August 23, 2013

soaking it all in.....

i can't get enough of summer. most of you who have followed me for any length of time know how winter and i are the worst of the enemies, so with that being the case, summer and i are tied at the hip and spend hours totally lost each in other. okay fine, that's a bit dramatic, but it's honestly how i feel.

australia update::our daughter is doing great. she looks and sounds fantastic and is loving the family she's working for. {and we can tell how much they already love her, too} so far, we don't hear an accent in her voice, but we know it will show up as acquired accents always do...and i think i finally know how to pronounce melbourne and brisbane without her correcting me. baby steps. oh and last night, we "lost" for a few minutes when she had to "change a nappy." isn't that the cutest thing?

i'm surprised at all the kids that have gone back to school already. what happened to returning the day after labor day when white pants are to be shunned to the back of the closet?

are your kids still home? do any of you home school?

oh, and as far as white pants go...i'll still be wearing mine after labor day as long as it's warm out. seriously, stacey london can't tell me what to do. snort.


  1. Good Morning, Beth. So glad to hear your daughter is settling in (and that you're learning the proper pronunciation of those cities down under).
    This is the first time in 15 years that I haven't been at school for the start of the year. Teacher meetings were yesterday and today and school starts on Monday. I miss it already with its crazy hectic pace and the way it filled my days. But I'm where I need to be.

  2. So glad your daughter is doing good. What an adventure for her.

    I wear white past Labor Day too. Consider us rebels! LOL.

  3. Great to hear your daughter is doing good. Can you say ROAD TRIP!!
    2 of my daughters teaching, and have been back in school for 2 weeks. Crazy. I'm still wearing my white "clam diggers" and black socks, I don't care what they say.

  4. I have just been catching up on all your posts and revelling in your exquisite photos. You have a beautiful family and I am glad your daughter is happy in Australia.

  5. You go let that Stacey London know a thing or two!! hee!! Nappies I knew -- British you know..."lost" I didn't. And as to your daughter who is flourishing in her new environment, I daresay it won't be long before you begin to hear that lovely Australian accent popping up!! Enjoy the rest of summer...L goes back to college over the labour day weekend...and Evan's classroom duties begin on the 3rd which is pretty much in keeping with the date here in Toronto. xo

  6. It's funny but I wrote a post recently about my love of Fall and I can't wait for it to get here. I hate the heat and humidity of summer. Glad you're daughter is settling in well, that has to be a relief although I'm sure you miss her.

  7. I'm so glad your daughter is settling in. I hate seeing summer go by, but it really has been a rather nice one, and maybe it will hang on a little longer, now that I am finally getting some time to soon enjoy it! Right now I think everything in my world is very good! I have good news on my blog! And I'm so happy, I cry!

  8. My son teaches art, and teacher's workshops begin on Monday. The students return the day after Labor Day.

    So glad for all of you that you can easily keep in touch with your daughter.

  9. I am the opposite to you, I hate summer and far prefer the mild seasons of autumn and spring. I could quite happily live in a world which had no summers at all, but I guess many children would be saddened so for their sake I don't wish it.

    I homeschool. Here our children go to school at the height of summer, although they've had 6 weeks holiday between Christmas and February - it is hottest here in February-March. Another good reason to homeschool!

    So glad your daughter is doing well :-)

  10. I just bought white pants this week on a great sale and I plan on wearing them.
    Oregon kids don't go back to school until after Labor Day. It just doesn't seem right to go sooner. I will hold onto summer too, at least until October. Off to the beach for a week in September and I totally expect to have sun.

  11. Haven't you heard of winter white? It's a little creamier than summer white. So, lets wear white all year! Love your bee and glad your daughter is so happy. xo Jenny

  12. I'm glad your daughter is happy and enjoying her work in Australia. That would be so fun to visit another country and get paid while there! I'm all for white after Labor Day, too. I keep wearing them until it cools off. Sandals, too. There usually comes a time somewhere in October when I realize the sandals have to go. But until then.... I'll keep wearing them.

    Oh, yeah, school is back in. Hannah just had her moving up ceremony, which is a Mass that includes a Blessing of the Senior Class. I teared up, of course.

  13. Glad to hear of your happy daughter.
    Kids still home here. I don't like school starting. Makes me weepy.
    Never white pants here. I don't want to ever have to worry about getting dirty! That's what life's for!

  14. Is your daughter a nanny in Australiia? My daughter is 22, a Sociology major and loves kids! She just returned after graduation form a summer internship in DC at the National Adoption Agency. She loves children. Just wondering how your daughter found this great opportunity.

  15. Glad your girl is good! Can't believe this beloved season is at its end already!!! Soaking it all in here too.
    Love to you!

  16. Funny, I thought about the white pants thing yesterday while I was in the shower (don't ask!). I do medical transcription for an Australian company and some of their words took some getting used to, now I find myself spelling and using their words when I should be sticking to good old Canadian eh..., fortunately, though I come across nappies a lot in my work as its for a children's hospital, I don't come across diapers much in my daily life!

  17. Hi Beth,

    Love your black-eyed susans. It's a gorgeous photo.

    And your sweet daughter! What an exciting time for her. I hope she is enjoying every minute-- (after that very long plane ride!). And I'm hoping a trip to visit is in the works for you? Wouldn't that be awesome.

    I'll be wearing white pants for a good long while thanks to living in Southern California. But I never played by the fashion rules anyway!

    School started for Godson today. Of course summer FINALLY arrived here and it was 100 degrees. Yes, he jumped into the swimming pool 3 minutes after her arrived back home at the end of the day.

    xo jj

  18. School is starting next week here, both University and Middle School so I feel quite spoiled. Thinking of you a lot and admiring your courage. Australia was a country I almost immigrated to back in my younger days and I have always been very curious about it.
    May be you'll get to travel there and tell us how it really is "down under"?

  19. I just love your black-eyed Susan photo!


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