February 29, 2012

life in your world....

when she looks at me like this
i give her a treat. fill her water dish with fresh water. let her outside to go potty. 
ask her what she wants even though she can't hear a word i say,
and still she looks at me. like this.
so i sit on the couch and she sits near me. 
life in her world is good again.

life in this little boy's world is pretty darn good, too
{maybe all you really need to be happy is a shovel and some sand}

these girls who laughed and jumped and jumped some more
well, life in their world is really great
 even though they probably ache from all the jumping they did

this mocking bird
oh lordy, she lives on the beach
so life in her world is spectacular

last but not least, pretty shells. 
life in their world is amazing because they're going home with me.
to wisconsin. to the cold.
to be put in a really cool vase on my kitchen island.
okay, maybe amazing is a bit over the top. for all i know they're pissed.
totally upset that i took them from the only beach they've ever known.
separated from their siblings and other family members.
okay maybe not...snort
but i think i do have the beginnings of my first children's book.


  1. I love the laughter at the end, about your pissed off shells and YES this is the very delightful beginning of a children's book (minus the words pissed off of course)!! lol!!

    Love the photo of la Sophie...and the lights in her eyes!!

    As for your life philosophy that all we need to be happy is sand and a shovel I agree. How very wise!!

  2. As always, outstanding photography. Oh yes, take back lots of shells, some ocean water and can the fragrance of the sea air too while you are at it and gather up some sand.

    What a dream!

  3. i think your dog needs to stay in florida a bit longer. preferably with me. if she looked at me that way she'd get whatever she wanted...

    that mockingbird photo is stunning.

    as for the shells, i can assure you they will be happy to be admired in wisconsin. if they hang around the beach they'll just get stepped on and crushed, or smacked by waves and crushed, or picked up by a seagull, dropped, and crushed... well, you get the picture. and who knows? they've never seen snow. maybe they're just waiting for the chance!

  4. looks like you've had another amazing stay at the beach!

  5. Taking the time to look at all the ways this world is spectacular, great and amazing is the perfect medicine of a doubting Soul.
    Love that beach. Love Sophie. Love you !

  6. OH, I just love that little face.

    Are you thinking of a childrens book??.. how very cool that would be.

  7. Beth, Your little,...snort made me laugh! I too always bring my shells home and put each trip into their own apothecary jar.
    I can look at them and remember my Mother, and our walks, and go right back to the beach in my mind. I think it is wonderful that you, your husband, and your dog have such a beautiful place to go to. I have enjoyed your beach pictures so much. Thank you for sharing your trip as you have.

  8. I am so envious of you being out on the sand, collecting shells, and that dog's face??? Is he on the adoption list because I am driving to your house to bring him home. He is adorable!! P.S..I turned on word verification. Thanks for the push!

  9. I am in love with your little baby!!!

    ( well, I have my own , but still :) )

  10. Ok, really? A children's book? That would be totally awesome!!

  11. I do know that puppy dog look! Ellie, my toy fox terrior, gives me that same certain look! If I ask, " what do you want?" , she trots off to the Treats cupboard. Oh, I adore her. I have never seen a mockingbird. Thank you, it's beautiful! I have loved your Florida photos...

  12. Each one of these photos is just terrific! Love them all. And then the laughter and glee is a treasure too, sitting right along side those sea shells going home with you. They will be a wonderful reminder of your time at the sea.

  13. Oh that lil doggie face is just way too cute!

  14. Those shells LOOK pissed. And that little boy...content.

  15. Marvelous pictures...
    Gorgeous blog.....
    Best regards from France,


  16. Life in the little boys world pretty darn good.He really happy a shovel and some sands.Three girls are laughed and jumped.She really enjoy it.


  17. Yes life is good!! Give me that shovel!!

  18. Your little furry, just stole my heart...xo

  19. I want your dog ... and love those shells going home to sit on your own private kitchen island!

  20. Maybe when you get home, it won't be so cold. How wonderful to be away for all of this, even though it hasn't been so bad as usual. I'm like you -- when we head south, the shells head north soon after!

  21. Your dog CRACKS me up! Those eyes...seriously...

    Love the idea for the shells...I just may have to do that myself!

  22. My beach shells from last summer's vacation still make me happy. Ikeep them on a shelf in jars.


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