March 1, 2012

i miss him...

i'm not sure about american idol this season. i miss simon. i mean i really miss simon.
i know some people felt he was too harsh. personally, i loved his honesty.
i also love these kids. just being kids. on a beach.

i used to be really regimented regarding keeping my white loads, white and my dark loads, dark.
now i'm kind of lazy and mix a whole lot of anything with anything.
maybe it's just an "i'm in my late forties" thing.

back to american idol for just a second. is ryan really that short.

i have learned to be very appreciative lately for the foggy weather we've been having here this week.
it's not snowy or cold. that's my daily mantra.

meet our resident mrs. dove. i thought an introduction was necessary.
i didn't want you to think she was just an ordinary bird. oh, and mr. dove shows up with her.
he's just not quite as photogenic as she is.

for some reason, this building reminds me of italy. i've never been to italy
but in my mind, i think it kind of looks like this. but surrounded by french people.

sometimes i swear, the seagulls are just as fascinated with the gulf as i am.

remember when you were little and would spend hours building a sandcastle. me either.
but as an adult, i truly appreciate the imagination of children who get to play in the sand.

"what. you're surprised that i tore apart the bird feeder you hung in the tree out your back door.
give me a break. i'm a squirrel. that's what i do.
a S.Q.U.I.R.R.E.L. got it.

this is my hubby out there rocking the waves. no it's not.
{made you look}

happy thursday


  1. Fun, and YES... you did make me look. LOL

  2. What a cute blog post.
    I agree I really liked Simon and don't care for Steven, although most of the time is he is nice. He is just 'odd'. (my opinion only)
    Ryan is short but that dad he was standing beside was 6ft 9in that would make anyone seem like a short one. I love the way kids play at the beach too, love it always that is why the beach is my most favorite place of all times.
    Your bird pictures are awesome.
    enjoyed this today, thanks.

  3. I am loving your photos Beth. Half of me looks at the composition and processing. The other half looks longingly at the beach.

    P.S. You did make me look. LOL

  4. I miss Simon too... Your hubby rocks the waves! LOL. Great shots my dear! xo

  5. i think simon was the star of the show and its not the same without him.

  6. just wanted to say this last photo is amazing. of course they all are, but this last one... well it's perfection.

  7. A great start to my day. Thanks Beth <3

  8. As always, I love your beachy photos best! I see a whole card line here. Lots and lots of beachy cards for all occasions!

  9. exactly what I needed to read today -- laughter and joy -- beautiful birds, sand castles and yes you made me look!!

    As for the laundry -- it is something that comes with age...wisdom I'm talking about. I no longer care what load goes with's all got to be done...end of story. And if someone's white something should turn a little's a gift!!!

  10. I think Simon is right on, always. If he's brutally honest, well.. atleast he really is always telling the truth and he's trying to get these artists to see the reality of what they are trying to do.

    You know what still makes me cry, every single time I've watched it? When Susan Boyle stepped on stage for the very first time to audition. Simon's reaction.. just.. WOW.

    And I am laughing out loud.. last night when the blonde was standing next to Ryan, I said... holy hell, she's either super tall or he's a shrimp. Which is it?

  11. Wow...that last photo almost looks as if the building is spitting out the birds, one-by-one! You have the best eye, Beth!

  12. I miss him too..and I ALSO mix up my laundry. Makes me feel like I'm living on the edge;))

  13. I have been saying all this week "Now, if Simon were here, that guy would have had a real critique !" I love Simon's honesty too, and he has mellowed from the real rough stuff he did in the beginning. I love Steven Tyler but not as a judge. How many times can you say "That was just beautiful !" !!!

    I could feel you scooping up Seaside's beauty and putting into your heartpocket in this post.
    Safe travels, Beautiful One !

  14. When you are in your late 50's you won't even care if you DO the laundry...let alone mixing whites and me on this....

  15. sigh..... thanks for sharing lovliness!

  16. I like Mrs Dove's pink toes the best!!

  17. I love all your photos, but it's your words that make me smile the most.

    As for laundry, I swear our machines grow extra clothes every time I attempt laundry. It just never seems to end.


  18. OK...first of all, I know nothing of the TV language you speak of.....second...YES!!! almost sprained my neck with the shot of your imaginary Surfer Hubby!!

    Beth...your photos are deliciously representative of a beautiful Seaside Paradise.....thanks for the memories!

  19. you are so funny. and i love, love, love that last shot.
    i haven't watched idol at all this year, but if i did, i would miss simon, too.

  20. Ha.. you're a hoot and your images are gorgeous.. they always are. Simon was fun but I like the group they have this year and last. Honest but kind.

  21. Did you catch Simon on X-Factor? He's great on that also.

    Yes, I think Ryan is really short. I do like JLo and Randy on American Idol. I love watching it this season; Steven is uh, let me see, Nah, I really can't think of a word to describe him. My daughter loves him though.

    Your photo's are so beautiful.

  22. Oh Beth, you make me smile with your writing and your wonderful photos! And I have to say - I don't bother watching Idol without Simon. It just seems too ordinary now.

  23. Loving all your beach shots...what ARE you going to do when you have to go back to the cold tundra? : )

    Oh my...I have no idea...Simon or Steven...I have no TV!


  24. It sort of does look like Italy but in Italy it wouldnt be so clean .. and I dont miss Simon, I've never ever ever watched American Idol .. too many shriekers vs singers .. so I hear since I like have never like watched it... like...

  25. Love looking at your beach's snowing today in Wisconsin.

  26. thanks for sharing the beauty
    and all of the grins:)

  27. I didn't miss Simon the first year, thought Steven Tyler was a nice change. But this year, it's Steven Tyler being....Steven Tyler again, yeah, I miss Simon too.
    The building and french people, LOL, great post today.

  28. lol! i would agree on the label for this post! the last shot is beautiful. that tower seals it. :o)

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  30. Silly girl, I did start to look.
    I wondered about Ryan's height myself. My husband just thinks some of the others are really tall, but I think he must be short. Simon was OK, yes maybe I miss him too.

  31. Oh, I do wish I were there with you.

  32. Oh, Mrs. Dove is so sweet and lovely.

    Yes, Ryan is that short.

    Simon? He had gotten bored and needed to move along. I think Randy seems bored after 11 seasons. And Steven is trying to be constructive, yet not. I think Jennifer is much better this year. I just HOPE they don't do the horrible theme nights and force artists to sing in genres they are not suited for.

  33. Well--this is my first visit. Fun! I love your sea birds and wished that I could have commented directly under them. A couple really had something special to say.


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