August 9, 2013

thoughts for the weekend.....

stephen r. covey
the words above speak the truth. unfortunately for too many of us.

have i shared this tumblr site...or possibly this one? it's impossible for me to keep track and these are two of the newest ones that i've added to my "reading bar" on my mac. i think maybe though i need a disclosure or something when it comes to the tumblr sites that i share here, since at any given time, there could be naked or very provocative photos shown on them. just saying. it's how tumblr works.

i'm in the middle of writing a poem and i'm loving it. it's filled with words like fire, flame, soul, speechless and breathing and i'd love to share it when it's done, but why do i feel that no matter how i write a poem, especially one that lives in my heart, it's too personal to share?

tell me...what do you think of "web journaling" vs "blogging?"

if you come here regularly you know i've been sharing bits of "this i know" for susannah conway's august break, so here we go.....

excerpt #3 

"it was during a writing marathon one afternoon that it occurred to me that my thoughts were sabotaging my life, that i was so invested in them being The Truth there was no room for anything else."


  1. Interesting about web journaling v. blogging. I actually have a private journal blog -- that's where the yuck and sorting of life go. The frustrations I don't want to go public (because you never know who reads stuff); the confusion -- mostly medical/emotional. The challenges. The venting. Then there's the blog. And I might let go a bit there, too -- but not the same way. Because like I said, you never know.... Lovely photo and words with this.

  2. I've never tried web journaling but then I sometimes think that's what my blog is. I think I might have to check out tumblr as a venue. And yes, please I'd love some raspberries! xo

  3. I always fear I share too much but that is who I am. Sugarcoating isn't natural for me. What I love about your blog, Beth, is your honesty. You share what is real whether beauty or sorrow. You have given me courage when I need it and inspiration to be creative. I try to do the same. I don't know what web journaling is. My blog is my journal to some extent. xo Jenny

  4. Very thoughtful post. Love your photo and quote.

  5. That quote is so true.

    You know I prefer web journalling, I think blogging is a vomit kind of word. ;-) Sorry to be gross, but its as close as I can get to explaining how awful the word is to my synaesthetic senses.

    However, as to the meaning of the words, I think cultural differences may be in play here . For me, to journal is to simply record things. But from the comments here I suspect in America it is more like to keep a diary - ie, an intimate account of one's thoughts and feelings.

  6. I've never heard of web journaling. I would surmise that web journaling would be a private sharing of your thoughts with no intended audience other than yourself (and perhaps your descendants who stumble across it one day as they sort through your dusty books and papers (or Web pages!). It seems that the majority of blogs I read are talking to 'me,' and I always talk to my readers when I write, too. With a 'journal,' I wouldn't assume that anyone would be reading it. Does that make sense.

    Whether yours is a web journal or a blog, I enjoy visiting here. I would like to come up with a new name for blogging though and for 'blog' while we're at it.

  7. So glad to have found your blog...I like the way you think and I love your beautiful photographs....I found your quote today interesting as I experienced that very thing yesterday with a friend....I am really working on learning to listen to what the other person is saying not what I want to say next.....

    I look forward to visiting you again...

  8. I'm not familiar with web journalling, but I think I prefer blogging anyway. (Maybe because I don't want to start anything new.) Ah, the quote is so true!

  9. never heard of web journaling but it sounds like something
    messy that I'd enjoy;
    i'd love to hear your heartpoems whenever you feel like sharing.
    big time, I would.
    it's so beautiful, that heart of yours.
    that quote is as sweet as those berries, too.

  10. It's funny you talk about poetry, it's something I have been drawn back to again lately. Love that quote, it couldn't be more true.

  11. I hardly write anything in my blog busy here in India...mainly photographing and participating in memes. Once in awhile, I do write a poem. It's hard to keep up with all I want to do....not enough time or money and I'm running out of years.

  12. Interesting! Your first thought in the photo is exactly what I have been thinking alot about lately to the point that people don't really hear you. I have been giving my family a difficult time about just this lately. Tell more about web journaling. I don't know it.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth