November 9, 2009

the honest truth...

first a little personal note
to anyone who has sent me an email regarding photos or photo shoots
I have responded and am wondering if my notes are going into your spam or junk mail
as I have not heard back from you
because your original notes, to me, went into my spam
mostly I am worrying about jessica and amy
please please please check your junk mail
thank you
back to blogging

getting up close to this ostrich at our zoo
is next to impossible
so while standing outside the cement moat keeping everyone too far away
thinking this is not at all fun for me
how in the world is this entertaining for kids
a few other adults realize that this otherwise boring ostrich
is doing this odd thing with her wings
which is suddenly starting to make her worth watching
just like that
~in 3.6 seconds~
she bends down
lays an egg
stands right back up
looks at us
then bends over looking at her freshly laid egg
with a look of
"whoa, where in the world did you come from"
it was one of those totally cool things
where all of a sudden you're now best friends
with the people around you who also saw this happen
because you know nobody else is going to really believe you
even if they do
the story about it is just okay
compared to the
"holy shyster....she just laid an egg"
from the cheering section
at the ostrich pen
on a warm saturday in november


  1. how cool! I bet the zoo would love to have copies of your pictures. Call the ostrich keeper!

  2. What a day at the zoo turned out to be for you!! Wow~ It's so incredible to see something so small being created before your eyes. You captured her mothering at its earliest stages. Now you'll have to return so you can get pictures of her baby growing alongside its mother. Hope all is well.

    Almost forgot. Love that orangutan pic below. He looks to be having some fun.

  3. Wow !!! Life is so full of those magical, miracle moments ! So good to be a witness to them !
    Happy Monday, beautiful Beth !

  4. Yeahaaa, life is full of surprises. To you, to us and to an ostrich (wich by the way I think is a funny word for a bird that big hihih).

  5. That truly is amazing! I wonder how often they lay eggs. Did you see any little ostriches around?

  6. Beth, I swear to gawd, that coming to this blog is better than going to Barnes & Nobel and looking at the picture books there...

    And, much better for my poor really are a wonder!

  7. how cool!! you captured the reality of life....i love that and you!! xox

  8. how beautiful is that!!! what a capture...and i heart your new banner too btw. :) xx s

  9. that's a very cool zoo story! everyone cares about the elephants and giraffes having babies...and you got to witness the ostrich lay an egg. i never would have thought about that! so cool!

  10. pictures. Love this ostrich and its egg!!!

  11. What a magical moment!



  12. that is the MOST awesome capture. so cool.

    thanks for sharing. you made my day.

  13. Oh how very cool Beth! You have great timing...or luck...or both *smile*

    Congrats on Ruby Luna, you shining star you!! xo

    P.S. scrolled quickly thru your posts and spied the one about editing html, it worked wonderfully, so quick & clever, thx for sharing! Now I just have to revert back to 2 columns cuz my photos are too dang big! lol

  14. whoa!!! what a site to see! lucky you! and it is so funny that she was surprised!!!ah ah hahahah! :)

  15. How exciting! I bet not very many people can say they have seen an ostrich lay an egg.

    I once saw a chicken lay an egg, but that is much more common.

  16. How flippin' awesome!!! I have a fear of big birds, but this would make my day!

  17. Now see, thisis why I KNOW you're the bird woman. You shoot awesome photos of them and in turn, they reproduce just for you!

  18. Amazing to witness ... now, do we know what comes next? Do they sit on the egg until the little one hatches? I hope you can get back there to snap some photos of little "Ostri"! The zoo should hire you for a photo shoot. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Oh I just love that photograph of her looking at the egg and combined with your 'whoa, where in the world did you come from'. That seriously made me chuckle.

  20. Beth, that is awesome, imagine the timing that had to go into making you see this. love it, I really mean it, i am going on adventures with you. Big hug.

  21. oh my... that is just amazing. how many can say they have actually seen that?!

    and i love your banner... it's YOU, see, you didn't need me after all.


  22. another awesome event!
    captured beautifully!
    thank you for the coolness.

    i think i do a pretty good ostrich face.
    someday, maybe, if you're lucky...

  23. Wow! What a wonderful post.

    Nice blog you have here!

  24. beautiful capture of a special moment. so very cool

  25. wow! Talk about the right place at the right time!

  26. yeah, that's the kind of thing that'll make you remember the trip...

  27. Holy cow Beth! I bet the zoo or nature mags would love those pics. You are just too cool!

  28. Great photograph and poem Beth- quite the talented girl you are :)

  29. I love this story. And the reminder of how it great feels when a crowd of strangers all become friends due to a shared experience. You reminded me of our whale watching trip. I never saw the people on our boat again, but do you know I can still see their faces? We had such fun. Man alive does a whale stink! We laughed and laughed when we got a whiff of his blow hole contents. UGH!

  30. how cool to see something so wonderful!!

  31. these are the best!

    "holy shyster" had me laughing out loud.


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