August 8, 2013

something you probably don't know about me.....

i like weird art

at a recent art show, this {i refer to her as "she"} jumped out at me and into my arms

my hubby said "happy birthday" and i smiled all the way home. 
we've been happy ever since.
art is subjective, so to those of you who are totally grossed out by my newest love, i totally family was, too. granted, she's grown on them a bit, now that's she unpacked her bags and has a seat at the table. secretly though, they'd never admit it if you asked them and they still walk by her and act as if she's the scariest thing they've ever seen, but deep down, they love my strange art just as much as they love me and all my other little quirks. i know they do.

oh and yes, her eye sockets are empty in case you were wondering. come on people, it's weird lovable art. eyeballs would have made her so normal. 

something else you probably didn't know about me.....i can be a smart ass.


  1. I had a feeling. . . .

  2. Oddly, I like the bird part, but the girl body creeps me out.

  3. Well, I love your weird loveable art -- but I agree with Kathy about the girl body!

  4. Deelightful! I like weird art too.

  5. It's different...but that's what makes us all unique...the art that speaks to us, for whatever reason. We don't even have to have a "reason" -- when it says "take me home", what else can you do? :)

  6. Yeah, the hands are a little creepy, but the piece as a whole is pretty intriguing! Art for art's sake. If you love it then you should make a place for it in your home!

  7. Yep- that is really different and I love that YOU love it- its like knowing another part of you :)

  8. The more I get to know you, the more I love you.

    I get the weird art thing.

    And sometimes it's fun being a smart ass.

  9. I like your girl.... I guess I'm into a little bit of weird art, too. I haven't seen anything quite like that bird-girl though.

  10. I love you despite your predilection for weird art.

    The end.

    Seriously freaked out here.

    {nah, really - i'm ok}

  11. I love that you love She.
    I don't know if I would ever love She.
    But I definitely love that you do.
    Love you, Smart Ass.

  12. I love different and this is definitely outside the
    Hugs! deb

  13. This is definitely you!
    I was at a junk fest today and saw something I just knew you would love.
    When I returned to buy it for you it was gone. I was sort of sad, now why
    didn't I buy it the first time. It was a doll head and I just knew it was
    for you, but someone must have loved it too.

  14. I'm with Bev.... creepy hands for sure. Its pieces like this that make me wonder what the inside of the artist's brain looks like. LOL

  15. Still waiting to see the "weird art" you're referring to. All I see are pics of a really cool sculpture! Am I missing something? Or am I just weird?


  16. I was drawn to this piece of 'weird art' immediately. We must have good taste!

  17. What a beautifully weird bird bride <3

  18. oh, how I've missed you.


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