August 6, 2013

just one of you.....

i don't know how days literally just disappear the way they have been lately, but it's kind of blowing my mind. seriously, i think if i ran into you at the grocery store, you'd be like, "whoa, mind blown freak. get to another aisle quickly."

i'm been a lousy blogger this summer and even worse when it comes to reading and commenting on other blogs. if you feel left out, i'm sorry. please know it's all me and has nothing to do with you.

august break has diagonals for the "daily prompt." sorry, i'm not playing today. i just don't feel it. what i do feel like doing though, is sharing another excerpt from susannah's book, "this i know" and my sunflower photo. am i nuts for turning it black and white? it's okay, you can tell me the truth.

excerpt #2

"I want to walk along the middle road, between vanity and not caring; I want to be seen and loved by the person i need it from most. To look in the mirror and smile at an ally i can always count on, the girl who overcame her fuckups and fears, the woman who has seen things she'll never forget."

"I am original. Unique. And everyday i will do my best to remember this and graciously accept the extraordinary me-ness that is not ego or arrogance, but a gentle and humble recognition of the fact that there is only one of me. JUST LIKE THERE IS ONLY ONE OF YOU."


  1. Synchronicity.
    That quote resonates with a thought on similar lines which I had as I sat down to the computer a few minutes ago.

  2. No, you are not nuts for the edit. It's your art and you can do what you want. I can see you're really into this book. What a beautiful excerpt.

  3. well, i love this image, and i especially love that little curl at the back of the sunflower's neck. i'm thinking by making this b&w, that little curl suddenly became more important.

    and re: the reading other blogs & commenting. ditto here. and no big deal. we have to stop holding each other to must-dos. sometimes i need a book or a baseball game or i need to sit on the back porch and talk girl talk with a friend. i will always come back around. always.

    love you much!

  4. Thank you for those quotes, especially the first one. Perfect for me right now! What book is this from, Beth? And I do love the photo in black and white - it shows all the textures. I've been a lousy blog commenter this summer, too, between real estate school, working, parents, kids...sigh. Glad I had a minute to pop over and say "Happy birthday, tomorrow, beautiful lady!"

  5. I've always loved black and white photography. Without color, you see everything in its purest form.

  6. I am really liking what you are sharing from this book. And yes, your b/w is fine -- I do love b/w -- a sunflower is a bold switch, but such lovely textures.

    Happiest day tomorrow!

  7. You are a little nuts.... But not for turning sunflower black and white. Although, I prefer big bold color 95% of the time b/c color makes me smile and b/w makes me contemplate. And I dont need to contemplate any more than I do.

    But your b/w pics always amaze :) rock on with yourself....

  8. Flowers any time, any colours, how can you go wrong?

    You're not a lousy blogger because you don't blog every day, be kind to yourself.
    Your blogs are worth waiting for :)

  9. Your B&W's, always great. I would have never thought about doing that with that flower, which is why you're an artist, and I just take pictures. Hope your day is a good one.

  10. Black and white is an art form, too you know... and you do it beautifully. .. It shows the geometrics of something we normally focus on color alone...

  11. Black and white is stunning for the structural beauty of a sunflower!
    Great choice!

  12. Oh.Wow. Since readng the othe excerpt from her book that you posted, I've been dying to buy the good and read it with a vengeance.

    But a part of me is afraid to. I think I'm afraid that it will hit emotional nerves that I've been suppressing, ignoring, fighting.

    So what do I do? I run from it (them).

    You've dangled another carrot. I may not be able to resist after all.

    (I'm partial to black and white, esp shot by an experienced photographer. But that's just ME.)

    1. I obviously typed with hasty, fat fingers and didn't look back -- i.e., spell check.

      The "other" excerpt...

      "to buy the book..."

      I couldn't just let it go. It's what I do. It's a pride thing.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth