February 7, 2012

i would break...

if my body ever found itself in this position

this one

lord only knows what would happen if i tried this. 
all i know is that it wouldn't be pretty.

all of the people in these photos are my new friends and they kept me thoroughly entertained 
on the green sunday afternoon.

there was jumping, dancing and yoga and i loved every minute of it.

if i were brave and unafraid of hurting myself, i'd be in their yoga class tonight with them.
instead i'll be in my cottage thinking of them. 
because it would be just my luck to pull or hurt something major in my neck
since i'm miles away from my favorite doctor and my girlie friends are coming to visit me this week, 
well let's just say "better safe then sorry" and then you can roll your eyes and call me a weenie.


  1. I dare say I have been in some of those positions but it was purely by accident while falling down a steep hill. I do yoga but its for less limber souls. My body thanks me for the more gentler approach.

    Precious amazing photography and how you capture movement!

  2. Hmm, Yoga...it's been calling my name for months now but I hear what you say. I am so rusty it would result in something nasty.

    Beautiful poses though :-)

  3. What the what? I'm pretty sure bodies aren't meant to do that.

  4. I have several friends who practice Yoga and I'm amazed at their flexibility and the beautiful poses. Last year I bought a Yoga DVD because I needed to strengthen my inner core after injuring my back while at work. I've yet to put my big girl panties on and try it yet! Like you, I'm just sure my body would rebel!

    Those are great photos! Love the poses and the actions shots of all the jumping!

  5. the sounds my neck makes
    when I turn it to look
    left or right
    would.....well, I don't even
    want to think about it.
    love the barefoot feeling, though:)

  6. Not a yoga fan here. Oh, the poses look all pretty, but I've just never seen the benefits of contorting my neck and back and listening to them go snap crackle and pop. Call me weenie too.

  7. not for the faint of heart! lovely photos though ...

  8. No, I wouldn't call you a weenie. You are not a fool.

    Beautiful shots here! There was a time when I could bend like this. People told me I was double jointed. It was easy. But now . . . ha!

  9. Love the photos. Someone was trained in gymnastics. I recognize those moves anywhere! Beautiful

  10. and we too met a beautiful new friend this sunny sunday afternoon in seaside, fl...thank you for sharing yourself with us...and in fact, you were in Yoga with us tonight, in more ways than you will know. a huge hug of gratitude to you, xo.

  11. oh if only I had that ability to be bendy. Maybe after a few beach type drinks this week I will be bendy!!!

  12. Those positions looked down right painful!! Ha!!
    Great photo series!

  13. I cringe just looking at some of those positions!

  14. I may have pulled a hamstring just looking at them.

  15. Amazing what the body can do...before breaking. Great shots there

  16. You must be having the greatest time! Seriously...I would break if I had to be put into any of those poses! How fun to watch them go through the motions though!

  17. Seeing these poses I think you have the better idea. Have fun with your girlie friends.

  18. I've always wanted to take a yogo class and that has been my main worry...

    that in my search for liquid movement in my tightly strained body that i will utimately pull something. and it will hurt. i am a wienie, too and its okay.

    I love that last photo...or expression is priceless, LOL

  19. i think that muscles i didn't even know i had just started to hurt while looking at these pictures...


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