February 10, 2012

jelly fish be gone....

"it's not so bad being a phallic looking jelly fish. wait, yes it is."
{sorry guys. i promise this is my last one}
i hope you have an amazing weekend
lucky for us, the jelly fish are finally nowhere to be found


  1. Hello from India, Beth....I am sad that my trip has passed the halfway mark...less than two months left.

    I've been in northern India, Punjab, where it is chilly...sort of like San Francisco...so NO mosquitoes. Stayed here in Patiala for four days as guests of a wonderful forensic pathologist and his family ... who are now beloved friends. That is what makes travel so joyful

    You have a great weekend, too. We are off on a six hour taxi ridge to New Delhi which is costing us the equivalent of $50,,,prices are much less here.

  2. where is your mind!!?? I don't think it is all that phallic looking.... but glad they are not around anymore :)

  3. ...you just happened to photograph it...;-)

    Enjoy your time this week-end

  4. Such beautiful, interesting and scary to touch creatures!

  5. You made me laugh...I guess I'm not seeing 'phallic' in this one. But - what gorgeous color!

  6. Guess I am hung up on the sea glass as that is what it looks like too me. Just like your post not long ago, I would have been foolish and reached for it. Its lovely in color, so tempting.

  7. Phallic?! You are getting even more hilarious, beth!!

  8. Awesome hues in this pic!!....

  9. ha! they are just plain creepy looking...

  10. You are so funny...blue phallics...hummmm...flacid too...my mind is going in so many directions...I see vacation is doing you good...and I am having a geat time watching you play.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Phallic jelly phish and pheathers. It was a wild time on the beach.

  12. I think it's a pretty color blue. Having a good weekend so far ~~

  13. Love your stuff! Photos and words! Love it!

  14. Now I just thought it looked like a little blue seal peaking it's head out from the seaweed. Oh your mind makes me laugh! I am sure you are having a delightful weekend with the girl's.

  15. If I HAD to be a jellyfish,
    I'd want to be one
    of those blue ones.
    they're rather nice
    for a jellyfish.


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