August 19, 2013

what i think.....

i think this quote is beyond perfection. 

you know that feeling you get when you're in a dressing room trying on jeans and all of a sudden, just as you're about to give up, the pair in your hands magically climbs up your legs as you're pulling them up, then slides perfectly over your hips? and as if that's enough, then they surprisingly wrap around your waist like they've lived there all your life? yep, that kind of perfection.

i think i want this on my t-shirt. and my sweatshirt. and the front of my journal. and maybe tattooed somewhere on my torso.

ps...i'm reading "you came back" by christopher coake and it's sooooooo good.


  1. Ooooo - a ghost book, right? Love them. Putting in my queue ~

    Very cool quote. And I want jeans like that.

  2. Great quote, and I had not heard of that book that you are enjoying.

  3. I want that quote on my shirt it....

    I haven't heard of the book but thanks for sharing the title...I will go and check it out...

  4. Love Joanne you too! xo

  5. Love the photo and the quote.
    Jeans- I only buy from one place because I know their fit works for me. It can be a challenge for sure if you don't know.

  6. I love the quote. I do find those jeans at Cavender's Boot City. They are called Aura by Wrangler. The only ones I'll wear and I'm large in the hips. Now to see if I can find the book in Holland...xo Jenny

  7. I can relate to the killer quote, but not the jeans story!
    baby's got back (and thighs... and hips... and is vertically challenged)

  8. That's the perfect quote for my child..... Thanks for sharing!

    Yea..... and don't know that jean story personally but sounds great

  9. That IS the perfect quote. But I've never had that experience in the dressing room. Jeans or otherwise. Sigh.............

  10. I love Joanna Harris and love this quote. But I have not experienced the dressing room thing either. . .

  11. Most any woman can definitely relate to THAT kind of satisfying perfection.

    Great quote.

    YOU CAME BACK. Hmmm. Must check this out. Thanks.

  12. One of my favourite authors... oh, the magical realism that girl can conjure.
    Which book is this quote from? It's lovely.


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