
what do you think. do you like to see perfection every time in a photo or do you like the idea of mixing it all up. 
film, iphone apps, polaroids, textures.
if you were thinking of going to the seychelles. don't. did you hear about their shark problem.
madison celebrates gay pride fest this weekend and i love that. some of you might disagree with me, but as long as you love and are loved in return, who cares what sex they are is my motto. 
now please just let them get married already. anywhere.
target right now is a great place to buy organizational items. they are packed to the gills with all that fun stuff for college dorm rooms and apartments. and don't even get me started on the cool back to school supplies that i don't have to buy anymore for my kids, but that i now buy for myself. have you seen some of those notebooks with the vintage wallpaper looking flowers on them. and the pencil boxes. swoon.
okay. that's all i've got for now. 
thanks again for all the prayers you sent to my friend and her daughter this week and for all the "go get your new camera" WOOTs. you guys are the best cheerleaders EVER. 
happy weekend
{and as if i haven't taken enough of your time, latest photo shoot photos are here}


  1. i'm so with you on equal rights for everyone. and yes, allow gay marriage already! they deserve to be just as unhappy as us straight folks! :)

  2. Your feeling "off" this past week reassured me that I wasn't alone -- thanks! Can't pinpoint what it was, but. . .

    Sharks, gay pride, Target stuff: great variety! Ain't it great when your mind just wanders through its own cobwebs? Enjoy! ;-)

  3. I'm not such a huge fan of cell phone pics and all those action sets being applied so indiscriminately to otherwise good photos - probably because some of them look like mistakes I would make since I don't know what I'm doing with a camera! Take the photo of the bags you posted; my eyes keep trying to focus it, although I love the composition. But that's probably why I could never be a real photographer.

    As for gay marriage - it's past time to let adults love whomever they want, make loving families of any make up, and have all the protections and responsibilities of the law. And thanks for verbalizing it. You rock!

  4. Agree, agree and agree. I would love to get my hands on a Polaroid; I take photos with my phone and like the handiness; love makes the world go around. And really, who am I to judge who marries whom. And if you want to protect marriage, I guess you better pass a law outlawing divorce!

  5. you've covered too much here for me to reply to! ;o)

    i still love film. i'm just cheap. although my husband recently put infrared film in my old camera for me (you need to load it in darkness which he's much better at doing than i am) BUT now i can't locate my red filter. doh. i just pinned a great looking camera bag on pinterest, cuz you know that's next on you list.

    and i'm with you on gay rights. what's the big deal. their personal lives have no effect on yours, and "gay" will not rub off on you if you brush against them. i'm with texwisgirl! ha!!

  6. I remember being told it was just 'growing pains' when I was younger, he, he, he.

    I had heard about the shark attack. My husband and I got married in the Seychelles and honeymooned in the Maldives. If I remember rightly my husband even did a shark dive!!!! Thankfully that was over 12 years ago.

    So what new camera are you getting?

  7. Totally agree with the gay rights issue. And would love the film and polaroid mode on my digital camera. Love checking out the back to school stuff, now I must run to Target.

  8. Well, being honest here. I don't care too much for the iPhone apps... seen so many they are starting to burn my eyes and I think it's just a fad that will go away once everyone in the world owns an iPhone and things settle down. A texture here or there is nice, but some bloggers, well... that's all they ever post and I like seeing the reality of just a good old photo. Call me a purist I guess.

  9. There is something "freeing" and "decadent" about being able to buy school supplies, just for "us", just for fun!

    Hadn't heard about the sharks in Seychelles but I'm good to go...wasn't on my list, likely never will make it to "my list". It's all good!

    And as I've only got a digital camera now, I'm quite happy with the photos I take and how they turn out..and if I'm not? Delete, delete, it never happened. Sadly, we don't have the same option with some of the things that happen to us during life!!

    Have a great weekend! xo

  10. Good post beth.
    I say mix it up, art comes in all forms when it comes to photography!
    All for gay rights! Geez, why not!
    Seychelles ... hungry shark and they haven't caught him yet!
    And me too, buy these fancy notebooks for ME!

    And, recent news ... more and more dogs are sniffing out cancer! Lung is the latest studies. I want one of those dogs!

  11. whew! you covered lots of subjects today. my mom called it growing pains too, although I didn't get much more growing when I had the leg pain. I miss buying school supplies on a regular basis; I got them every fall that I taught in addition to my school years. well, I admit I still buy pens, notebooks and crayons! love the gorgeous patterns and pictures they have on notebook fronts!
    I love my Nikon digital, but I also love my Canon which can do either.
    saving the latest shoot photos for later. :D

  12. Oh, Beth, I just hope I'm not to old to learn new tricks. I love all the different creative things people I visit on Blogs do with photos (yourself included). Sometimes, I'm inspired to try something new myself. Otherwise, I tend to stick with a bit of editing. There is not enough true love in the World, so why deny any of it. PS What kind of new camera?

  13. Live and let live ... cameras,photos,
    apps,phones, marriage of any kind!
    It's all good. Hope you get to feelin' right soon and have a joyful weekend!

  14. Beth,
    thanks for the gay marriage support.
    as a lesbian who believes well, this is just how God made me, I don't ever feel the need to single out the fact that I am gay. It feels like just a part of me, like my hair color, or skin or eye color. I dream of one day where others will stop feeling the need to single me out too and we can all just live the same darn way with the same darn rights.
    I wish I was there in WI to celebrate with you,

  15. New to the Iphone....loving it, all its apps, and the variety of photos it produces. There are some that amaze me with their beauty. It really all does fall to the eye of the beholder. Having much the same kind of week here in the midwest. Sure hope it's not a growth spurt for me...I"m big enough and plenty old enough! And as for the gay pride are so right. Who am I to criticize anyone for who they love and is too short for regrets of any kind. I only wish them joy. Still loving your blog. I find its the first one I check most days. You have such talent with your words and your photos. Peace...billie

  16. I too love to mix up my photo menu!! Fun stuff!!

  17. i love film photography! (speaking of that, have you ever visited elisabelle's blog? she's a wonderful film photographer -

    and i love school supplies! (reminds me of that quote in YOU'VE GOT MAIL,"i would buy you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils")

    and i think i'll start calling my sick days, "growth spurts"


  18. I like a photo or an image that speaks to me, I could care less how it was taken.
    And I'm with you one everything else you said as well! And darn, now I HAVE to go to Target!

  19. love the random-ness!

  20. I miss spending time in a darkroom, and getting a new/old film camera and getting back into one is on my list of things to do someday. Its like magic. I do so love all of the fun and artistic things we can do with DSLR photography, and I agree with Mrs.M that if a photo captures me, I don't care how it was taken - but sometimes I do fine more appeal in a good or interesting photograph that doesn't appear to have much editing done to it (save what you may be able to accomplish with film and a darkroom like exposure). And I do love polaroid.

    I heart school supplies always and forever!

  21. I've been feeling a little off myself but geez, I hope it's not a growth spurt. Gah!

    Mix it up is what I say.

    And I love school supplies. Must stay away from Target, then. I don't need any more.

  22. I agree with the gay marriage's absolutely ridiculous that gay folks get denied that basic joy/misery! ;)

    I am SO disgusted that they are hunting the shark. The odds of them finding the right shark are incredibly horrible. But hey, who cares about a bunch of slaughtered sharks. :(

  23. Amen to it all! I love my new polaroid and don't get me started on school supplies which I have loved forever!!!

  24. Amen Sister...thanks for the "love fest" here. I love ya Gal


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