August 4, 2013

a few days behind, with susannah.....

i'm playing along with susannah and her august break again this year, mostly because i adore her and her lack of rules. the "break" basically means you can do whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, but if you want to play along and need some basic prompting, she has that, too. yesterday and today her prompts were, "yellow and love" and since i love these yellow flowers, well, enough said.

have you read her book, "this i know." i've read it twice now and i have to tell you, GO BUY IT. the second time i read it, i put paragraphs i loved in parenthesis, took words {that i wanted to hold in my hands like a smooth rock rubbing them over and over again} and circled them and then starred sentences that sank down deep inside of me that i knew i'd have to come back and read again, slowly.

so as part of her august break, i'm going to share with you little bits of her book. she doesn't know yet that i'm doing this, but she'll find out, as she's so extremely clever...and if you don't fall in love with her, want her book and then then think, wow, i'd love to have dinner with this person...well, let's just say all of that is going to happen!!

so here's excerpt one:

"i believe we are all artists at our core, all of us endlessly creative, using our lives as canvases, our imaginations as tools. children are born artists, seeing the potential in every cardboard box and dried leaf, remaking their world as fast as they discover it. we don't lose that innate creativity, but many of us repress it, weighed down by all the grown-up responsibility adulthood brings. but with a camera, a pencil, a ball of yarn, we can make something out of nothing; dinner served with a flourish, a bed made with vintage linens, a garden border planted with tulips. we simply need to open our eyes and put some thought into the details. we are the curators of our lives-we decide what they look like."


  1. I need a book like this right now and I will go find hers, thanks for sharing.
    also, I am doing the august break. I shared it on facebook too and others are joining in on 'photo hunt word of the day'. I needed that too, so again, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Your yellow August picture is exquisite and so uplifting and you have whetted my appetite for the book. I am so glad I called by.

  3. I love putting some thought into the details. What a beautiful sounding book, Beth.

  4. I read her book and LOVED it. I get Susannah's emails, and think about her words a lot...beautiful. Oh, beth, I love your yellow flowers too! K

  5. I can feel the love Thank You Beth xo

  6. Thanks for sharing. Craving a good read right now.

  7. Lovely. This Monday is starting out just filled with beauty and I am loving that.

  8. Lovely Post, Beth. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your Susannah Love.
    I hope you have a beautiful and inspired week.
    Love ya !

  9. Well, by sharing a quote like that, you certainly get someone intrigued! It sounds like a terrific book -- and so is the photo you used to draw us into your post!

  10. Oh I do love yellow, your yellow is so special.
    I have her book, but need to finish it the first time.
    I got side tracked and there it sits.
    Interesting, as I have a post for tomorrow on creativity.

  11. I love your yellow rudies waving at the sun
    and love your love for words
    and so glad you introduced me to Susan
    and her wonderful way.

  12. Holy freaking gorgeous flower photos Batman!

  13. the warm glow of summer ... so pretty

  14. Intrigued. Haven't read this book yet, but after reading that paragraph you shared, I think I need to go check it out.
    Like, tomorrow.


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