November 5, 2009

questions and answers and lots of love...I promise !

can I just say
that I love
~like really love~
my new camera lens
thanks for letting me get that off my chest
okey dokey
QUESTION numero uno
"do you have a new blog"
I have another blog
just for when I need a little extra space for photos
~but not to replace this blog~
I love it
~but not quite as much as I love my new camera lens~
the new kick ass banner I made for it
I'm in love with that
QUESTION numero dos
"where did ruby luna come from"
thank you all so much for giving me name suggestions for my photography blog
I love all of you for your thoughtful suggestions
in the end
as oprah would say
I had a lightbulb moment and came up with
all on my own
for the grandmother who helped make me who I am today
for the beautiful luna moth that flew around my house this summer
with her broken crunchy wings
made me smile every morning when I found her resting in a new spot
QUESTION numero tres
"is changing the html for your photos really easy enough for anyone to do"
here's how you do it
once you upload your photo on your post
in the upper right corner of your post box click on "edit html"
your picture will be gone
some very foreign looking stuff will be there instead
look for this
delete everything BETWEEN the left colon and the right semi colon
what will be left
is the colon and semi colon now sitting right next to each other
now one more thing
look a little bit further in that foreign stuff
until you find
delete ONLY the 4 of the s400 and change it to either 64 OR 80
so that new number is now s640 or s800
depending on how big you want your photo to be
now back in the right hand corner
click compose
you will love love love your new big photo
I promise
this was much longer than I had anticipated
but sometimes when you're full of love
that's what happens


  1. already
    that sweet lens
    is paying off!

    beauty is 3% lens...
    96% photographer, and
    1% "did i do that?"

    thanks, too, for the clear HTML procedure!


  2. lemme guess, you like your new camera lens, heee heee heeee

  3. My mouth is just a big O. That picture is amaazing. And thanks for the picture information

  4. The lens ... what is the lens?! Looks like all kinds of new fun.

  5. Oh, fantastic photograph! I love the reason for your blog title, and yes your blog is kick ass! ((hugs))

  6. Love the first treat from your new lens ... and so thankful you put the directions for the html edit down so I can give it a try ... just sorry that it takes away the "need" for our phone lesson. I love getting the background story on how creative ones come up with their creations - I can never get enough of your photos so it's so nice to have another place to visit to enjoy them. From your first Ruby Luna fan, keep working your magic!

  7. Congrats on the new lens! With your eye, I'm sure it'll capture awesome scenes. Your excitement is contagious; thanks for yet another uplifting post.

  8. Very exciting, Beth....I hope I can find this info when I need it...I can barely handle one blog, though...

  9. Very exciting, Beth....I hope I can find this info when I need it...I can barely handle one blog, though...

  10. Boy, I've been gone awhile! The doors have closed on your old blog and now you are being yourself!

    Ruby Luna is a cool name! Funny thing-- my etsy shop is called Ruby Floy-- also named for a grandmother!


  11. Your photos are always wonderful and that comes from your vision...
    so happy you love your new lens :)
    thanks for the html info., next you can tell me how to make my words look more artsy :) I know, I know you can't give all your secrets away!!!

  12. I love the name Ruby Luna and your reasons -- too pretty.
    Thanks for the great advice. I'm trying to redo my blog (including adding pictures)and I'm sure I'll be utilizing some of the tips.

  13. Beautiful! Thank you SO much for the tip, I love being able to post my photos bigger!

  14. I am going to try your html tip! And, your photo is absolutely beyond beautiful! I agree, the lens is amazing, but so is the photographer...and that "be you!" What lens is it?

  15. I love the name and the meaning behind it... in the end it was better to go with your heart, yes?



  16. Love the meaning behind the name! And I do love that blog too. So now I want to know what kind of lens you got...

  17. Okay the love starts with that first photo! Gorgeous! Is it a fish eye lens? My dh just informed me he needs... ANOTHER fish eye lens... and I didn't even blink... of course he does :)

    Ruby Luna is very creative, much like yourself :)

    And now the big finish... the html in understandable terms... THANK YOU!

    Hope the sun is shining in your world like it is in mine :)

  18. red moon, red moon - i love the whimsy of a red moon. did i tell you that i like whimsy? well, i do...shhh (but i don't really think it's that big of a secret)

    i miss you sweetie pie

    now back to work (for me)

  19. What lens what lens did you buy....??? And yes making pics larger on screen is so much fun to do....Thanks for sharing though. Love this new picture toooo much...Sweet hugs Dagmar

  20. Love the story of your new blog name ! So sweet and inspired.
    Glad you are having such fun with your new toy. New toys= Good !!!!
    Thanks for the picture info.

    Lots of love right back at you - to keep you nice and filled up !
    Hugs !

  21. Oh, I can 't wait to try that tip. Thanks so much.

    I love to see what you see through your new lens. Just perfect!

  22. Beth, i love the photo, I wish I were walking there. I love the name of the blog. Ruby luna is lovely and now we know why. I will have to reread that tip in the am, because it is a blur for me tonight...the deer in the headlight look. lol Take care.

  23. Thank you so much for posting this! I can't wait to try the HTML tips!

  24. sending love your way...banner and name ...two blogs rock!

  25. It is a cool lens...knowing almost nada about lenses, I can only say its cool.
    Thanks for the clear html instructions..I'll have to print them off for if I ever feel I have enough time to fool around even more than I do!

  26. Huh...I'll be darned...Inever used the "compose" opens up all kinds of new doors...silly me! Now I see where you can align your sentences!!

  27. How on earth did you figure that out? You smart cookie you.
    I will wander over to Ruby Luna as soon as I finish catching up here!


  28. i adore your pictures!
    i am going to give it a try to your tutorial and if i need help I may ask you again, hope is okay with you.
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  29. what lens is it???

  30. So happy for you and your new lens! And this does it. I am adding your blog to my blogroll.
    Love it here.

  31. Beth, Thanks a million for letting me link this great photo enlarging "how-to" on my blog. I think it will really help A LOT of people make their blog and photos look better. You're the best! xo Joanna


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