August 31, 2013

florida~part four~the last of the jumpers

when i found this group, the amount of natural light on the beach was almost nothing, but they were so much fun that we just had to try to get a jumping shot. they warned me that maybe they'd had a bit to much to drink eat at dinner and i reassured them that that wasn't a problem.

after the first jump, there was a little huddle..."come on, we can do this."

they quickly figured out that getting everyone off the ground at the same time 
wasn't going to be easy.

but then the tennis shoes came off and magically, everyone got it.

thanks to the four of you for making my hubby and i laugh and laugh. like he said, you weren't the worst group he's ever seen jump for me but by far, you were one of the most fun groups.


  1. They look like they were a lot of fun...once those shoes came off, the sky was the limit! hee!

  2. I do love a good jump photo. I love the way that you meet strangers and turn them into friends.

  3. OH I would have loved the laughter and the fun!
    Good job, dear friend. You do know how to bring out the play in so many.

  4. I agree with Relyn, your way with strangers is something I couldn't do in a million years. These photos, for some reason, look like the people jumped from somewhere and magically landed in the photos.

  5. You and your camera are just a natural magnet and you draw people into having fun and laughing. Your jump shots are just amazing. You make photography fun and interesting and no wonder people line up to have you record a wonderful moment in time for them.. You could tell these two couples were having a ball....

  6. I never tire of your jumping pics or your running commentary. You make me laugh, smile, or chuckle on most days.

  7. love love love these jumpers!!!
    and I just love you. !

  8. Way cool! You make me happy. Here's to a lovely fall and spending time in your world.


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